500xcathedral.jpgI think we have all had dreams of America. Dreams of a wonderful country doing wonderful things. Helping other people. Thoughts of America full of great and wonderful people. We all believe that we are special because we were borned in America. God’s chosen people. God gave America to us. We think we will do the right thing when it comes down to it. A land of people happily pursuing life with gusto. As children we learned of great men who gave their all for this country and for the freedom of it’s people. Millions have died for America and what America stands for.  Real men have died all over the world for America. The men we now shame for what we have let George Bush to us. We are a country without shame. We have propaganda machines going twenty-four hours a day to convince us that we are doing in Iraq is right. That the bad things that we are doing are good and God blessed.  We have a President that cares for no one, not the children of Iraq nor the children of America. He is truly a man without a soul.  He is the anti-America. He is everything that America has fought against from the first day of it’s existence. He is what America has preached against in their Churches and holy places since our being.  It’s seems that the holy places are now the places where evil dwells.  All the great religions of America are silent and without guidance. They are bankrupt as our government. Not one will stand against the madness of George Bush and the Republicans.  They like our leaders they have no shame.  They will defend the name of Jesus but will not follow his teachings. We have people once of honor defending the corrupt and evil to save their own positions. We will not help our sick and poor children but we will spend $190 billion to kill and destroy.  Again we are a country without out shame. We are a country who can no longer lie to ourselves about who we are.  We now know who we are. Isn’t it sad.  We have become ‘those other people’ the ones we had to fight in wars past. The evil ones that care only for themselves. We have become our worst nightmare. We are without courage and most of all we are without shame. When will it stop, America, when? We can not listen to made-up truths that make us good cause we are not. We have faced 9/11 but that was easy compared to the day we have to face ourselves.


All you lovers of HeadRush should be so proud of yourself.  The coward has decided that the people over in Iraq whose lives are on the line ever minute of everyday are phony. That cigar smoking creep has joined the ranks of George Bush as God and the knower of all truths. I’m sick of the sissy Pansy boys telling us who is brave and who is not, Closet Cowards! Those who are true Americans and those who aren’t. I so amazed that people still listen to him. I guess he would, as the saying go, have to be caught with a live boy or a death women in his hotel room before anyone would take notice. I his truly a conservative without a Party. A man who at one time could defend the Republicans but now he is left with only smart ass quips to say. His black humor is not funny. Men and women who live in the heat of the desert with the smell of death around them deserve a little more respect than fat creep’s Bill O’Reilly comedy routine.  He is finding himself in the trouble he is in because there is not conservatives left. They have morphed into some kind of freaky fascists. He can’t defend the action of people that are so despicable. The Republican Party has imploded in on itself. It’s too bad that Rush Limbaugh the mouth piece for the Repub-o-creeps can’t come up with anything to try and save the Party of the Suicidal. You are wondering what the Republican Party stands for, well folks this is it.  Goose stepping with George Bush as we march on to victory. Iran next stop.

A Letter To Germany

September 28, 2007

Dear Germany,

I write you this letter today to let you know that I apologize for what I have said and thought in the past. In the past, I have not been very forgiving toward the people of Germany during the last World War. I could not believe that a country could let a man like Hitler take over a country without the total population rebelling against him. How a country could have such low moral and religious beliefs that it would allow one man to take control of a country and almost destroy the free world. How the moral fiber could be so damaged that a people would stand for such evil goings on.

I now realize that what Hitler did was merely ‘kinderspiel” childrens play. You see in America the same thing is happening that happened to you. I see events occurring that remind me of Germany before WWII. A man of such low moral conscience that he is trying to destroy our country just like Hitler did yours. There is no one to stop him. No one will make any attempt to control this mad man. As I see our freedoms slowly disappear I can only think of how the people of Germany felt as your madman began to steal away your humanity. The feeling of doom that comes over one. So I am saying that I understand now what happened to a people when they are controlled by fear. I’m more forgiving than I was. I understand how a people can give up all for nothing for just a moment of feeling safe from bombers and such. I must warn you to get ready for the evil that George Bush and my country might just spread over the world. Do not think us as your friends. Because George Bush and his party have not friends in this world. He is like Hitler. His dreams are dreams of death. You must be ready to fight against us when the time comes and it will come. In closing, I think you must understand what we are going through and you more than anyone should be ready for what is to come. Forgive me for thinking we are any better than any other people in this world.

Chris ‘bobblehead’ Matthews

September 28, 2007

06-23-matthews-inside.jpgChris Matthews tries to act like he is impartial. He was kissing Hilary’s ass like there was no tomorrow before the debates. Hilary is this and Hilary is that. How great she is doing. Like she had already taken home the prize. I see Chris Matthews do this before with John Kerry. He builds him up him up before the last election. Then Bam he comes in like a rabid Skunk. Or maybe like one of Michael Vick’s attack dogs. That’s exactly what he did to Hilary again.  I think that’s why Chris comes over like a toe tapping airport toilet talking head. He is a deceiver. He doesn’t want you to know who and what he really is. He hasn’t got the rating to tell us that he is really one of the “Dritte Reich Jungen” boys. He is just a Bushite boy. I would say conservative but the Republican have thrown all that old school conservative crap out the window. It has never worked and it never will. That why they have pitched the game plan. Now its “do what you want” cause no one is going to stop you. I just get so tired of the deception that the Republicans are putting out. It’s the old story about telling one lie and it takes ten to cover up the first one. I don’t usually watch Chris Matthews because if I wanted lies I go right to the source, Fox News and O’reilly. Chris Matthews acts tough then does a 180 degrees on what he just said. I think he must be bi-polar or something or maybe one of those ‘newsmen’ that George Bush owns. Is he just another bottom feeder in the cesspool of the Republican Party.  He looks really tired. Maybe he is sick or something. I hope it’s not booze or drugs. I guess if you are dancing with the devil you need some pain pills. Ask HeadRush.

death-in-the-afternoon.jpgWe Americans are now in the in the 4th stage of the death of America and Americas freedoms.

Denial (this isn’t happening to us!)
Anger (why is this happening to us?)
Bargaining (We promise I’ll be a better nation if…)
Depression ( We don’t care anymore)
Acceptance (We are ready for whatever come.

Seven years of the Republicans. Seven years of lies. Seven years of death. Seven years of fascism in America. Seven years of destroying America freedoms. Seven years of Evil men doing Evil things. Seven years of the Churches siding with Evil. Yes America I think we are ready for stage five.

duckcover1.jpgYou see where George Bush and the Republicans have us now. Under the desk. The absurdity of it all, then as it is today. How long will we duck and cover.  How long will we cower with fear. Giuliani’s $9.11 donation.  Duck and cover,  you bastard.