Christians, they need special help !

June 11, 2015

Mike Huckabee,  Forget about it!I just read that Christians need special status. They need something like a permit to hang from the rearview mirror. Like handicap persons. Especially, around places of higher learning, maybe a special tag that has brain with a circle and a line through it instead of a wheelchair. Over the years, I have notice that there is something different about christians. We should give them little help. Especially, the vocal ones. There are a lot of them who are silent. They are passing as normal. Christians are special people. Just ask one. There are two kinds: God christians and Jesus christians. God-fearing christians are those hoping never to get caught. They are less vorgiving.  The Jesus christians are a little more relaxed because they have a personal relation with Jesus
I do think christian need to have special to set of rules to set them aside from normal folks. With a God that seems to tell them to do evil things. We really need to know who they are. I think the need to register with you nearest Bakery to find out if your Jesus worthy. Those are the people who brought us edible penis’ (I don’t spell the plural of penis much.) I thought Jesus is supposed to bring you peace. Seems quite the opposite, doesn’t it. Maybe we could sent them back to from they came. Or put them on an island in the middle of the ocean. They want to do that to all us sinners. We supposed to have freedom from religion not giving religion special rights.

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