Sounding like  (Margaret Hamilton) as the witch in The Wizard of OZ she is again taken down John McCain and his little dog too!  Revenge is sweet!

Sometimes a Pope is just a Pope.  Just a thought about religion in general.

Like a child  with dyslexia and Turrets syndrome Glenn Beck stands in front of his blackboard explaining to us some nonsense about things that don’t make sense.  He is a man tilting at Windmills. He is an artist at the mythical and fictional.  He is like a child who just awaken from a dream and is trying to explain what that dream was.    In his  desire to become something he is dancing on the edge of insanity with his sword and shield  held to the sky.  He is the superstar of Fox News.  Der Wunderkind of  knowing all.    A Karl Rove double-ganger of bull shit. The problem is of course Glenn Beck is truly an entertainer in all sense of the word.  A news reporter reports facts and he has none.  Even in his wildest moments he as been nothing but mommie’s boy.  A cry baby who rates second only to that whore banger Rev. Jimmy Swaggart.    A bi polar mess who probably needs medication and hospitalization.  He is the anti-intellectual intellect.  He is what an idiot would think a intellectual would be like.  He is make belief.  He is another example of what Republicans think is for true.  Yes, in the world of brithers, and deathers, of death panels, socialism,  Barrack Obama,  80’s classic Rush Limbaugh,  loose cannon Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman there are plenty of windmills for Glenn to tilt to.  The parallel world of windmill tilting Republicans and the real world of politics it seems to be tilting toward the Democrats.  How’s  Glenn Beck working for you.  You know there is no windmill too big or to made up to stop Glen for tilting at it.

Where is the line that says someone or something  is “too” anything.  We are in a world that loves things that are “too”.   We love hamburgers that are too meaty, too much bacon, too much cheese.  We love macho men to be too macho.  So macho they seem ridiculous for example Schwarzenegger. Bruce Willis, and Mel Gibson.  Women who are too sexy like Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Anne Nicole Smith. Men who are too horny who want to bang every woman in sight for example Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Gov. Sanford, Gov Spitzer.  People who believe in their Gods too much. The truth is we love those extreme in our  existence.  We love  the ones that push the hardest, run the fastest.   We love the too crazy ones like Glen Beck.  How can anyone be too gay,  I mean flamboyant? I guess the word might explain it all  flame and boy in flamboyant.  Flaming boy! If I had a blackboard like Glenn Beck I could explain it easier.  Who goes to “Stars on Ice” anyway?  I guess Johnny Weir would offend those macho men that love to go to figure skate shows.  Sometimes it is hard to decide between a rodeo or ” Stars on Ice”. “Too” means people are uncomfortable watching a person who is gay.  If he were just a little more in that fictional gay closet.  We run into ‘”flamboyant” people  everyday.  We accept them as they are and we move on.  How flamboyant was it of Johnny Weir to practice day after day, week after week  and so.  How flamboyant was it to slam against the ice while practicing.  How flamboyant was it of him to bust is ass to be one of the top skaters in the skating world.   If anyone is flamboyant it’s the “Stars on Ice”  who believe they can decide who is too gay and to separate them from the closest cases that are on the ice for “Stars on Ice”.  It’s telling gays to act like a real man or stay home.  If you can’t hold that pinky down when you drink don’t bother to apply. You are a second class citizen.  We shouldn’t  feel too bad we learned our lessons well. Our parents were good teachers.  Boycott work sometimes.  When are we going to get tired of this kind of crap.