I was born in Dallas, Texas. I’ve worn by share of cowboy hats in my day. It didn’t make me smarter or  richer. It didn’t even make be a cowboy. I think I might be full of bullshit because of it though. I think of turdblossom every time I see a phony cowboy wearing one. 


My goodness Toxic George has hit 23% and as the stockmarket starts it’s death spiral into nothingness, I’m wondering if SMU is still going through with their George Bush Presidental Library? Maybe a George Bush Amusement Park might be a little better. A ride like the ‘Turdblossom Special’. Maybe the ‘KR Brain Slide’. I think the ‘Swift Boater’ would be really kewl too. Maybe a ‘Rush Limbaugh tilt and twist the truth til you hurt ride’.  I know the ‘Dick Cheney’s Halibruton ride’, it really expensive but you don’t get anything for your money. Maybe something where they have you suspended over Central Express by your toes. A nice torture ride all the Right winger will just love. I really think Texas would love the some scary rides.  The feel of hot metal against their hands, like Texas in August.  Maybe they could have big sign like at the Cotton Bowl. You know that big cowboy about a hundred feet tall telling everyone welcome to the fair(sounds like Santa Claus).  They could do that but have Toxic George likeness welcoming everyone to the ride of your life courtesy of George Bush and family. The only problem I see, it’s a little too ‘white trash’ for the upper crust  of Dallas Society. I don’t know why they didn’t know this going in. Maybe them educated folks aren’t as smart as they look. Maybe they really do need a library set right dab to middle of Central Express. Couldn’t hurt traffic none.

Yes, when World War III comes and all the Republicans seem to think it is right around the corner, he’ll be ready.  Maybe it’s a glance at what they have in store for us guys and girls. There seems to be a straight line into full blown war. That’s what Mr. McCain McGoo seems to think.  It’s seems everyday the Gangster Government of the good ole US of A. lets a little more out of the bag. Yes, sir re, it’s a coming. A poll on Yahoo home page says that Mr. McGoo would able to ‘handle’ Iraq better than Barack Obama. I really guess we are terminally stupid.  John can’t even send someone an e-mail.  Why are we handling Iraq anyway. Why do we need someone to handle Iraq.  We now have a secret Government that maintains ‘We the people’ don’t need to know shit. A government that will continue with Mr. McGoo cause he will be at the mercy of people a lot smarter than he is. The Bush Legacy will continue down it’s road to hell.  Dreams of another terrorist attack is ever on the minds of the  Party of ‘Revelations’. I don’t think we need a bumbling, goofy, out of touch kind of guy to his slapstick through the Presidency for four years. The truth is we may not have four more years. NASA says if we don’t do something about global warming we are toast and that ain’t french toast with a side order of sausage.  The Bush Presidency has worked on us like global warming.  He has just about fried us all. The Press has decided to treat John McGoo’s Presidency as if he might have a chance. Of course, we don’t know if the White House is paying them off as it has in the past. It appears most of what we have seen in the last eight years has all been one big hunking lie anyway.  I remember when George’s ‘idiot speak’ was funny and filled the blogs around the world. Maybe Mr. McGoo can keep us doubling over in laughter. I figure if we elect him there won’t be much to laugh about.  WWIII don’t make me laugh!

Imus, in the springtime of this life.

Poor old tired Imus. Looks like a  wild and wooly cowboy. That George Bush persona is starting to grate on every body’s nerves.  First of all, Imus has been around long enough to know how to up his ratings. “Talking colored” is a good way to do that. I believe Imus is from the old school days of yore when blacks were called colored. Imus, Rush, Silly Savage from SF, and all the other talking heads of maggot radio know what they are doing. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be around for long. Imus, we hardly know you, is a bottom feeder botton pusher as are all the rest. They know they won’t last long talking like a nun or some sedated school teacher. They have to be out there banging on the trash cans of our life or maybe dipping into the cesspool of slime and dirt. Imus knew exactly what he was saying. He wants to the think all the Press that reacted properly. Ah, the smell of victory. Do I think he is a racist, don’t care. I refuse to get excited about the talking heads anymore.  I have’nt listened to Rush in over two months. Don’t miss him. I’m kind of like Barbara Bush. I have a beautiful mind why waste it on the scum of the earth.  Turning off the radio is such sweet silence. I guess silence is sometimes truly golden. I tell you how detemined not to listen to all that tomfoolery, I been listening to Coolio, Kristine W. Estelle, and Ultra Nate. Now that some real noise. As far as Imus, screw him, who gives a flying f… . This kind of old school bullshit has us where we are today and it ain’t prudy.

It looks like the McCain team or at least one of them, Charlie Black,  is again praying for a miracle. The new stratic is hoping for another terrorist attack. Fools, playing a fool’s game. The problem is another terrorist attack would mean a second major attack on American soil when a Republican was President. I think John McCain must live in a Gangster Paradise. A world of bad politics and bad men behind them. A lawless bunch of really stupid men who would wish you or me or our family could be somehow blown up so they might just have a chance to be the top gangster in a Paradise of bad deeds and bad decisions and bad government.  The Saudis are not longer interested in being the Republican’s waterboy. Even they understand the Republicans time in power has past.  Maybe Mr. Black, McCain’s leading stratigist, is putting out the word,  “America need another hit like 9/11”.  Like he is some kind of wiseguy in the world of wiseguy politics. The insanity of it. If I said “Someone needs to kill a really bad politican” the Press would just all over me and/or the FBI.  I can say America needs to have 7.500 of his citizens killed. Somehow that is alright. (I included all the men and women Toxic George sent to their death, 7.500 and counting). When a candidate or someone from his team speaks the unspeakable, violence against his own. It is unforgiveable. The sad part is no one is outraged.  We now live in a world of gangster Politics.  The wiseguys of the Republican Party have the cement shoes and brass knuckles and they aren’t afraid to use them. Maybe John McCain is hoping for another terrorist attack and somehow it’s almost American to agree with him, but I don’t and never will. I guess I to smart to be a wiseguy in a world of Gangster Paradise! To quote Rosie O’Donell. “Who is the real terrorist, here?”

Strom Thurmond an example of what’s wrong with our government. Old School good ole boys!

Once I thought it was George Bush, when I thought it might me Dick Cheney. When I thought it was Karl Rove, then maybe it might be Aberto Gonzales that was wrong with our government. Then in the middle of doing nothing I realized we have a government that has no controls.  I thought it might be Nancy Polsi’s incompetence or maybe that some of those guys are so old they don’t know their name.  Old guys who picture themselves like we picture Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, true statemen but they aren’t. I now realize that the Iraqi mess isn’t George Bush’s fault but the fault of the House and the Senate who sold out a long time ago to the rich and powerful. They live in a glass bubble of bullshit and double talk. Most have outlived their usefulness a long time ago. Men and women who no longer believe in the constitution but in the color of money. Men and women who have lost any self respect. The world of politics has become the world of Pitbull Dogs.  The House O.K’d the FISA bill, WOW, crooks a plenty. I think maybe Toxic George is Right. Time to implode the damn mess from the Stock Market to Healthcare to you name it. Tear it down, rip it up. I don’t know what got us into this mess but I thinking it has be a long time coming. Toxic George headed out to the Midwest to get some more disaster pictures to add to his scrapbook.  A President who loves his disasters. He loves counting the dead.  You can feel the sexual tension in the air. He will have plenty of pictures of the dead and multiated to keep him warm on those cold winter months of this life. I keep waiting for the Congress to do the right thing but they don’t know what the right thing is. They are thinking they are doing the right thing. They moved to Washington and live in their windowless castles of importance. They are swept up in the power and the game playing. We Americans have a job ahead of us. It’s not just electing a new President but it’s time to start charging the criminals and putting them in jail where all crooks belong. We need to take off those rose colored glasses and get real. All those elected officials eating off the dying body of a great nation. I used to think that Russia was the most corrupted nation on earth, wrong.  We are still number one is some respects.

 Nice ride this is not the actual size.

Being I am originally from Texas. I left when Toxic George was still Governor of the great state. I knew when gas prices started going up there is no going down. The sky is the limit. We sold our Durango and our GMC truck. Get a small sedan and small truck. Problem is underestimated Toxic George Bush’s abilities to destroy stuff.  Should have bought smaller. Woulda! Coulda! Shoulda!  The America’s new battle cry!