Strom Thurmond an example of what’s wrong with our government. Old School good ole boys!

Once I thought it was George Bush, when I thought it might me Dick Cheney. When I thought it was Karl Rove, then maybe it might be Aberto Gonzales that was wrong with our government. Then in the middle of doing nothing I realized we have a government that has no controls.  I thought it might be Nancy Polsi’s incompetence or maybe that some of those guys are so old they don’t know their name.  Old guys who picture themselves like we picture Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, true statemen but they aren’t. I now realize that the Iraqi mess isn’t George Bush’s fault but the fault of the House and the Senate who sold out a long time ago to the rich and powerful. They live in a glass bubble of bullshit and double talk. Most have outlived their usefulness a long time ago. Men and women who no longer believe in the constitution but in the color of money. Men and women who have lost any self respect. The world of politics has become the world of Pitbull Dogs.  The House O.K’d the FISA bill, WOW, crooks a plenty. I think maybe Toxic George is Right. Time to implode the damn mess from the Stock Market to Healthcare to you name it. Tear it down, rip it up. I don’t know what got us into this mess but I thinking it has be a long time coming. Toxic George headed out to the Midwest to get some more disaster pictures to add to his scrapbook.  A President who loves his disasters. He loves counting the dead.  You can feel the sexual tension in the air. He will have plenty of pictures of the dead and multiated to keep him warm on those cold winter months of this life. I keep waiting for the Congress to do the right thing but they don’t know what the right thing is. They are thinking they are doing the right thing. They moved to Washington and live in their windowless castles of importance. They are swept up in the power and the game playing. We Americans have a job ahead of us. It’s not just electing a new President but it’s time to start charging the criminals and putting them in jail where all crooks belong. We need to take off those rose colored glasses and get real. All those elected officials eating off the dying body of a great nation. I used to think that Russia was the most corrupted nation on earth, wrong.  We are still number one is some respects.

I really have had enough of the Democrats. I’m to the point I don’t think much more of them than I to Republicans. If you  read my posts often, you know how I feel about Republicans. I think I’m beginning to understand how we got in this mess. I used to give all my ire to those I thought deserved it but maybe I need to rethink what the hell is going on. I think it’s time that we get someone who can show so frigging spunk or something. I’m sick of this Mrs. Nicee Nice Pelosi. I am damn angry that these damn Democrats are so weak and spineless. I mean it.  The Democrats are about to cave on the nomination of the new  Attorney General. If they are going to act like Republicans then I am going to start speaking about them like they are Republicans. I think we need to clear out all the damn sissy ass Democrats out of the House and the Senate. I know it’s like cutting of your nose to spite your face. What would we lose. I want to know. I think at Harry Reid needs to all get the hell out of there. He ain’t worth a damn. If there is no loyalty to America from any of the Democrats then screw them. I mean it. Ill turn this blog into a hate Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats blog.  I’ll make Rushhead a living Saint, no lie.  I’m not going to put up with the damn Democrats any longer. I’ll vote Republican. They are fixing to lose me and that ain’t no lie.

The decision by Sens. Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein came shortly after the chairman of the committee, Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., announced he would vote against Mukasey, a former federal judge.
“This is an extremely difficult decision,” Schumer said in a statement, adding that Mukasey “is not my ideal choice.”

The really tough  part is collecting you 40 pieces of silver, judas. I think that Dianne Feinstein should resign. I am sick of the pathetic so call Democrats kissing George Bush’s ass. Mr. Schumer should resign. There used to be yellow dog Democrats now they are just yellow. I’m tired of them no even fighting. Just going along to get along. Dianne Feinstein has been slowly turning into a Republican over the years. I guess why not vote like one. I think its time that we longer let the Democrats get away with were coy little kids crap. The party is over for you damn losers. If you want to be a Republican when I ready to treat you like one. You bunch of ball less jerks. You are a bunch of step and fetch it folks for the Republicans. I’m  sick of it.  You need to put up or shut up and get the hell out of Washington. If you can represent America then what good are you. Go home. We don’t need you!