That Papal Smile

February 28, 2008


Somebody’s got a new boy friend.


It appears what people have done in the past doesn’t matter.  It’s the color of our skin.  We are having a dramatic shift to the black dude.  All the hard work that Bill and Hilary have done over the years is really of no importance, it appears. Unfortunately Obama is becoming the black candidate. All those black folks over the years who have stood behind Hilary and Bill as they stood behind them, don’t care.  They have a black man whose running and he could win and ……?  What are the black expectations. I don’t know.  I guess white politicians are really learning a lesson on this one.  Skin color wins out over anything else. I guess we white folks have been doing that all our lives.  I guess it’s alright for them too.  All of her and Bill political lives has been in coalition with minorities and the poor.  I guess the big pay off is ‘zip’.  The problem I see coming is that Barack Obama will either have to except those black politicans of the past with open arms or act like they don’t exist. Lewis Farrakhan, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and a whole bunch of black men and women with their point of view. Barack has no connection them.  Will Barrack Obama be able to push the past aside as the blacks have with Hilary.  Well he able to acknowledge their contribution to the black movement over the decades or will they just be old school black politicians who need to move aside.  When Al Sharpton stood alone on issues and no one came to his aid, is that just something we don’t need to focus on. I notice when Barack Obama is making a speech there are only white people setting behind him in the bleachers.  Will Barack Obama be taken down by his own race when they find out that the only thing they have in common is the color of their skin.  I see the rush to leave Hilary high and dry when it’s their time to stand up for her.  Wonder how it will be when it’s time for Barack to stand up for them and doesn’t.  Will us white folks just vote for the white man whoever he will be? After all our color is only skin deep.

O’Reilly: “I don’t want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels”.

Do you believe that Bill O’Reilly didn’t know exactly what he was saying.  He read it from a piece of paper. If I say something mean and degrading to you off the top of my head out of anger, that’s forgivable but when I have a piece of paper in my hand and I’m reading it. Well you can conclude I wanted to say what I said.  The is a poly that the Fascist Right talking head have been using for about twenty years. It’s how they get their listeners to listen to them. The story moves from Mrs. Obama to Bill O’Reilly.  He said a terribly offensive racist remark but Americans are used to that.  We have been listening to Rush Liarbaugh for all these years.  We seem to have become immune to these hyenas and their attention getting statements. We are spending more and more time discussing Right Wing talking heads than we do talking about the candidates running for Presidency.  These maggot talking heads know that if they don’t produce they will be gone in a heart beat.  So they try to say and do what is most offensive.  It doesn’t matter how cruel or mean or stupid it makes them look because it’s the thing that keeps them on the air.  Do you think that Rush Lairbaugh has been around for so long by speaking the truth. The truth is conservatism is a dull as mud. He is way bright enough to have figured that out a long time ago. Every time he says some really outlandish and offensive he is just insuring that he will have a job the next week. So when you hear this calious and hate fulled comments by the boys and girls from the Right you must realize it puts the bacon in the frying pan. I just don’t understand why we still listen to them. They have nothing new. More of the same. More of the mud they have been slinging like forever.  All the facist talking heads are from a generation of mememe. They are the most important issue they can talk about. They are the news. They are what the world of politics has become. I have yet to hear anyone ask about the national debt. When wall street crashes and it will crash maybe the jackass might talk about something besides themselves. There is an interplay between cable networks that build up each other. Making them seem important. CNN–All the Bullshit–all the time. The conflict between MSNBC and Fox is for the benefit of their ratings not their new gathering abilities. Not informing America of important information. Everyone has their own agenda and it’s hasn’t anything do with the News or the election, it’s ratings.

George and his Jesus stance!

February 26, 2008


Jesus statute at Corcovado struck by lightning.  Pay attention George. February 20,08. Damn missed again.

Reconstructing Hilary

February 26, 2008

Well, well, well, the boys and girls to the Right have done such a good job of trying to bury Hilary’s candidacy. They may be finding themselves do some grave digging before  it’s over. The same thing they did to Hilary they did to John McCain. They threw John under the bus and let it run over him several times and  then they came to their senses.  They pull him out from down under and dusted him off. Now they are kissing his butt like he is their long lost red headed stepson. Now that Barack Obama has been called the savior or the best thing since, well, ever.  In their zeal to punk Hilary, they may have just help elect the first African American ever.  You see George Bush is such a slug that just about anyone can become President.  A white woman, a black man or John McCain, anyone of which could be the next President. I have been setting watching paralyzed like a person watching a train wreck.  Dumbfounded with the endless attacks on Hilary and the Press with it’s own Affirmative Action program of Barack Obama. The Press with it’s own version of reverse discrimination.  The Press with it’s racist and sexist attacks on Hilary Clinton and a free walk for the black dude. I don’t believe the Fascist Press had the balls to go to the Left with it’s determined plan to destroy Hilary’s candidacy. They are so disorganized they don’t know who to throw under the bus next. Well, today Lewis Farrakhan may have changed the course of the election by praising Barack Obama as well lets say the ‘best of everything’.  Lewis is not someone that Barack wants to play up too much. He’s is always been somewhat of a racist black man. We’ll see. I love Barack’s persona, like he just smoked a joint and Hilary’s like see needs to smoke a joint.

Let me see.  You are with the Secret Service and you are supposed to do all you can to prevent the person that you are protecting from being harmed (assassinated). You decide to quit checking people for weapons entering a building where your target is about to speak. Now, I know that all the people looked really friendly and all.  You know like in Dallas on November 22, 1963.  My next question is. “Are you out of your frigging mind?” How many times has George Bush been allowed to enter an unsecured area?  Never, would be my guess.  You think George and his neocon friends had anything to do with this.  All I have to say is sounds like a dry run for an assassination.  Bush’s friends in Pakistan seemed to have solved a problem that way with Benizar Bhutto with their failure to protect a candidate. Is this an example of what the Department of Homeland Security is all about? They can’t even secure an area for a Presidential Candidate. I guess it wouldn’t have matter if the guys had been standing at the boarding gate a Logan on 9/11. The guys looked friendly. It was a friendly bunch. Like everything that George Bush has touched has turned to ‘crap’.  I could be setting typing about the someone killing Barack Obama.  All the boys at Homeland Security would say is ‘they all looked friendly’. This is so bizarre I can hardly believe that something this stupid could even happen. I think this is a warning the neocons will be doing their stuff again. The Republicans want put another notch in the belt of horrible things we American will have to endure.  I think we need to hold George Bush personally responsible for anything that might happen to any of the candidates especially Barack Obama because the Homeland Security has created a clean and present danger to anyone they are trying to protect. They are telling any ‘kook’ the Secret Service isn’t doing it’s job.  Of all places this should happen. I was in Dallas November 22. I know how something can go wrong in just a instant.  Someone needs to be fired, NOW. This is not about whether I like a candidate or not, it’s about doing the right thing. If Homeland Security can’t protect the candidates what can we expect from them for the rest of us. This is truly a bad omen! Like Mr. Chertoff, the Head of Homeland Security, I have a gut feeling about this.

  • Denial (this isn’t happening to me!)
  • Anger (why is this happening to me?)
  • Bargaining (I promise I’ll be a better person if…)
  • Depression (I don’t care anymore)
  • Acceptance (I’m ready for whatever)
  • Denial:

    Like everything in life there are stages. The stages of Blogging is exactly the same as the stages of grief. There is little or no difference and, of course, the final stage gets you where you need to be.  Denial is the first, you don’t let anyone know that you are a blogger cause they would want to read what you have written and tell you where you screwed up spelling or how your grammar sucks. So you do what everyone else does and that’s let them think you are looking at porn. That way they leave you alone. They don’t ask questions. As you become braver and five or six people have read your blog. You gain the strength to carry on,  through the toughest of subjects whether it’s ‘toilet sex’ or ‘Turd Blossoms’.  With the help of spell check you can make a complete sentence. It knows how to spell Giuliani but doesn’t recognize the word ‘blog’. That’s bizarre.

    Anger:  You start out trying to be nice. You want your blog to be fun but you live in a crazy world. You have an idiot for a President and there is that, you know, that ‘War’ shuu, it’s a secret. You have men behaving like fools etc, etc. So all that nicey, nicey crap goes right out the window. You manage to maybe write two or three calm posts but then it’s all over. All the stuff that’s been pulling on your chain for years starts coming to the fore and bingo. Anger.


    You start posting stuff but no one seems interested in what you have to write.  One or two hits. You keep posting but nothing much is happening. Then one day you get 50 hits. It’s frightens you.  50 people read what you wrote. That’s scary. You were afraid that someone wouldn’t read your post now your afraid someone will read it. You start bargaining, if someone reads my stuff I will try to be nicer or I’ll try not to use bad grammar. Then after several months you get 1156 hits in one day. You think this has gone too far. If only a few people read my blog it’s alright but 1156, I don’t think so. I prefer just a few, please just a few.


    Depression comes in when you visit other blogger sites and they have 200,000 hits or maybe one million.  Some days you don’t get but 150 hits. Then you think no one cares what I think or write. It’s just a waste of time.  The only comments you get someone calls you an ‘idiot’ or ‘your blog sucks, it’s crap’.  So you take off a couple of days, don’t even get to your computer. You go back and there is all kinds of hits. Your bacckkk.


    You wake up in the middle of the in a cold sweat. That’s when you realized that you are a closet blogger. Your friends think you are into porn but you are really blogging. You give the impression they are right. It’s your own little secret. You know that you are doing it for yourself. You care what people think but not really. You accept that some will like you and others ‘screw ’em’.  Someday when you get really brave and maybe some therapy you will come out to your friends. Tell them you are not a pornaholic but a blogger. I’m here and I accept what I am.  It may sound queer but I am blogger.