Hello, young lovers where ever you are. Stop in the name of love. Think what you are doing. The straight folks have already shown gays what marriage has done for them. Well, to start off, there is old fashioned just plain murder, adultery, incest, pedophilia and all those things they have blaming on gays. Also there is that thingy that is Senator Hucklebee’s favorite, bestiality.  I’m not making this stuff up, it’s true. I watch True TVevery Saturday night and on forensic files and it shows how straight folks stab, burn, mutilate, kill, maim each other with such glee. Seriously, this is not as wonderful as it sounds. You could end up in a trunk in your closet for years before someone finds your well preserved body. That give a new meaning to the words “his really look good for his age”.  When love turns to hate, good turns to bad, rage turns to…. well I think you know where I’m going. Grab a hold of yourself in a non-Michael Jackson kind of way. Do you realize that ten year old car will only be half yours. That old beat up furniture that you have covered with sheets will be half someone elses.  All new relationships will have to thought out, no longer will it be for just one night. You will think if he moves in will I want to share the rest of my life with him or her. No more looking for Prince Charming you have to get you feet down to earth. Your life of ‘disco lies’ is over. No longer will it be called the ‘gay life’. If gay goes as badly as straight marrige all gays are doomed. Maybe it is really some kind of straight revenge. It appears that after legal marriage personalities change. Life become dangerous and uncertain. You may wake up in the middle of the night with some married person standing over you with a knife. We all know there is nothing like a drama queen. You have been warned. The only thing hopefully there will no children to fight over, ignore or leave. Think about it.


I hear that they all uniting together. Moneys are be donated by the millions. We have never seen such pulling together of real Americans. No sir re. All those in America who believe in freedoms and bravery and flag pins and fizz hats and the selling of plastic Poppy flowers. Those who go bowling on Friday and square dancing on Saturdays. Yes the land of BIG fun. What are all the ‘true’ Americans united about. Perhaps the war that has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi under the ‘Shoot at anything’ Rule. And don’t  forget the 4500 who were our own. Maybe all the girls and boys are uniting to try to get health care for the poor and needy. Maybe to save Ed McMahon’s home. What has brought all these truly American heroes together. They are stepping over the blood of our soldiers to fill up their Humbees and super trucks to make sure that holy matrimony is that, holy.  I, they are united against  two fairies getting married or maybe two lesbos. I guess in the world of Big love there is no room for that kind of tomfoolery. After all love can only happen between two people of different sexes.  All those ‘Gods a plenty’ religions dot the landscape of our neighborhoods making sure that we have no new ideas and no new thoughts. Keeping us rooted in the past of the Roman and Greek Gods. It is somehow alright for some horny Mormon Polygamist to literally rape a thirteen year old because they are married in the eyes of God.  Whose God would that be, please tell me. We all have experienced, if we have lived on this earth for very long, that marrige has become a lot less holy.  We have prostitution in almost every city in this country. Most of the ‘johns’ are married men. Why do we allow prostitution in the holy of holy lands. Marriage is about control. That’s what is was used for. It was always there to calm the horny beast that is man, men. Well, it doesn’t seem to be working all that well. All conservatives believe there is not enough stuff to go around. I mean, there isn’t enough money for everyone. There isn’t freedom to go around. There isn’t enough health care to go around. There isn’t enough really good education to go around.  You see they believe there is only so much of life’s commodities to go around. Said I want to married this hot muscled bodied dude and live happily ever after. I’m  taking away from Texas Jack and Jewel Belle who want to get married and live happily ever after too.  Somehow my happiness takes away from theirs, huh. interesting.  I guess the real problem is our crumbing Old World Religion that no longer serves us like it use to. It is hard for the rich and powerful  to step on us like they used to.  Using the Bible to herd us off to extermination camps and unjust wars. Hang us from trees like some human trash for their pleasure.  Yes, the old World Religion only works when you play.  Our Religions seems to  believes you can only elevate yourself by stepping on someone else.  We seem to all think like the invading Conquistadors of the past. They were the true believers of God as they raped, murdered and plundered. Yes, we are the holy ones. Yes we are the true believers of God. A God that does all that is not my God. So do as you must you modern day Conquistadors.  Work your magic.  Maybe your God is one of those stars that burned out a long time ago but we still see it shinning in the heavens.  It darkness hasn’t quiet reached us yet.