Conversatives or what!

July 2, 2013


In the world of Bible thumpers and gun toting dudes. All the magic seems to have gone away. I mean what the heck. The “Supreme Court” when they go my way I love them so much, but when they think like those other guys, they are devils and all that bad names we have been saving for those other bad folks. Are what they are.  I can’t believe the world has changed so much and yet not change at all. But that’s what our government wants. If  we think like cavemen, they can do what they want. One surprising think I’ve learn the last week was that it’s all about money. It’s about benefits and sharing benefits. It’s about treating people the same, that’s the problem. A little male on male hanky-panky that’s nothing. Its the money stupid. Corporate America has pretty well excepted benefits for same-sex partners . Its those Americans who want as much as they can get but afraid someone get more than them. The truth is nothing is what it seems. After the boys get finishing putting the spin on it apples are oranges and Plums are whatever they can make them. We have a congress so bad that nothing happening. It time for congress to close down and go home. Somehow its Obama’s doings. Rush Limbaugh need come to the rescue or has that time passed. Is he an “Old Timer” and out of date or is it the congress. The Jesus boys have been sold out or has the bullshit stopped. Congress is to busy doing what white people have always done, trying to keep a black person from succeeding. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Lets see who noses are left in the end. Will the Koch brother be able to put the Grand Ole Party back together again.


Rightwing's savior

Rightwing's savior

A religious guy who has been indoctrinated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michael (Wiener) Savage in the art of hating his fellow man decided to go into a church and start shooting. It’s just the new face of Right wing religion. “If you don’t do as I say I will kill you.” I’m sure there is a Scripture of some kind that justify what he has done. There always is then someone does evil. The Bible again has become a vechicle of destruction that it always was. It is the vessel that will ensure that man will indeed destroy himself.  When the skies light upwith the deafening sound of and fury of our final moments  There will be someone there uttering words of scripture.  As our skin melts from our bones, some wild eyes asshole with hand holding a Bible high as it is burned from his hands and vaporized into nothing. That’s the twinkle of the eye thing we have all been waiting for.  We are living things and then with the fires of hell we are gone.  Our badness will follows to our graves. One thing about the Bible that appears to be true. We are all inherently evil. So often we chose the bad over the good. As we fine out everyday, our choices seem to be more deadly and more final.  The Bible has been a book with a beginning, a middle and of course the end, the story of man. It has all of the DNA markers for our destruction.

Imus, in the springtime of this life.

Poor old tired Imus. Looks like a  wild and wooly cowboy. That George Bush persona is starting to grate on every body’s nerves.  First of all, Imus has been around long enough to know how to up his ratings. “Talking colored” is a good way to do that. I believe Imus is from the old school days of yore when blacks were called colored. Imus, Rush, Silly Savage from SF, and all the other talking heads of maggot radio know what they are doing. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be around for long. Imus, we hardly know you, is a bottom feeder botton pusher as are all the rest. They know they won’t last long talking like a nun or some sedated school teacher. They have to be out there banging on the trash cans of our life or maybe dipping into the cesspool of slime and dirt. Imus knew exactly what he was saying. He wants to the think all the Press that reacted properly. Ah, the smell of victory. Do I think he is a racist, don’t care. I refuse to get excited about the talking heads anymore.  I have’nt listened to Rush in over two months. Don’t miss him. I’m kind of like Barbara Bush. I have a beautiful mind why waste it on the scum of the earth.  Turning off the radio is such sweet silence. I guess silence is sometimes truly golden. I tell you how detemined not to listen to all that tomfoolery, I been listening to Coolio, Kristine W. Estelle, and Ultra Nate. Now that some real noise. As far as Imus, screw him, who gives a flying f… . This kind of old school bullshit has us where we are today and it ain’t prudy.

Two talking heads, one from fascist radio, Rush Limbaugh, and the from MSNBC, Keith Obermann, are losing it. The problem is no one seems to be listening to them.  Keith wants someone to beat the crap out of Hillary (Nice talk from a talking head jerk).  Rush is of course, is wanting riots in Denver cause Hillary won’t drop out.  Rush is getting senile and his old school talk shows gather little interest from anyone except the Nazi boys and girls who hang on his words like he is Hilter himself.  His stuff is so tired and worn that he has become a joke. He really has become a sad clown of an entertainer. I don’t even waste my time even answering is stupid assertions.  He has said it all a thousand times in a thousand different ways. It all comes out the same he is a fascist and he always will be. Holding up the Right as best he can. It’s getting harder and harder to do that so he has to up the ante or no one will listen.  Keith is new at it. He still thinks what he says is somehow sent from God above and through him.  He only redeeming asset has been that he hates George Bush.  That’s is just about it.  His ego has got the best of him.  “Like I’m so important, Dude.”  Get over yourself, Keith. You haven’t changed anything. You job is to report and inform not influence and control the news.  So get over yourself.  I think what bothers both of these guys is no one cares what they think. They thought they could somehow sway Americans to vote or choose the way they wanted them to.  Like that San Francisco treat Chris Matthews his ego is so frigging big. He thinks is so important in the scheme of things. Wrong oh Metrosexual guy.  Your just another ‘dime a dozen” talking head. Not a very good one at that. All these bad boys of radio and TV thought they would have Hillary gone by now. They thought wrong.  Fat boy Rush who a long time ago left the conservative movement to defend George Bush is just a has been just like Toxic George.  I used to love to watch Keith but now I am bored by his ego. I know it will explode all over the TV screen one day. Nice to see that sometimes we use our common sense. Nice to know we don’t need someone to make up our minds for us.

Looks like a bunch of guys who ain’t getting any. They look like nerds. The Republican Party the home of the new extremist. Be afraid be very afraid. What the hell do you think Rush Limbaugh has been double speaking about all this time.  A frigging tea party.

hilary_clinton.jpgUdated April 22, 2008

Chris Matthews is such a frigging joke. He is one of the real conservatives. The real enemy of Hillary has been the fake democrats. All those Republican who have registered as Democrats so they could defeat Hillary.  Hillary basically is fighting on all fronts. From people who say they are Democrats but they aren’t they are the ones who tell us to hate Hillary and love Barack Obama.  They tell us everyday that Hillary is ugly and old and hateful and all those things you hear about women everywhere.  She has been called a bitch, a whore, a liar and still she stands tall.  She has been shown no respect from the Press. She still stands strong. Obama has given her the finger.  A man who is running for President gave her the fucking finger. Can you believe that. Yet she is still strong. So who do you want for President Barack Obama, a immature man/boy who won’t be able to handle America’s problems. The kind of hate that has been seen towards Hillary is not of the Democratic Party it’s from the Republican who love to hate. It’s the hate we have seen over the last seven years. It is of the conservative brand. It the hate we need to leave behind. It is not of America it is of the Republicans.  The talking heads of Cable News are trying to make this election a no win for Hillary. What the fuck does she have to do?