Do I care if Miss California believes in gay marriage or ungay marriage.  I don’t care if she likes having sex with whoever or whatever.  First of all, she should have been kicked off stage for wearing those bling-bling ear rings.  I know that ‘Beauty Peagants’ are filled with really moral people. That it’s not as cut throat as one might think. I’m really concerned about a person who spends any part of her life parading before men and women like she is some sort of  meat product.  I wonder about the sanity of a person who think her body and looks are a way of getting what she wants. Of course, this young lady will probably become a trophy wife to some guy who needs a trophy wife. The whole beauty Pageant thing is a dying breed of American entertainment. If you want porn it’s at a persons finger tips.  I’m sorry she didn’t win. If that’s what is important to her.  In the scheme of things maybe she might want to  do something that might make a difference in a world that needs people who want to make a difference.  So I’ll give this young lady all  my crocodile tears.  What’s if I gave a shit. I didn’t mention her name. Her 13 minutes of fame are gone. Hopefully. Bye Bye now.


My goodness the Republicans may have found the answer to their prayers. It’s torture. Not so much torture but torture as a divisive tool to side track President’s Obama’s plans for America.   Will the Republicans have the balls to throw EX-President Bush and EX-Vice President Cheney under the bus and let it back over them again and again?  Is Cheney the Jonas Goat for the whole torture issue? He has been a matador with a red cape running around telling everyone he  ok’ed torture.  How the free world has been saved by torturing

Boehner--Torture, new hope for the Republicans

Boehner--Torture, new hope for the Republicans

a person 183 odds times.  I kind of think that it’s torture for the first five time then it’s plain ole stupidity.  Now Bonehead Boehner is calling it torture. So there is another red cape (flag) for us Americans. Maybe the Republicans believe they can alienate the radical right with the call to patriotism wrapped in the flag and the Bible. This could be a new chance for the Republican to drive a deeper  wedge  into the American people.  It’s the Republicans belief that you can divide and conquer.  Cheney sees himself as a true American hero.  He believes that he has an insight that only he can have.  He is going to save us even if he has to destroy us in doing so.

barack-and-jeremiahWell, we are all to familiar with a person being a weasel.  We had one in the White House for eight years. So you know where I am coming from. The Weasel in Chief, George Bush, screwed up everything he touched.  But as I said he was a weasel. We Americans, at least, most of us have ‘Weasel Radar’. It’s kind of like gaydar but it’s for hunting weasels. We know when we are being had. We know when someone is trying to pull a quick one on us.  We all know a flim-flam artist when we see one.  Endless years we had to keep our gag reflexes in check.  Now we can not and will not let torturing of human beings by our government pass.  Mr. President you have misjudged us.  As tears rolled down our faces on election night , in our hearts we believed in a new America.  You cannot let us down.  I will not be kind when I write about you. Not that it makes any difference. If enough begin to write about this injustice maybe you will change your mind.  I will join the right wing nut jobs and will fight tooth and nail for justice in America for all Americans or people on your soil or under our jurisdiction. Again you have misjudged us and our need for the wrong to be righted. You have fail an important test. If you are trying to be nice, you might remember back to President Carter.  He was nice but ineffective and in the end he became a joke. If the Republicans had any brains at all they would be jumping on this in a heart beat.  I guess that answers my statement.  George Bush, tried to destroy America. I hope you are not planning on continuing the course he was on.  We have all been patient but we have been there and do that. I don’t think we can dance that dance anymore.  Our nation is only strong as a righteous person at our helm.  We have set on our hands too long. I don’t think we will much longer.  America has changed. The Republicans are unable to understand that.  Mr. President don’t you make that mistake too.

Fox News and a New Day

April 17, 2009

Where do I begin. Fox, what the Fuck. I watched parts of it yesterday and was so astounded by the truly deceitfulness of News broadcasts. It as been a joke for a long time now. And not such a funny joke at that. Now it has taken on a new and different look about it. An almost lost world kind of feel. Fox as become almost ‘other world’ or other dimension. It has lost contact with the real world. Facts and truth have become some sort of strange new postition is the galaxy. It’s almost Biblical in some respects. I mean it seems to have it’s own truth. I guess we now understand why there are rules about owning too my TV station, News Papers and Radio stations.

I really wonder if Rupert Murdoch has a George Bush “I am the Emperor of the World” complex. I think he might. Is he really an incompetent billionaire. I don’t think so. I think he knows exactly what he is doing. He is holding dearly to the conservative base of America and to the principles that make men like him rich. The Right is like a wagon with a missing wheel. It is erratic and unstable. It appears they create the new and bizarre truths as some sort of therapy in uncertain times. They appear to be taking on the role of Stella in “Street Car”. Where reality is an in and out sort of thing. The past is filled with the kindness of strangers who now have move away from the craziness and left only those in the  shadows.  The extremists creatures trying to find their way through nothing.

I would like to think that Glen Beck goes home at night and laughs his brains out at what he saids and does. I hope that he says to his wife what bunch of fools work at Fox. That’s the only way he could make any sense of his court jester routine. All the really good people who have sold their soul to Fox and are nothing but pathetic and sad. People Sheppard Smith and Greta Van Susteren who now are just jokester in the world of Fox News. Trying to hold on the lies like they are truths and truths like they are lies. They are really part of old Americana that is fading quickly. It’s a whole new world, like before there was talkie in the movies. Now the internet makes their untruths known immediately. A new world that has Rupert and his world of paper news and videos cartoon news obsolete. The sounds they make are too loud and too high pitched. It’s has the Marx Bros. feel to it( Animal Crackers). Of course, without being funny. So as each day those at Fox play us all for fools. It only does one thing. It puts another nail in their coffin. So be it.

This is a Teabag--Republicans

This is a Teabag--Republicans

For all you folks who don’t understand why no one in the News World can talk about tea bagging with a straight face. Well, this is it.  Tea bagging is putting your teabag in someone face. Capice! Now you know.

Glen Beck, The early years

Glen Beck, The early years

I guess we all need to understand where Glenn Beck is coming from.  I have heard him on different ocasions  over the years he did sound somewhat sane. But here lately he has gone ballistic or something. I know what is wrong with him.  He jump off the deep end.  He went to Fox News.  He went over to the other side.  Mr. Murdock probably called him in and said something like this. “Now I know you are use to being sane and trying to be some what truthful. Forgeett aaabooutt it! Here at Fox it’s about the drama. It’s about over reacting. It’s about the money. It has nothing to with News or any of that stuff you are used to.  So feel free to act like an ass. Feel free to be a buffoon.  Matter of fact I prefer.  We here at Fox love faux patriotism. I’m from Australia. I understand this American political faux patriotism, it’s good politics. Gets votes. Gets viewers. I see you can cry on cue. That frigging great. I know that all the guys from NBC, CNN and all other cable networks come here to retire.  But hey, you can’t do this for ever. Beside Rush baby is smoking now and his fat as Christmas pig. He ain’t going to be around forever. I hear he is still like “House”  still doing the munchies with the pills.  I give him two or three years. I can see the headlines (Rush found dead of overdose.  Found naked with phone in his hand on the bed.)  Yes, Glenn I see a bright future for you.”

So I think we know where Glenn Beck is coming from. We just don’t know where he’s going with this

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