The Italian government is cranking it up.  13 arrest warrants for CIA boys who thought George Bush was really the king of the world.  These bad boys were just going out and kidnapping people off the street like some fucking terrorist. La Cosa Nostra La CIA. Now the Italian government like the rest of the world has figured out that ain’t the way to go. It is believed there will arrest in the 30’s or 40’s before it’s over with. How many innocent people have been kidnapped by the roving vigilantes of CIA Klu Klux Klan type of operation on the streets of Italy?  Herr Nazi in resident, George Bush, proved that common sense never wins out with a coward as the captain of the ship. I think it’s time for Europe to cut the cord with America. They have been proving they are more ‘home of the free’ than the ‘home of free’. Maybe we need to moved the statue of Liberty ‘over there’ until we deserve the name again. We have all become ‘bitter’ little people who scrape,bitch and moan and fight over the little stuff while Roma burns so to speak.  We are not governed by elected officials but by Cable News and jokers of the radio. We hear more from them than we do your elected officials. This story hasn’t hit Cable News network. Everyone is try to control the outcome of the Democratic Primary. They used to be a News organizations.

Nicholson and Sandler singing a duet from Anger management

The prima donnas of the news world are stepping on each other toes. Everyday or so we hear of some elitist talking head walking off a program because someone kicked him in the nuts before millions of people.  The new girl on the block Rachel Maddow showed every one she isn’t a sissy when it comes to holding her own with the boys. Joe (I love the sound of my own voice) Scarborough got all drama gurly when Rachel ask him to let her finish her statement.  Joe Scarborough baby, grabbed his injured nut sack and disappear during the commercials.  The winner Rachel Maddow. She better watch out they will be calling her Hillary or something even worse. Men don’t like to be embarrassed by women. She might as well handed his manhood to him on a platter. He was above all that mindless chatter. He is a real high paid talking head.  Vienna Sausage is what I call them.  Lips and tongue and of course asshole. Suddenly the boys and girls of Cable News are like the maggot talking heads of facist talk radio. They are more important than the news they are reporting. More important than that white bitch of course, and the  Kool black guy and of course that creamed colored ole guy running for President.  Probably one of whom will be the new leader of the “free world”.  Somewhere they all got the idea they are the news not the news its self.  It is not the news.  It what kind of spin can they put on it.  It is that tie they wear. Hows does their hair looks.  That is more important than the War in Iraq,  all these hot shots don’t even mention anymore. It’s about them establishing trust with all us idiots out here that don’t seem to understand what this whole political thing is about. Joe Scarborough who gives a fuck, anyway.  He is turd is a cesspool of garbage Cable News.  The joke is not on us but them for thinking we really give a flying fuck about all what those Metrosexual pretty boys have to say.  They don’t give a damn about anything except their careers.  They are the bitches of bad news reporting.  They are the ‘know it alls’ of Cable News who know nothing, they are just fucking readers for Christ sake.  None of those pansy asses have had an original idea ever. They are just like our government they really don’t have a clue. I used to watch all the guys frothing at the mouth to be heard like some cheap ‘reality show’ the cable channel has given birth to.  They are now in a new world of celebrity News guys. Maybe the paparazzi will be chasing them around like Britany on a pantie-free Monday. I guess we TV watchers are the stupid ones because we believe that all this crap they call News is really that. Like reading my blog it’s a mish-mash of so much bullshit but at least I know it. Hey, I might even come up with something new and different.  But like the Metro boys of Cable News I feel pretty.