It’s show time again folks. It’s time to convince all us Americans that we need to be in Iraq. We just have to come up with a reason to be there.  Winning is so important but what the hell are we winning. We have already lost more than we could ever win. I’m not going to spit in the wind again and try to sell everyone on what we have lost.  Mr. Petraeus will be there with his dog and pony show.  He will act like he is telling the truth and we will act like we believe him, at least some of us.  Why are we having this masquerade party again it doesn’t matter. George Bush is in control and ain’t nothing going change. That’s the fact Jack. The Press will again give the War Machine a somewhat lukewarm response and act like they care, but they don’t. We are all to worried if Hillary has again be caught in Hillary speak or if babies can really sing the praises of our new savior-in-President Barrack. I guess the Press is getting ready to give Barack all the free passes he needs like they have for George Bush for the last eight years.  As we all know all those free passes has been very expensive.  I am so glad to see George Bush without that smug look on his face. I guess the court jester never gets the last laugh. Yes, it’s time to throw up some new paint and maybe control the Press just a little more so no truths will really come out of Iraq. We will all be kept in the darkness at least until the War Crime Trials begin. When maybe some real truths will come forth. Toxic George’s New World Order for the Middle East maybe then can come to the head. Patraeus can talk to the cows come home but won’t be able to excuse us for invading another country. I think all those “fucking War bitches” should all go over to Iraq and campaign from Baghdad.  Maybe Barbara and Laura can take the kids over for a fun filled week. After all, it’s almost back to normal in Baghdad. I think John McCain has said that several times already.  I don’t know what that means. Bottom line has always been, we need to get the hell out of there. I have yet to hear why we are there except conservatives really do love war. There was no War talk on the talking head maggot radio they are all talking about Hillary and health care.  The medical community is scared shitless that Hillary might destroy their little play house.

All language used in this post was approved by the conservative and liberal talking heads of Anti-Hillary talk radio. Time Magazine all once great Publications and news papers. I personally don’t approve but all things in America seems to be in the gutter.

egs.jpgAll you folks who were in love with the idea of a wonderful Conservative world, well, you can now see with your own eyes what being a Conservative is all about.  George Bush has climbed the bean stalk and brought us the real age of Conservatism. The problem with true Conservatism is you really can’t tell the difference in it and any run of the mill Fascist Government. I know that you guys’ numbers have dwindled over the last seven years. Like any type of Government be it Liberal or Conservative in their pure forms don’t work. When Karl Marx inked his manifesto of Communism it was pure magic. We all know how that mess ended. It took a conservative President to bring down the USSR, Ronald Reagan and a Republican President to bring down America, George Bush.  But I think we all now see what Conservatism doesn’t work. We are now spending more money abroad on wars and social programs aboard than we are spending in our social programs here is our country.  Maybe that’s what the Iraqi war is all about.  Spending money on war so George Bush can say he doesn’t have the money for any social programs.  So Americans are being deprived of money that they paid in taxes because George Bush doesn’t believe in helping his own. Oh, sorry he doesn’t have a ‘his own’.  America has been flim-flammed by George Bush and the neocons about social programs. In a world of conservatism it is every man for himself. Big business, corporations and mega conglomerates are more important. Self policing companies who will not police themselves who poison us and our children with  no one to check on them. George has squeezed regulator’s personal and budgets to nothing. Look at all the recalls that have occurred since idiot boy became President and he wants to limit liability of products.  They blame it on those shyster lawyers who are money hungry. With conservatives, it’s all just one big lie after another. So if you love what George Bush and the Republicans have done to America. Elect so more boys and they will fix it all up.  They have just about ruined everything they have touched and they ain’t through yet. The stock market will be going down the tubes before long. The ole tip of the  iceberg. You see what a wonderful world it’s going to be. It could be a conspiracy to commit treason but hey who the hell cares. It’s just a government written on a piece of paper. Love me some good honest Republicans