Well, for once the Republicans get it right. They have selected the Anti-Hilary women to be our V.P., maybe.  Sarah certainly passes the CNN pretty people test.  She’s a living doll like the news readers on CNN. We will have something pretty to look at as this country does down the tubes. I bet she turned Fred Thompson’s head. He likes his women younger.  David Vitter probably went out and bought some new man diapers.  You can figure John McCain will be Comma-in-Chief for at least four years. The Republicans have insured us that John will not die in the frist term of his office.  Not so sure about the second term. The life expectancy of a US male is 75, least it was yesterday.  So that puts him in his death bed in his second term.  The Republicans are good but they are not God or are they.  Telling us when someone is going to die is a new magic trick they have come up with.  They can control elections but this is new and exciting predicting when someone will die.  Mrs Palin life expectancey is a little longer.  So expect her to be around for a long time.  As I mentioned earlier Mrs. Palin is the Anti-Hilary.  All the things that Hilary holds dear Mrs. Palin despises or doen’t care about.  Sarah, tall and strong, unlike Hilary stops traffic.  By all account dresses the part.  She has been a woman who has been living on her good looks all her life.  In Alaska, where there is a shortage of women, I’m sure all the men are aglow to be in the presents of her presence.  America wants a pretty girl for VP,  it doesn’t matter if she has any sense.  Rush Limbaugh was always bashing Hillary for her looks, now he has Sarah  bling, bling Palin.   All the women who were for Hilary are supposed to run to join the Republican party.  Like they did for George Bush after the crotch shot on the destroyer. The Republicans believe that all women are mindless baby makers. All are hopelessly under the spell of a man.  This is another case where the Republicans show how little respect they have for women or any American.  The only thing Hilary and Sarah have in common is they both have virginas (had to like that us, I was afraid I would spell Virginia).  Again the stupid politicians believe that all women are interchangeable. They are all just something to be used. If one of them believe that Mrs. Palin is somehow a substitute for Hilary they have been snorting Coke-A-Cola up their noses.  It really shows how much the Republicans care about women issues.  Butt for brain, McCain shows us again what is not capable of, running the country.

P.S  Toxic George and John McCain are hoping for a fine disaster with Hurricane Gustav so they can make a speech in the ruins. Sounds familiar.


July 29, 2008

 I guess that must be what’s like to a Republican now a days.  All the lies that were clung to that were thought to be truths. All the stick men who do evil deeds. Its like being in one of those money booths with all the money flying around and the person inside unable to grasp anything.  Fraying about trying to grasp something. Have no fear, our fearless leaders, you have spun you webs of deceit beautifully. All your illusions of good and right are still holding the faithful tight. Those who have surrendered all their emotions and dreams to you are still standing tall. You see that have not place to go. They have given their all. They can’t admit that you are nothing at all.  Where would that leave them.  They have invested to many years. They believed you because you made them one of you. Made them feel at home. Now the mask is gone but they  still stand there with their hands raised and cheering. As the hot winds blows across their faces, and the sand begins to burn their skin. They stand there waiting as they try to grasp the wind.  Don’t worry fearless leaders they will stand there until there is no skin because they think that like always you will win. They are like all the faithful they are the ones that hold on to the wind.

the_pack.jpg‘Well, well, well, there they go again’ as the great Ronald Reagan used to say about the Democrats. Now we can say that about the Republicans.  The conservatives have decided to give up that ole time religion for something that makes better fiscal sense, Darwin’s  survival of the fittest.  Screw a bunch of double talking Jesus freaks. Those bleeding heart religious creeps who see Jesus or Mary or Pope John in every smoke house in South Carolina. They are not saying that Pope John was a flamer.  The Republicans have settled for something more to their liking. Darwin, don’t you just love his theories on letting the strong survive and the hell with everyone else. I mean If you can’t take care of a child with milti-birth defects let the little bugger die.  Don’t spend money on a weak and helpless child.  When there is a auto crash, move the wreck to he side of the road, let the victims just die, they should of had more sense than to get into an automobile accident.  The old who are sick just let them die, no problem.  If you have someone who can’t pay the hospital bill dump on the side of the road and let them die. Who the hell do these people think we are. Do they think that we are made of money.  Wounded soldiers screw ’em they joined why should we be responsible for them. Let them lay there all broken and wounded. Who in the hell do they think we are someone who gives a damn.  We no longer have to fake it. You know, fake caring for someone and acting like we are concerned about them. What a f**king burden lifted off all our shoulders, huh.  A new carefree America. Let the strong live the life fantastic and the rest can go to where all the Christians think we are all going, to hell.  Pretty soon we will be an America we have always wanted. A strong and exciting society. No weak and sick to burden the rest of us. I think the Republicans have finally hit on something that we can really embrace.  Now the rich can become richer and all those big foreign countries can make a killing over here. They don’t have to worry about safety and health concerns. Darwin really had a great idea. I guess the only problem with the their plans is would life be worth living.  Would we be a happy bunch of selfish jerks of the mememe generation. What happens when we become the weak and the sick.  Would we be worrying every minute that we might fall and be kick to the side of the road like human garbage. I not so sure this a really good idea.  It might be ideal for some.  Apple a day, you know.  Yes, there they go again.