Isn’t it amazing that Karl Rove is hiding like a little girl. A little girl that we always knew he was. A slimy creep like his Master in Chief. I guess this is only the beginning of the hunt for justice in America. Like the hunt for Nazis after WWII, we will be looking for Bushites all over the world. For crimes against humanity, war crimes, embezzlement, crap you name it. We will have Bushite hunters all over the world like Simon Wiesenthal. Hunting the cockroaches down from Argentina to the Bering Strait. Crooks and liars from the Bush Administration will be hunted down like the mad dogs they are. This is just the beginning. Gangster politics turns good to bad and bad to Karl Rove. We need to get the hunting dogs out. It’s time for America to go after the evil Bush Empire. Good will hunting! All those brave men and women dying Iraq and Afghanistan and Karl is just the run of the mill cowards. I know his panties were to tight.


It looks like the McCain team or at least one of them, Charlie Black,  is again praying for a miracle. The new stratic is hoping for another terrorist attack. Fools, playing a fool’s game. The problem is another terrorist attack would mean a second major attack on American soil when a Republican was President. I think John McCain must live in a Gangster Paradise. A world of bad politics and bad men behind them. A lawless bunch of really stupid men who would wish you or me or our family could be somehow blown up so they might just have a chance to be the top gangster in a Paradise of bad deeds and bad decisions and bad government.  The Saudis are not longer interested in being the Republican’s waterboy. Even they understand the Republicans time in power has past.  Maybe Mr. Black, McCain’s leading stratigist, is putting out the word,  “America need another hit like 9/11”.  Like he is some kind of wiseguy in the world of wiseguy politics. The insanity of it. If I said “Someone needs to kill a really bad politican” the Press would just all over me and/or the FBI.  I can say America needs to have 7.500 of his citizens killed. Somehow that is alright. (I included all the men and women Toxic George sent to their death, 7.500 and counting). When a candidate or someone from his team speaks the unspeakable, violence against his own. It is unforgiveable. The sad part is no one is outraged.  We now live in a world of gangster Politics.  The wiseguys of the Republican Party have the cement shoes and brass knuckles and they aren’t afraid to use them. Maybe John McCain is hoping for another terrorist attack and somehow it’s almost American to agree with him, but I don’t and never will. I guess I to smart to be a wiseguy in a world of Gangster Paradise! To quote Rosie O’Donell. “Who is the real terrorist, here?”