bill-and-hillary-clinton.jpgNo her worst enemy is not Rudy, or Barrack or Mitt or Johnny McCain. It’s not Bay or is Ann Coulter. It’s not the Right Wing Conspiracy Folks.  Let me make this really plain. Billy boy has an ego that is big as, well lets say uncontrollably big. I realize a man who was once been President of the United States of America has some sort of warped opinion of himself.  Kind of the Child Star syndrome except for adults and mainly ex Presidents.  He needs to get a life.  He is not Donny Osmond and Hilary is not Marie. He doesn’t need to steal her glory just like every man in this world seems the need to stand in the sunlight and cast a shadow on their spouse or whatever.  He is now Hilary’s worst liability. Popping off like Billy Carter. No one cares what he thinks. I don’t. He need to get the hell out of the way. He had his fun. So go take a vacation. Whatever it takes to get his mug of the TV screen.  I know that he is really important to himself. That ego is hard to hide.  I see him more on TV than I do Hilary. So if you really want your wife to win, you really need to shut the hell up, Bill Clinton.  I am almost interested in what Karl Rove says as I am Bill Clinton. You are both has beens. So move aside and shut that all knowing mouth of yours. Hilary is probably smarter than you. I would almost bet on it. So why don’t you go off and find you a sweet young thing to while away the hours with and leave Hilary alone. Hilary like most women can and most often can do quite well without some blow hard guy trying to play the “macho macho man”. So give it up Bill. Hilary doesn’t need you. Matter of fact, you are her worst enemy.  I would love to start a petition to immediately have some oral surgery preformed in “Billy Boy” that would make him inaudible until after the election. Give Hilary a fighting chance.  He should become a mousy like thing like Laura (what’s her name)Bush.

Trent Lott is not Gay!

November 27, 2007

Please, folks.  You really can’t believe that any gay man would lay up in bed with Trent and do the big nasty.  I guess all you folks believe that sex as well as love is blind when money is involved. Trent Lott is a lot of things. That ain’t no lie. But gay, nah. What’s the point. It’s against everything he holes dear.  Racism, bigotry, sexism, fascism and of course anti-gayism (not a word). These are stepping stones of a true man. A man of honor who has the respect of those who view life as he does.  To imply that he would stoop down and partake of such things is blasphemy. To be in the same bed with a young virile blond hot  man with all those bulging muscles and no telling what he has all wrapped up in his package is in itself unbelievable. Unless you got some pictures, of course.  Yes, how dare anyone imply that Trent would do anything to tarnish the image of the South. His beloved homeland. Where men are men.  How dare them think that Trent Lott would resign over such small trivial issues as a little man on man sweaty sex.  A manly row in the hay. His sing-song buddy, Larry Craig has nothing to do with this matter. Larry is standing behind Trent. Not too close, please.  Trent may be a traitor, a liar, a thief, an adulter (hetero), a crook and on the take from any lobbyist that will pay him under the table but a friend of Dorthy, a Mary, A Nellie Nancy boy, a Zoot Suiter, a fan of Judy Garland, Boy from Oz,  a friend of Elizabeth Taylor or a Rent Boy’s best friend. I don’t think so. Now he did have an unexplainable ‘love’ for his mentor and role model Storm Thurman. That sounds like a made up name like Rock Hudson, huh.  Lets not cheapen Rock Hudson acting abilities by bringing his name into this mix.

kkk-trent-lott.jpgTrent Lott, the ole Mississippi Bayou boy made good. The poster boy for racism in the South. One the boys that used to prop up Strom Thurman. I mean physically prop him up. The man was brain dead for years before he retired. Trent Lott is selling the chicken that laid the golden egg, conservatism. Bailing like a parashooter at Normandy. What the heck is going on here. I’m cornfused. I thought that he would be leading the charge of the south in the next election. Maybe he is just backing up to the exit just like the rest of  the once loyalist Bush Boys from the South.  Kamikaze Republicans that are now taking the cyanide poison pill. The Hilter Bush bunker boys. Time to pay for their sins.  Maybe hoping not to be brought up on War Crimes or who the hell knows what else.  No telling what kind of thievery he has been up to. I was so excited with the thought of seeing his assault on the black men of the south. He was a ‘master’ of racism-o-speak with the code words and all.  Maybe wearing his spring ensemble with that  pointed white hat. You know getting it out of mothballs.  I think that Rupert might just have a little job for the bad boy of the south being he help him with his little problem.  Helped he control 35% media outlet across America. I hope Trent Lott doesn’t mind working for a Jew. I mean, shoot, sometimes a guy has to lower his standards.  I’m thinking he is leaving not for what has happened but what is about to happen. I think George Bush and the evil Mr. Cheney want to invade Iran so they can continue their take over of America. I think there is a Grand Plan that the last of the Evil Ones are hatching out to make the world their’s. The total destruction of America. Trent Lott, maybe there is something you won’t do for the neocons.  “Man,  is that the exit?” “I really need to go out and get a pack of Cigarettes, be right back”.   I guess that don’t still use that one anymore. I have been so dumbfounded here lately, all these yellow dog Republicans jumping ship. You’d think you were on the Titanic or something. Is that an Iceberg or you just glad to see me.  Anyway I’ve got to go to the gym.  I just love to see a bunch of Republicans swimming in the cesspool of  their own love.

The First Rebirth—ModeskeletorWell, well, well, what has happened to the world of fascists. They all fall down and go boom! That’s the way I like it. They say is not because of George Bush but please, no one wants to cross Satan.  Cause it ain’t good luck. The Man, John Howard, has fallen like a Statue of Mussolini.  Australia will be taking it’s troops out of Iraq (550). Token amount to feed the dragon.  So to speak.  That’s what happens when you are trying to ‘Suckerpin’ up to the God of War, Herr Bushmeister.  I wish Australia hadn’t  embolden the idiot child of Barbara and George Sr. You see what happens when you don’t stick to your principles. When you go along to get a long. I wonder what George Bush promised him. Probably to take Rupert Murdock off their hands.  The renowned Jewish spin doctor of news and entrainment around the Anglo Saxon world. I don’t know if that is use that anymore. I think it’s Greek for “a bunch of dumbass white guys”.  I hope Australia doesn’t thinks their even by showing us that it’s not as painful as one might think to do the right thing, statues do fall, don’t they.  Sometimes it just take some balls downunder, if you know what I mean. I think we Americans learn quickly(seven years, not so quickly)and we will do the right thing when the time comes. Thanking you again for giving John Howard a real Texas sized Thumpin.  Hopefully we can get you favorite son, Rupert, back on the soil downunder. After the election we need to run that bastard out of town.    

e1kn0cal6iltpcabsch03ca339s9ccaexf7ncca83xhadcap2vz3jcak3p4nfcaz0yl0gcar76f0ucalhqxhucak0ou7wcagqcr73ca0fe4xtca93jibwcabaa57ucajgdhrycas1o9yicamkfa1cca8pfw40.jpgSomeday soon we Americans are going to have to make a decision about America. We have ignored even looking at the Iraqi War on the television.  The Republican Federalist Government has made it easy on us. They have blackout all the news from Iraqi.  “What the kids don’t know won’t hurt them!” The problem is we are not kids,  we are adults. At least we act like them occasionally. I don’t care if it’s about Hilary or Rudy or Mitt or John McCain we are going to have to decide what kind of government we want.  Will we all be out pulling down statues of great Americans like Washington and Lincoln and all the other great Americans?  Rope tethered around the necks of America’s finest. Like Stalin or Hussein our hero being dragged away by screaming crowds of neocons ready to re-do America.  Any Democrat that will be running will not be running against a Republican candidate but the whole machinery of the now Republican (Neocons) Government. The Justice Department can’t investigate any of the wrong doing of the Crooks and Liars that now own our country but they have already started investigating Hilary Clinton. The Neocons who now own us can do as they please just like George Bush.  They have the Radical Right Talking Heads lined up with their Lairs and Deceivers who will be working overtime.  I  just watched the purification of Glen Beck by his friend ‘gay boy’Anderson Cooper.  In a little show put on by CNN to humanize Glen and make him one of the boys. I’m sorry I only lasted about 10 minutes. I don’t like to watch an ass kissing contest but they both got all 10’s. I used to admire Anderson Cooper but he is like all the rest. “Paid to Say” boys who are no much better than Fox News.  You judge a people by how that treat the young and the old and those who can’t take care of themselves.  Now I’m talking about Veterans.  Real men who have given their all and we can’t even help them get well. What have we become. I don’t like the way I see us Americans in the mirror.  It’s the ole tired joke about Michael Jackson and the man in the mirror.  If there is a man in the mirror someone must be standing behind him.  Whose standing behind us now, America. There must me someone standing behind us.  Real Americans don’t behave this way.  Or was all that just one of the Rockwell moments that really never was?  We don’t kill for oil. We don’t lie to feel good. We are honest at least when the truth is staring us down.  We pick and choose what we want. Maybe George is really our savior. Our new God.  Maybe it is time to give up all those ‘old school’ ideas.  Maybe it’s time to become a new country with new ideas. No more PC crap. No left wing crap about Rights, Laws, God, Country,  and the Constitution. Screw’em, Teaser’em and get them hell out of the way. Nothing to fill our heads with those apparently fake emotions that we once had. False Patriotism Syndrome.  Yes, America. Time is running out. That’s alright until your heads hit the windshield. Wish Doris Day was here to sing Que Sera Sera.

cornucopia1.jpgI think we in America are so lucky to have the guidance of a great man like George Bush. Yes, America there are men who elevate lower us all to new highs lows. Yes  there is George Bush. It’s really hard to soar with the Eagles when you are flying with a bunch of turkeys.  We Americans should be grateful that we have less than a year to put up with this sorry excuse for a human being. I mean Dick Cheney, this time, the man who really makes us thankful for the pacemaker that keeps Dicky’s heart a ticking.  God’s gift to us, patience, as in Job. We Americans should give thanks that there is only one of him.  Thank God, also, that all the other Bushes who are in hiding and are probably wanted by the law in several states.  What happened to Jenna’s book tour. Really low profile. If you check out the blogs it’s weird it’s the same story over and over. Thankful that’s what we are.  The George Capone Bush and gangsters family of the Hill country. We need to bethankful that Lindsey Graham hasn’t been outed yet so we won’t have to hear another high pitched denial from the Party from the Right. Maybe there is enough outed guys  now for a Black and White Party maybe at Palm Springs. We need to thank God that Bush hasn’t let Psycho Cheney invade Iran yet. Maybe that will be our New Year’s surprise.  We Americans need to be thankful that Larry Craig will not be one of the contestants of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or maybe ‘Tap Dancing with a Flamer’.  We need to be thankful that the Republicans haven’t done anything about immigration in the last seven years so they can have a political platform to try to election another Fascist to run this country. George can start a war over night but can’t do anything about illegal immigration in seven years. Crraaazzzyyy!  We should be thankful for Rudy Giuliani who makes all Republican candidates look really good. I think he has the moral values of George Bush and he could continue America on our road to nowhere. No “on the dashboard” guidance system needed here.  Yes, it’s the little things that we should be grateful cause some of the big things seem to be sucking on a 1000 year Chinese egg.  We need to be thankful for the American spirit that maybe tarnished but is intact and with again shine like a new penny soon as we decide to be the master of our own destiny and not be victims.   When Vienna Sausage guy is no longer the guy in charge, America will again be on the road to “somewhere”.  See you can always find something to be the thankful for.  Seriously God bless our soliders, may God be with them cause our politicians aren’t. 

 The feral talking heads of the Right Fascist Party are in the process of re-humanization. Rush did a broadcast of his radio program on Fox. He discussed his triumph over his drug addition. How he was ‘cured’ in five weeks of therapy. How he was grateful that he sought out help and now he is cured. He said a person doesn’t realize that there is some pain that a person isn’t even aware of that is causing his addiction. How many drugged out Rock Stars have we heard this from.  I don’t usually watch Fox or Rush but shit happens. I was in the dentist office. There is a big sign on the flat screen wall mounted T.V. “Don’t change channels, please”.  Well you know how you have a little wait before the dentist calls you in. There I was stuck again with a flat screen full of lies.  Rush Liarbaugh has been on the road to do his re-humanization for several weeks now.  He appears more human when he talks to the fake call-in people,  friendly like.  He must of have some sort of spiritual awakening. Millions and millions of dollars does that to the soul.  There seems to be a whole extreme makeover in process. Maybe getting really for the ’08 election.   Kinder, gentler Fascist propagandists are in our future.  Rush has taken on the voice of Jerry Falwell. A soft voice telling us all that he is just there to help us sinners find our way.  Well, it’s hard. I mean Rush has slipped a little with his feral attacks on children and wounded soldiers. I say feral, its time to be civilized again. The election is coming. All the talking heads are learning again how to properly look down their noses at all of us who used to fall for their head games and trickery but now find it boring. I wonder if they are attending  some kind of class. Something like Humanization 101, (how to take those feral feeling and shove them). I notice that our boy from CCN. The resident Jester, Glen Beck, was doing the complete scene from some John Wayne movie. Talking about America and he just there to get America on track or should I say blah, blah, blah. These guys want us to know that they have feelings and if they are pricked are they not a prick. I think there was some bleeding involed.  Glen is paid to say what he saying just like Rush Liarbaugh. There is not orginal thoughts involved. None of this stuff is coming from anywhere except their pocketbook. “I mean this from the bottom of my wallet!” So they don’t need to waste their time trying to prove that they are indeed human and not some feral talking head. I want all you folks who listen to them to seek help. It only took Rush Lairbaugh 5 weeks to be cured of his drug habit.  That was about how much time it took Ted Haggard to be cured of his man-a-loving.  Same amount of time it took David Vitter to convince his wife that he is cured of chasing whores.  We know that it is hard to cure those ole feral habits. The election is coming, beware of soft talking feral fascist with hearts of gold and a pocket full of money.