Blogger’s Note!

April 9, 2008

I prefer not to use language that I hear or read. I would prefer that we would all be civilized and not acting like a bunch of WWWII sailors. But once the word or words have been used by someone else I feel free to use them. I usually use that vocabulary to specific post. I like a good foul mouth as much as the next guy. I just get tired of the amateurs that try to use words that are lacking color or imagination. I have had years of practice and well verse in all forms of cussory so I can dance with the best. My Blog is for the mature. If you are not over the legal limit then so be it. You have been warned. I hate people who do to this to a w**d. I* th*y can*t spe** it for*et *bout it.  Like we are all a bunch of second graders. Actually I often go back and take the cuss words out of my post. I feel a word takes away from what I’m trying to say.