I really don’t care if Hillary or Barack is elected to the Presidency but I think we all need a promise from both they will pursue criminal actions against George Bush and Dick Cheney ‘private citizens’ who have  broken the laws of the United States. I think we need to show the world and ourselves we can in fact govern ourselves under a set of laws. I think we need a pledge from each candidate they will do everything possible to expose the crooks and liars of the Bush Administration. This is not to get revenge but to show the next Presidents of the United States they do not have Carte Blanche to do as they please. They are not above the law. This would help greatly to establish that we are indeed a country of law and order. No more outlaws and despots who believe they have been elected God not President.  We never again need a God/President. Maybe also we need never to elected a c- student.  If George was even a C- student, who knows he father was a man of influence.  I really don’t think George has that much sense.  It is our duty to America and all Americans living or dead to make right the injustices this adminstration has put upon this country. We need to go through every piece of legislation that contradicts our laws and constitution. We need to know how much damage George Bush as really done to this country.   Of course, John McCain has that same Cowboy bullshit persona that Barbara’s idiot son has. He would be incapable if doing anything against George Bush. He like George Bush as a limited grasp of the big picture.  John McCain’s age should not be a factor but I believe his mental grasp of things has doomed him never to become President. I’m really afraid that Barack Obama wouldn’t be able to pursue any legal proceedings against the present adminstration because he would be so overwhelmed for the first years he couldn’t focus. Hillary would probably be the only one who would have the guts to proceed in that direction. I think that’s why the conservatives fear her so much. They know what she is capable of and she is fearless.  That’s why we have this fake democratic assault on Hillary. It’s all these Republicans who faking us all out acting like they are righteous Democrats. All this fake bullshit drives me crazy.  The fear of Hillary, has got the Republicans scrambling around dressed up like Democrats. Regardless who is elected. There needs to be a return to law and order. That’s means we need to put a few people behind bars. Maybe even the ex-President of the United States.

sorry, about mistakes this new wordpress is driving me crazy, that ain’t no lie.