In Mumbai religious radicals have murdered Innocent men, women and children. Those who did this horrible thing have probably put their conscience aside in the name of their religion or even Mohammad. Even though the acts they have committed are against the teachings of Mohammad. Religion has no conscience even though it claims to by it’s own writings. It’s not just Muslim radicals, in this part of the world the Spanish murdered as many possible of the indigenous people in South America or any place they set their feet on soil like crazed animals in a crusade without conscience. The Catholic Church reign of conscienceless terror lasted hundreds of years. Yet the religion that supported it never has to answer for it’s followers even though they were partners death and destruction.  Up in Salem women were put to death for being witches.  It was never mentioned in the stories I read about the church.  It was the ‘towns people’.  Yet the church had a hand what occurred. The ‘towns people’ were not held accountable because the church had removed their conscience.  Stripping man of his humanity. The Mormon Church had imprisoned women to be part of a man’s harem enforcing it with writings and Scriptures. Treating them like live stock and breeding animals. The father of that religion had scores of ‘wives’. The church backed them until civilization surrounded them and forced them to act like human beings.  A church that relieved its men members of conscience and let them act as some sort of subhuman sex fiends.  As long as Churches of God or Mohammad take the collective consciences of it’s members and encourage evil the world will never be a world of peace. If religion has no conscience, when we are all doomed to members of the animal world, homo sapeans.  The thirty year anniversary of Jim Jones and the Holocaust at Jonestown just past.  Jim Jones and his church without conscience.  A church that took away it’s member humanity and their conscience and ultimately their lives.  Their ablility to decipher what was right and what was wrong gone. A man who lived in upper New York State killed his whole family because they were sinners and he hide for thirty years remarrying and having more children. He was working with his Church all those years.  A man without a conscience in a Church that took his humanity with Scriptures and revelations. Took his family without a moments thought. The word of God had stripped him of all responsibility. He walked away from the blood splatter of his evil life into a ‘loving’ new relationship. Maybe it is the twisted mind of man.  A species of animal that has tried over thousands of years to civilized itself with words and Gods and things holy.  Art, music and culture has fail to tame the wild animal that we are. Like feral cats our civilized times comes and goes. We read the Bible and put on white robes and pointed hoods that cover our guilt and shame to hang black men.  Black men who we have treated like the Mormons treated women like animals. The Klu Klux Klan was a religious based hate machine that had it’s conscience stripped by the loving word of God.  Killing without conscience or guilt.  As we move along the new century we will have to decide if religion as we know it will guide us into more wars and conflicts. Are we doomed to be the animals that we say that we are not. This century will tell the tale of human existence on earth.  We can’t survive in a world where our Churches and religions rob us of our humanity and steal away our conscience. Leaving us in a world of anarchy and evil.  The Middle East the home our modern day western religions has been nothing but a hell hole of wars and conflicts. Hate and mistrust even as the ‘Word of God’ was being written. The words of God and Mohammad have not save the wicked or evil but left them to their evil deeds with no conscience or remorse. They revel in the Love of God as they wreak unspeakable destruction on mankind. So when I heard the word of God being used to relieve men and women doing the right thing. I know they are stripped by their Bible of conscience and reason. I know that unbriddled religions are the tools of own destruction.

Palin 2012

Palin 2012


Well this is the weekend before Thanksgiving and I’m probably not going to write much until after the day. So I’m just going to let my dyslexic take over and let my fingers to the walking. I was in Wal Mart today ran into an old associate who was also shopping.  I had worked with her for four or five years a while back.  She told me she was abused as a child. She was born in Germany and blah, blah, blah. You can thank me later. Well anyway she obviously had gone to the other side. She started telling me about Barack Obama. How he was going to take away every ones guns. That he was going to start youth camp like Hilter had done. She was telling how the whole world was going to go to the dogs. Now usually I’m very easy going anyone who has read by blog knows that. I asked her how many guns she had. She didn’t have any. I knew she didn’t have any children, her dogs were her children. I asked her anyway. She said none. I ask her how the stock market was going. It is in the toilet she told me. The world is in pretty bad shape she said. I said, Before I give you the old Kathy Griffin salute lets part as friends.”  I walked away.  I didn’t look back. Where the frigging hell were all the people when George Bush was totally destroying this country.  The economy like it is, maybe no one can afford to refill their anti-psychotic meds. They need to get in touch with Montel. He has friends in the drug business. They can help.  I know I’m a racist, but I fight it everyday. Being born and raised in the South (Texas) it is marbled through me like a well marbled piece of beef. I’m just surprised how pervasive is it. I thought maybe the South but I finding out that it is everywhere. It’s sad. I thought we had come along way. Maybe I just thought more of us Americans. Maybe we aren’t worth those high praises that we lavish on ourselves. It appears that the Churches are the real sinner. They have proved that they can’t be moved.  After all, it has been the glue that has held religion together. American Churches are the most segregated institutions in the world. I luz me some Americans.  My next thing that bugs the crap out of me is blogs. I mean blogs that people abandon like a 1948 Packard. It just setting there in the tall grass in a field and forgotten. It bugs me. If they don’t want to blog anymore close it out. I have a list of blogs that I like, I was checking through them and one or two have posted anything for months. They treat their blog like it was some hairy fuzzy thing they are no longer interested in.  Those are the Pet Rock folks.  Out of sight out of mind. I’m not saying I’m adding anything to the world at large but I know out in the universe someone or thing might just pick my signal and I could change the universe. Another thing is my spell check doesn’t recognized the word “blog” or “Barack Obama”.  What’s that all about. Back to deserted blogs I think there be some automatic zapping of unused blogs after about 6 months.  I hate then someone who hasn’t written anything for six months.  Then all of a sudden,they start writing.  “like I’ve been busy dude and I’m back and I know everyone has just been hanging on to their seats waiting for me to return”.  I think alcohol addition or maybe drug addition should be the only acceptable excuses. Their profiles should also be changed to a person who is distant and uncaring. That will show them.   Sarah Palin or better known as a substitute for Brittany Spear or Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan or Anna Nicol Smith.  Mrs. Palin has been separated from the herd and will be a feeding carcass for the press until Alaska succeeds from the Union.  She has been spotted and marked as a easy target for a press that never lives up to anything but gibberish Unfortunately her fifteen minutes are over. Well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  “Hey, Sarah, what’s that behind you a turkey assassin and why are you palling around with characters like that.

I guess if George Bush is the king of anything he is the king of ‘Shadenfreude’.  That’s a German word that explains ‘totally dude’ what George Bush is about. It is delighting in the pain and suffering in others. I guess that sums us George Bush. If he hadn’t been born George Bush he might have been someone weird  with a name creepy like Bundy or maybe Dahner or maybe someone called Charles Manson. Even in the last days of a pitiful existence as President he can’t help himself from leaving his scars on a Nation he tried to destroy. Making President decrees and last ditch efforts to let loose with a barrage of deregulation meant to devastate environmental and consumer protections.  We have seen George Bush walking in the rubble of our lives for eight years. Standing in the death of the twin towers and down the roads from almost every horrorible event he was there standing like some Prince of Darkness looking concerned and then back to Washington sometimes not even getting out of his helicopter.  He was supported by the Religious Right but he was the epitome of everything Christian America at one time fought against. So we should never misunderstand George who was never a Christian leader he was the opposite.  A man who got his jollies from the pain and death of other. The power he must have felt as he watched the destruction of Iraq. I’m sure it was orgasmic. Soldiers with their new arms and legs. I imagine he loved the pain on their faces. The twin towers must have given him the thrill of a life time.  As he leaves us. Have no fear he has left behind a Religious Right that has their own ‘Shadenfreude’. Their hearts are filled not with the love of Christ but a dead dreams that George Bush left behind. Their hate filled hearts and mean spiritedness will stay with us. Hopefully they will be with us only until like maggots they have fed off the dead carcass of the Republican Party until nothing is left.  Then maybe just maybe they will be whole again.

‘Shadenfreude’is malicious pleasure taken from observing the misery of another. The word referring to this emotion has been borrowed from the German language.

Everyday we hear some religious idiot call Barack Obama a Muslim. Everyday there is an attack on the man who will lead this country. Everyday we heard a play on words on his name. Obama isn’t that the same as Osama. It appears that the religious right is in the middle of a holy war against America. There is not God in heaven they listen to. It is the sound of their own voices. They are the religious cults and mind control wizards that control the minds of people who refuse to listen to the truth or to reason. From South Carolina to Idaho to Kansas to you name it, all those who can’t hold back their lies and their hate in the name of Jesus Christ have joined the Al Queda in a war against America. They have joined the enemy of America to spread lies and hate all across America against our future President .  As the Great loser President of all times would say.  America’s religious right as embolden the people who destroyed the towers to attack America again. The Koran and the Cross of Christ are joined together to defeat America.  Those who have lost themselves in a maize of Christanty are the ones who deserve our disrespect. I think in the long run this American Jihad is more dangerous than any outside force. The third and last arm is the talking heads radio right wing Orwellen freaks that wish they could destroy this country single handed. They have worked at it for so long. The religious right, the Al Quaeda and the right wing talk radio are conspiring to destroy this country. They all three hate what America stands for: freedom, choice, love of liberty and happiness. They are all filled with hate and malice toward America. Al Quaede we can defeat but our own brothers who preach and teach against a country that has given them all they have. Many have made millions talking against us. Some live in mansions or big fine homes with bank accounts that is the envy of all. So the next time you heard someone preach against Obama he is preaching against a choice that we Americans made. They are the religious Judas’ of our times. They helped George Bush almost destroy this country. I don’t want to silence them. We have had enough of that. I just want to remind myself what they are.

I saw this on youtube with the ‘dirty’ version. It was a 2008 Vote version. I don’t mean dirty is the since that it was nasty. I mean it had Barack Obama talking on it. It wasn’t in it’s pure form.  This version here is clean and pure. Right down excellente! I guess taking the politics out of it does clean it up. Now is just good music.

The phrase social fascists was used by communists against social democrats before 1933, and is still used in some communist circles to refer to modern social democracy movements. As early as 1944, the term had already become so widely and loosely employed that British essayist and novelist George Orwell was moved to write:

It would seem that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox hunting, bullfighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else.[1]

 This was written in 1944… The more things change the more they stay the same. We are all a little bit fascist and a little bit country.