campaign_nike.jpg20060806202117_img_40611.jpgHallelujah, thank you Jesus. We are ready for the rapture, Bush Baby. Come on, us Christians are ready to see Jesus. Let ‘er rip, bad boy. Cool Aid for all the weak at heart. The time is now, come on, do your stuff, you know you want to.  That’s the reason we Holy Rollers elected you we want to see Jesus. Come on Crazy George is time for you to show the world what you are made of.  WWIII the dreams of  all the Fascist living and dead. I see now why he didn’t want the SChip to pass. All those dead and injured babies. Who can afford that kind of burden.  Come on George darken the world and send us back to the stone age. No more of that damn Global warming we’ll have a nuclear winter. Look at all the money we can make on coats alone. The world,  it will be a changing. We know it time to end the insanity.  We Bible thumpers need to get the hell out of Leviticus and flip over to Revelations. All good Christians loves ’em soon good Revelation.  The conservative movement to end all movements. The final days. Come on you mad Republicans just do it. (I guess I got carried away there. I just really want to thank all the Christians for helping rid us of all the evil in the world and help George destroy the world.) Good night and sweet dreams.  Fiddle dee dee, I’m worry about that tomorrow.