robert-frost.jpg It makes me proud to be an American knowing that there nothing that our President will not do to insult the American people.  I feel great knowing the ole President of ours has not one ounce of respect for any of us.  He will go down in history as one our greatest disappointments. “Wrong way Georgie” a man who could have become the greatest President ever, chose a path no normally taken, but one least traveled, if you will. Georgie is always the man who decides and that is usually good.  It seems that he chooses not out some facts or knowledge but out of need to show people that he, in fact, The Man. I personally think ‘paper, rock, or scissors’ would be best as apposed to ‘any many miny moe’.  Of course there is wisdom in both methods. The problem with ‘paper, rock, scissors’ is you have to have another person.  Georgie is the Soul Decider. He would not be willing share is decision making power with anyone.  His Presidency reminds of Robert Frost’s poem ‘A Road Not Taken’. “Two roads diverged  in the Wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  Our President as decided to take the road less traveled alright. He wanted to go down the road to war over the road to peace.  He went down the road to corruption as opposed to that of honesty and forthrightness. He is a man who will be great not in the sense of ‘goodness’ but great as you might see a man with no moral understanding of good an evil.  He chose the road that would surround him with men who are like him and want what he wants.  Men who are so overcome with greed and power that there is no sin or law to big to transgress against.                                        will finished tomorrow


merlin.jpgAll the Republican candidates are in the process of reinventing their very being. They seem to be trying to get on the goodness  ole time religion train. The problem is the train has already left the station.  I think that most of America has had it with the religion/politices thingy. I think we have all had enough of the lying  cheating and killing in the name of God as we can stand. You see someone has sold them this formula for becoming President. That you have to suck up to the religious to get elected. Excuse me, Georgie Porgy was never elected so I don’t know where they got that crazy idea. If Jeb hadn’t been there to fix the votes in Flordia Georgie Porgy would be eating pie. I think the canidates need to spend a little more time on how to win an election through voter fraud like our killer President did. They need to put their cap-pistols up and quit acting like they are great white hunters cause it doesn’t mean a damn thing. If they have the need to feel a gun in your hands, Iraq has one with your name on it. They take men and women up to 45 years old.  Where did anyone get the idea that a coward with a gun should become President.  You don’t need to know how to hunt to kill people, look what George has done to Irag.  All those who were for gay rights are now huhhuh not so eager to go down that road. The real hunters from the Right don’t need  rights for them gays. All you candidates who are hanging onto the Iraqi War and kissing Georgie Porgy butt better get a good grip or go ahead pack up you stuff and go on home. You’re wasting time and money.  If you’re afraid to say anything against Georgie Porgy cause you know that he will get you. You better grow a pair.  All you liars who say you believe in family values and support a lying President that destroys family daily. Give it up, the jig is up. You don’t need to go buy you a “Ranch” in Texas and become a fake cowboy. That Show is being canceled. It was a long run but it’s over now. I must admit that most of the men running under the Republican banner have better character than the man they seek to replace but not by much.  If you’re not your own man when you don’t need to run. Waiting for formulas and tricks. It’s going to be a long wait. The America people have nothing to fear but fear mongering Republicans will soon figure out that old dog ain’t going hunt anymore.  In America, we have our own homegrown apple pie terrorist. Those who use words to induce paralyzing fear so the politicians  can act like they are saving us for our enemy as they try destroy the Republic. If we have to dump all the candidates Democratic and Republican to get back our feeling that we once had in our hearts about freedom and bravey. So be it.  The feeling we had before radio-talking heads twisted us mentally in believing  in fake heroes and make belief Gods.   All we need from the Candidates are: truth, loyalty, character and hope. All the other crap you can throw down the rat hole with all of Georgie’s Porgy’s years of bad government.

palehorse.jpgI have some friends who are very religious. Needless to say that they believe in the war in Iraq.   I don’t know why religious people love war so much. It should be the opposite. I guess it’s their inflexibility. They believe in George Bush. They believe in the way the government has been run over the last six-plus years. They believe in all of God’s teachings and can quote Scriptures.  I also can quote Scriptures because I was brought up going to church three or four times a week.  I never saw the need to quote Scriptures to back up what I believe or didn’t believe. People don’t care what you believe.  What they care about is what they believe.  So I talking to my friend and going on about George and I’m being quite and listening as best as I can with all the gag reflex thingy going on.  I’m thinking where the heck has this guy been. It’s like his is Tommy, you know the deaf, dumb and blind kid.  Has he been in outer space, a comma, Alzheimer’s what the heck? He speaking all the nice platitudes about George Bush.  Then I think he must have the Dollie syndrome.  There was this little old lady when I was grewing up.  My mother and I went to visit her. She was so nice and friendly. She served cake and milk. She never spoke ill of anyone.  She had dollies on every piece of furniture in her house.  So when I hear someone like my friend I think of dollies.  When I realized that it’s hard for the good to see the evil in this world through the flames of hell.  You’ve heard of smoke screen, I talking flames.  The Republicans have morphed from a once healthy political party into a party of crooks and liars that the good people of this country still can’t or will not see.  Apparently war and the killing of hundreds of thousand of people is somehow good.  Obviously they don’t have that sixth sense. They don’t see dead people.  If you don’t happened to agree with them they call you a traitor.  I guess that’s me, a traitor to people who want to hijack our government and turn us into a third world.  I’m a traitor to religion that believes in death of men, women and children is somehow God’s plan. I’m a traitor to politicians that stand before us tell lies and expect us to believe them. I’m a traitor to those who believe ignorance is the same as goodness.  That fake naivety is a sign of strength. I’m a traitor to those who think that religion is their salvation and not God.  I can only hope that those who wrap themselves in the appearance of goodness will someday learn that goodness has nothing to do with religion. Of all the religions of the world, none are known for their goodness. You must realize that sometimes it’s hard for the “Good” to see evil through the flames of hell when they are dancing around their heads.

20716.jpgParty’s over boy and girls.  Guiliani is trying to scare us away from the Democrats by telling up what awful things they would do if they are elected.  Excuse me, has the Republican party lost their  f…. mind. On the awful chart, the Republicans have exceeded our wildest dreams.  Besides, we gave up the right to be afraid when we decided it was alright to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Sending your young men and women to the slaughter daily. We gave your right to be afraid when we tortured men and women and kept them in cages like animals.  We gave up the right to be afraid when we let all the king’s men try to destroy our government within.  By king I mean, George Bush the king of mean and hateful.  A man who said to screw the Constitution, “its only words.”  We gave up the right to afraid when we let them use the “scorched earth” policy on the laws of this country. Destroying laws that protect Americans from big business and giving big business the right to destroy our environment as they please.  We gave up the right to be afraid when we let our religious beliefs overshadow making good rational decisions. You see we lost our right to be little fraidy cats because we were the first the raise the sword against Iraq and freely give America to the Fascists.  We elected a bunch of helpless men and women who have no honor or respect for America and it’s laws. They gave over to George Bush like little children. As all the Republicans hang on to the bow of the good ship “Bush Titanic” watching as the sea of discountent surrounds them.  They don’t have the right to be afraid. You see, they bought the ticket. It was lap of luxury, but now the ship is going down, fear not for He is with you. Remember when the word “liberal” was frightening and now it’s almost warm and fuzzy.

temple.jpgWell the most evil man in America is going to flying into valley of the Great Salt Lake and present himself to the Mormons as a godly man of goodness.  I guess the Mormons need someone to praise. All the men and women that Cheney sent off to die in Iraq should fit into the Mormons belief in blood atonement. The Church has the same mind set as does George Bush and that is they can do no wrong for they are the chosen ones of God.  Long believed to be a Cult by most religions, the Mormons need validation. Well, you’ve got it. Now you are member of the godless Churches of America who chose death and destruction of others. You are now a member of the shameless money grubbing establishment that not longer believe in goodness and right.  Saving souls is not important is just a show. I hope God will smite you and maybe you will be the first to the effects of global warming. You have sinned against goodness. Something that your people believe themselves to be. You have sinned against the ten commandments. You have join the evil Republican in the quest to destroy this country. You have defaced the Church which you wish to protect. This one act is a shame against all those Mormons who have suffered from people like Bush and Cheney. All the people who made their way across this country with just their belongs and maybe a hand cart. Why don’t you take him to the Temple at Temple Square and let him defile that too.

queen-guiliani.jpgRudy Giuliani will you please shut the hell up about what the Democrates are not going to do or what they will do on the war of terror. I want to know what you will do. You’re not a radio talk-radio entertainer,  you are running for the President of the United States. It’s time to drop the vague bull shit. Don’t tell us all what the Democrates can’t do. You don’t have the luxury of the past of talking trash. We’ve all had enough of that. I believe you are the one man who said that you want to be like the President and you were talking about George Bush. That in of its  self should have disqualified for running and someone should have committed you to some mental hospital immediately. The problem with you  is you can speak clearly and usually form sentences unlike George Bush your hero.  So more is going to be expect from you than the guy whose ass you have your nose stuck in. It’s time that you as Republican start taking responsibility about this mess.  You’re going to have talk about what you are going to do about the war, one way or the other.  We already know that you are a flip-flopper which are nice words for lying s.o.b.. How do you feel about global warming or is that a joke that you and Republicans  friends laugh at about around the dinner table.  You see Mr. Giuliani if you win you will be replacing  the worse President in two centuries.  You’re are going to have to root out all the religious moles that George hid in the Government to try to distroy it. You’re going to have address real problems that will be ten times worst by the time you get into office. So shut the hell up. It’s no longer business as usually. I worry about a man who personal life is at the forefront. A man who deserts his family. A man with not moral compass. That’s what I worry about, about a man who easily falls into lies and deceit. A man who doesn’t have family values that we all love so much here in America. It’s going to feel different when you are responsible for all those young men and women dying in Iraq. Knowing that you are the man who decides. You will be the Decider.  You better be sure that want to be President cause “Dream Time” is over.  America “The Drug Years” are going to be over. What I mean by “The Drug Years” is that the Republican Party has been acting like they are on drugs.  Forsaking all the principles of conservatives and values of Reagan and all conservatives.  Now we understand how George Bush’s mind really works and how he really thinks(the process).  So Mr. Giuliani, you really need to shut the hell up and start acting like a man who would be President.  Carpe diem!  Sieze the Day, Damn it!

pope_angelo_amato.jpgI guess we are what we believe to be sins. The Catholic Church has again spoken out against gays or homosexually whichever word you want to use. I wish the guys in dresses who talk about gay men and women would butch it up a bit.  I get distracted by all the glitz from all that shiny stuff.  Just a little to busy, if you know what I mean. It’s kind of ironic that the  church has be a haven for men who if they weren’t gay need to have a sexual outlet. Unfortunately the ‘fetish’ for getting off was young boys. No telling how many centuries that’s been going on.  I’m quite sure that there are as many young girls that probably suffered the same fate, if the truth be known.  You see the problem with homosexually is its a civilized sin.  At least today it is, with gays deciding not to live a life of hiding. Unlike the Priest who quitely took little boys by the hand into the darkness of abuse amd maybe self hate. Gays are choosing not to hide in the darkness which the Church wants, but to live in the light of day. Not in the public toilets and hidden gay bars but in the world.  Becoming honorable people not like the Priest that play with little boys. The Church has decided that the more uncivilized sins are not worth mentioning or that sexual sins are more profitable. Like the fundamentalist here in America, its a big seller in the pulpits for uniting the faithful.  In years past, wars were civilized sins but today they have lost their appeal with the Church because they have not army with faithful young able to do the church evil deeds. So who wants an uncivilized war with suicide bombers and car bombs and crazy Muslims who are unpredictable.  So uncivilized.  Starving people in Africa how uncivilised can you get. All those black people killing and that crazy stuff with those machetes. No sins here.  In the good ole day an army church’s army would come in take care of things. Quick and easy. That terribly uncivilised AIDS thing in Africa  there will be no throwing the unbelievers of the side of a mountain there. No quick fixes for the Church. That massively uncivilised drug thing in South America all that killing and craziness.  Once a stronghold for the Church is now just a cesspool of drugs all that goes with it. America where the drug use is out of control. Not a mention by the Church. The Chocolate Jesus got more play than illegal drugs did.

“The latest in their litany of condemnations comes from Archbishop Angelo Amato, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who today slammed the media for what the Vatican perceives as abetting social advances it calls “terrorism with a human face”

I think we all know what the face of terrorism looks like.  The face of terrorism is the what we see on the news everyday. The face of terrorism sometimes speaks with a Texan accent.  I love the sinpickers, when a religion cherry picks the sins of the world to suit their needs. I’m  just glad that they can pick the more civilized sin rather than those nasty bloody sins that are so uncivilized.  My only suggestion is “Guys you better get off the street dressed like that and get those dresses off. You might get away with that in New Orleans but in Charlotte we don’t do that sort of thing.” If you’re going to be a gay screamer you need to butch it up.