I see that George’s new Supreme Court has decided that it would try like to take a trip down memory lane.  Yes sir, you black folks need to get out the watermelon and fry up some good chicken. You Hispanics need to get out the tamales and the tortillas.  Lets all get on the bus back to the 1950’s. George’s fascist Supreme Court is here to get all us whites our just do. Hot damn, ain’t America grand. Yes sir, I had to wait for fifty years and lots of political corruption to get that ole feeling back. That feeling that all us white folks have been missing. We need to get us some ‘real’ Americans back in power. Don’t us white guys just love us some pasty white boys politicians.  We can give back all that fundamentalist religions back to the blacks we don’t need that kind of foolishness.  You white folk who have been acting like you are fundamentalist can quit acting like you love Jesus and the Lord.  Your hypotrocy has served us all well.  All that phony stuff that sounds good at election time.  We all know you hate blacks and the brown folks. The total corruption of America is complete, yes sir se.  George has won the day. He has totally transform us all into pathetic little sub humans that see only our selfish wants and needs. Don’t you be worrying all you white boys will have some good jobs until they move some more jobs overseas.  We don’t need to worry about no border fences. But we won’t be making our trip back down memory lane. You see the world has changed. Too much polluted water under the bridge. The path back is long been paved over by big business profits. You see in the 1950’s we had lots of natural resources and ideas and cheap labor. We had a growing America the sky was the limit. Now it’s the opposite. We are losing all our jobs to China and anywhere there is cheap labor. We are killing our own for oil. Aren’t we a pretty sight. We are not the America of the 1950’s.  In most of the major cities the whites are not the majority. We have Black and Hispanic leaders. Even though the white Repbublican politicians can hardly keep from showing disdain for any minority, they put on a good face.  We white folks have often dreamed about the by gone days that were never really there.  Don’t worry we aren’t going back, we are going somewhere that we have never been.  Fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy ride. You think going forward hurts. Just wait and see how going backward feels.  You know we can’t go home again. The problem is that the Republican’s disdain for minorities is exactly what they feel for the majority.


Ann Coulter is dreaming the Fascist Right’s dream of salvation.  The dream of a terrorist attack. Bigger and better than 9/11. That will make everything all right with the world. A dream shared by the others who have put all their hope and dreams of a President and Party that have imploded on themselves.  Like a rat in a maze they search for a way out of their own hell. They want so bad for a terrorist attacked they can smell the smoke.  They think it is their only hope to regain American ‘loyality’ and ‘trust’.  Yeah, right. They are dreaming a fools dream. A dream that will only totally destroy the Fascist Republicans.  They have their failed dreams with lost victories and misspend capitol.  They have followed their evil hearts onto a road of self destruction. Like some many of the meme generation they thought they were more important than  America. More important than the laws and the Constitution. They were in a fantasy world. How they were going to change America to suit them. The only problem was they were not as wonderful as they thought they were. Now they need so badly a terrorist attack on American soil.  At least that’s what they think.  They really need to stop the fantasy dreams of America destruction. It’s like if us Fascist can’t have America then no one should. Better dead than liberal

It’s been a bad week for heterosexuals this week lots of bad stuff that makes the heart weep.  A well known wrestler kills is family and then himself. Sad stuff.   A guy kills his pregnent girl friend probably in front of the first child. He was a policeman. Homicide is the number one killer of pregnant women.  These type of stories goes on and on. There is a crisis of the human spirit here in America.  In a lawless land that has been abandon by the spiritual leaders of this country. The spiritual crisis goes all the way to the President and Vice President of United States. People now believe that what they want is more important than anything.  It’s the meme generation gone wild. It’s the Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans and the Anne Nicole Smiths of the world whose total focus is in their very being.  More important than family.  The Religious establishment is so busy being anti-gay that they don’t have time to be pro family.  I don’t mean just rhetoric. I mean teaching values that include all people. Not this divide and conquer type embattled noise that pits one religion against another and one sin and against another.   Attack religion is what we have here in America. The power hungry big guys with their glass Cathedral all glitzy and pretty, collecting money and no souls. This used to be a country of laws.  We all know better than that now. It used to be a land of truths and justice, no more.  The Religions of the United State fight their fake battles against gay and lesbians so they will somehow appear to be relevant. The gay marriage thing is just a joke. Straight marriage is in shambles. As the institution of marriage crumbles the Churches are so focus on other things that they can’t save what the Churches are all about, family.  Religions that defend war and not peace, that defend hate and not love and they defend a morally bankrupt government without shame. Maybe the old religions of the Middle East are dead. Look what they are doing to the Middle East.  Maybe they not longer serve the masses, who no longer fear the wrath of God. Their mean God no longer frightens the meek.  Religions have become worshipers of the idols of power. They have turned away for the people that they are suppose to help and protect. The ultimate betrayal. They seek power from people who should be outraged but they are not.

The Lightning Princess is back to deflect all the bad news in Washington.  The Immigration bill and Dick Cheney’s lunatic goings on. You can always tell that Ann is on the job when she goes after John Edwards. It’s her prime deflector target. The Scrotum Princess is over with her vow of silence. It’s time for Wonder Women to come in for the kill.  She’s got her lightening rods up everywhere. She is the defender of the Evil that has become the Republican Party. She is the water carrier for the V. President.  She is out to save the day. I bet you don’t remember the last time we saw her. The day that Scooter was found guilty. The Evil Vice President is now in need of some saving. He is so insane that he doesn’t know what the hell he is saying. No matter. America still believes Dicky. 41% believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. Good work ole Evil One. Ann wasn’t doing anything but writing another best seller to fill the shelves of  Wal-Mart. She is such a giant in literature.  She is so kind to throw herself under the bus again. We are all suppose to grasp in horror as she does her stick. Chris Matthews a fake talk show host and Republican mole.  He has really dropped his pants and show us all what a Little Oscar Meyer he has.  Ann really is over estimating her importance.  Because the big boys in Washington don’t really need a decoy. They are doing just what they want. They really need to put Ann out to pasture with all the other obsolete treats and games that we have all grown so tired of.  Ann it’s time to take your toys and your big mouth and go home. She is just a worn out ole Barbee Doll with the beauty of Harriet Meyers.


June 26, 2007

stamp-ctc-hostages-come-home.jpgI really think it’s time America, don’t you. It’s been way too long.  We need our America back. It’s time we come home. It’s not that we can’t we come home, it’s will we.  It’s time to close our ears to all the noise that divides us. Yes, it’s time to feel good again about America.  It time we start dreaming America’s dreams. We have paid the price.  We have gone the extra mile.  We have prayed to our God. Now it’s time we come home.  We know we have been treated dishonestly by those that should have taken care of us.  We trusted so many people like you would a father or a mother. They betrayed us for no reason. They took from us our innocense and hope. They have taken our young men and women to fight and die.  Their betrayal seem to be unending.  I think we know we have to change what we have been given.  Maybe it’s time that we dry our tears.  Chase away our fears.   Say a prayer for all those who died on 9/11 and say farewell. We do not honor them with our fears.  It’s time to come home America. We need to look ahead we have been looking back long enough.  We are the home of the brave and we need to look at our future and take what comes. That’s the way we Americans have always lived. As we made our way across the nation we were never promised anything and we expected nothing.  The 9/11’s of our past never stopped us even for a minute. It’s time we come home America.  The fear mongers can’t be heard over the calm breathing of a America renewed. The politicans have tried to destroy America but they will just make us stronger.  We have been playing a fools game with the our political Parties. They have played us like suckers.  Religions have become political parties and left their place to save souls. They have invaded our government like termites on a piece of wood. Trying to distroy the very foundations of what America stands for. They want their laws to govern us not our laws. It’s time to send them back to the churchs and temples and synagogue or whatever.  We need to get back to the laws of America. It’s time that we take America back. It’s time to come home. We have met the enemy as he is us. Those who lie are not our friends. Those who treat us like we are the enemy are not Americans. Don’t you just get tired of the all lying bunch of politicans who don’t deserve to lead this great nation.  Why do they insult our very being by their lies.  Why do we listen. I think is time go come home. America has been held hostage long enough.

A few lines from a song I used to sing in church as a child.

When I were but a boy in days of childhood
I used to play till evening shadows come
Winding down an ole familiar pathway
I could hear my Mother call at th set of sun

Come home, come home, it’s supper time
Th shadows are lengthing fair
Come home, come home, it’s supper time
We’re going home, at last

Mitt Romney got excused for the Viet Nam war. Like one might be excused from P.E. or maybe a trip to the zoo in grade school.  He had the Mormon church step in to save is little wimpy ass from serving his country.  Now he is supposed to lead men and women into battle?  I don’t care if Mr. Romney is Mormon, Baptists, or some other religion.  What I am see everday with him is he is not a man of principal or doesn’t have a solid unyeilding belief in anything not even the Mormon Church. He is a man dancing with his own shadow. I worry about a person who is trying to please all the people all the time. That person usually ends up not pleasing anyone. I live in Mormon country it is a trait that a lot of Mormons have. I call it aggressive kindness. It becomes irratating after a while. Somewhat fake and tiring. Then we have the fake holyrollers. I was a holyroller growing up. I know a real one when I see one. Brownback and Huckabee two genuine fakers.  Huckabee rushed to the funeral of the 9 firefighters who died. Like some kind of Paris Hilton sick joke. Trying to get a little attention.  Family values and pro family guys that send mother and fathers to fight oil wars. How many funerals of fallen soldiers has he attended.  Mr. Brownback, a boring little man who gets little or no attention from anyone.  A man of power wantabee.  Please he wouldn’t know what to do with power if he had any.  Rudy Guiliani hanging around child molesters and crooks and liars. I think he would make a good President he has all the traits of George Bush.  A fake hero, who was more of a victim like the rest of us than a hero. Rushed off to the funeral too, trying to grab a little limelight from the dead. He has been doing that since 9/11.  He should be use to that by now like all the warring Repbulicans. What is another blood fest to them. Just another pot luck dinner?  All those weaked knees politicans that are going pass the immigration bill just before the Fourth of July vacation. So they would have to listen to noise from all those irrelevent voters.  Maybe get a little rest from trying to catch the wind.  A great nation deserves a great leaders. We can rid ourselves of  evil politicans that are unelectable  rejects. Must appear to be wimpy little cowards afraid of war and the evil George Bush.  We have to choose the best.  That makes a very short list. Sometimes greatest is not in the eye of the beholder.

 George is moving around the furniture and personal and now he is renaming the enemy. He making the war over so it will seem new and fresh. For all you that are not gifted in war games.  Georgie really already knows how stupid we are all.  Why does he try to hide what he’s doing. It’s just a waste of time. All insurgents are now going to be called Al Quaeda. Why does he think it necessary to rename the insurgents anything.  It’s like he has his own little world army set. Yes, there are hundreds of thousands of pieces.  We can all play as long as he gets to call the shots. Move the pieces and name the enemy.  Mr. Control Freak loves to play war. All cowards love to play war.  The problem is the men in Washington love to play a fools game.  What’s he calling us. What’s our new name. Dumbasses, idiots, pathetic little sheep, or does he find us so boring that he doesn’t give us a thought. What’s the new name for dead American soldiers.  Dead meat, suckers for oil, blood offerings, little toys in Georgie’s game of war, what do you call them George Bush?  I can’t believe that he knows he can do just about anthing he wants.  If the America people cared enough, he would be out of there. Back to Texas, playing rancher, like he is now playing war lord of the World. What do you call a soldier without arm and leg? The price of oil? Just a little price for us all. It’s not so bad with these new prosthetics. They are so advanced. A nation of greed, does love it’s oil. After all American men and women are renewable resources and oil isn’t.  George is a loser.  He loves playing with losers. The Republican Party needs a  new name.  George’s bitches.  I’m  thinking we need to bury that Party with the young men and women that they have help killed. Georgie hangs on to the war and to Albert Gonzales like they are lifelines in a sea of misbegotten deeds.  We must know that America is not the land of liberty and justice anymore. If George is teaching us anything that we are not in control of our government.  We are just part of George’s little games. We are moved around and our names are changed to suit his little boy fantasies. The blood keeps flowing, don’t worry, America, they are just small sacrifices for someone else to pay. George’s new America, what will he rename us.  ‘Arbiet mach Frei’.