Matt Roloff goes to Baghdad! Little People I don’t think so!

October 15, 2008

Matt Roloff and family

Matt Roloff and family

Little People, Little World.

I just watch Matt Roloff trip to Bahgdad. A man who is crippled by his body but not his soul. After I watched that program I knew that we will be alright. I’m usually not one who cries easily but I couldn’t stop from about five minutes in the program until the end tears was rolling down my cheeks.  From the American GI’s over there, showing such heart of a city in rubble.  Children with such body deformities living is such a world of horror.  It was so sad and heart wrenching. Men and women giving their all. Matt Roloff a small man with a big heart and courage that we haven’t seen from our leaders. I was so proud of him and the men and women serving over there. When they rerun this program, catch it. Don’t forget the kleenex.


One Response to “Matt Roloff goes to Baghdad! Little People I don’t think so!”

  1. rhayes6 Says:

    Hey gary2idaho,

    I brought the kids from Iraq to Idaho. Check out my web site:

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