It’s all about the groceries. I was thinking the other day. Why would the federal government allow such a breach of our borders. Maybe they believed the dam had already broke. But this has being going on for very time. In the beginning it was about farmer workers who took the place of the poor and uneducated who were abused by the American farmer. That happen when the new American social warfare system pulled all the “seasonal workers” from a life of virtual slavery. Now that may be important but not for my point. There was a federal program that gave Mexicans green cards. But the demands for low paying workers weren’t met. That’s when the hemorrhage began. It was really the first defacto out sourcing of American jobs. There were no Americans willing to work for extremely low wages or least not enough. Centuries of  free movement between both countries  with some semblance of a guarded border. But there was no real threat from Mexico. Was it all just innocent friendly open border gone bad? Now years later there seem to be a problem. As the southern states began to be more populated by snow birds from the north there were no white faces to greet them. All the Mexicans who were welcome like the blacks from Africa were not so welcome. So after all the outrage by Americans would the Republicans and the Democrats not just play out their scenario and close the borders of the United States until order could be restored. Why just a half ass try. Why are states suing the government for not enforcing emigration.

Well just for one reason. You mess with Mexican emigration and you mess with the American food supply. You mess with the American food supply your are in trouble politically if you are trying to maintain power. The French found out centuries ago. They had rioting in the streets until they lowered the price of bread. The American government also learned years ago don’t mess with the food supply. So rather than taking on emigration the political parties have chosen not to risk it.

That’s why there has been so little enforcement by the FDA especially under the Bush administration. It wasn’t “don’t mess with Texas” it was “don’t screw with the food supply”. You can start as many wars as you want but don’t mess with the food supply. So over the years the food industry as pretty well had a free run. They can do anything they want was long as the selves are full and the people are fat. That’s why fuel cost was so important. The cost of everything was going to have to go up a few years back. A lot of manufactures were doing all they could to hold the prices down but if the high fuel prices had gone on much longer. There would have been hell to play.

So we eat Peaches that aren’t edible. Our fruits and vegetables full of insecticide not because the farmers want them to be. Price is everything. Our prepared food are full of salt and fat and marketed to us as “good and healthy”. We are lied to about fat free cookies and cakes. High fructose corn syrup is bad for us. Now the corn industry want to change the name so we won’t know what we are getting. Our dairy products full of hormones and antibiotics. On and on. You think the government really want this for us. Maybe some. But the truth they don’t want to mess with the food supply. So the farmers and food manufactures have control of the food show. They are subsidized and given low interest loans even the corporate farms.

Half our population will be obese before long. If half our population were thin and gaunt and haggard looking there would be outrage. That is  in fact what we have in America.

We have men, women and children who are fifty or sixty percent fat. Yet they are still hungry. If you stripped away all that excess fat down to the muscle and bone you would have bodies that look like victims of the plague. Auswitch Concentration camp. Strip most the fat away and you have nothing but a body with muscles atrophied from lack use and bones weak under the weight of pounds of fat.  Our government has learned it’s lesson too well. It’s a world of fake food and high fructose corn syrup dreams.


Karl Rove the cow patty blossom of the George Bush reign of  stupidity.  Gets more absurd than usual by saying that: “45% of NPR’s listeners were Saddam Hussein. ”   Once called Bush’s brain. It may be the other way around. He is sounding more like the Bushmeister everyday. Cow Patty Blossum

He is a weiner.  I mean a real winner.

Ron Paul and the Situation!

October 27, 2010

This is a Stuation, Mr Paul

Tea Party members act more and more like Klansmen by stepping on a fellow humans head like she was some kind of wild animal.  The white thugs of the Tea Party have been acting like Nazi Brown Shirts  ever since the election of President Barrack Obama.  I type that all out on purpose.  Ron Paul with toupee glue down, “That  was a situation.”   We are not talking Jersey Shore here. We are talking about grown men acting like thugs. It’s not different from the Republican Party.  It’s members have become thugs, wise guys in a world of gangster politics.  The Tea Party guys are paid thugs.  They have been created by the Republicans to do their dirty work. So what the hell, we Americans love a little violence served with our politics. There is some really bad times ahead for us.  The Supreme Court just opened the vaults for anyone conservative who will follow the lead of all things anti-American.  I think they may have just bought a pig in a poke.  Big business has become so anti-consumer that in the end their wonder dreams of  having all the money in the world (straight from the greed factory) may be short-lived. No telling what the Republicans “Blackwater” thugs have in store for anyone who disagrees with them.  Will they be hauling us all off  to  concentration camps. Will the ovens that once dotted Europe open in the American plains.  Will the Elliot Ness’ of thug politics rain down a reign of terror.  The conservatives have always used voilence when necessary.  Republican politcans are saying if the Repulbicans don’t get back the House there will be a revolution.  We will see.  Pon Paul,  it may be a situation for you like Rodney King was a situation for the LA police. If Ameicans condon this kind of behavior then what happens when it’s them with a heel against their neck.  Oh, it’s just a Situation


Too bad we didn’t have the internet back in the early 20th century when the KKK was running around in the fashionable before labor day whites.  I can see black men and women coming before the camera.  Saying stuff like, ” I know your brothers are getting hanged.  I know it hurts  when those white guys  beat you because your black.  Hey but listen, it gets better.  Listen in 2008 there will be a black president.  Cool.  So just bury your black brothers and just remember  It gets better.  You only have put up with it until whitey tires of screwing with you.”  So all you gays have to do is out run the guys with baseball bats and the guys who will kill for fun. Cause it gets better.  Outlast the politician who use your gayness to get elected.  Who call you ever thing except human.  But hey, it gets better.  The real truth is we have lost our kids be it rich or poor.  As adults we have shown them nothing matters but what they want.  It’s them against us.  “They aren’t one of us.”  So all you gays out there who feel like its hopeless  hang in there, man up.  Guess what?  It really does get better. You are a gift from God like all creatures on this planet so act like it  You are special because God made you different.  He would never put anything on you can’t handle.

Fox News has just controlled another drama.  Juan Williams being fire from NPR.  Fox was paying Williams to say what he said. We have already heard this same statement from Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck about being uncomfortable be on a plane when there is a man dress in Arab garb. It has been the mantra of Fox News for a while.  Fox was already negotiating with Mr. Williams to go to Fox News.  The truth is Fox New would love to see National Public Radio and TV fall.  Afterall, it’s been a thorn in the side of Republicans for a long time. That damn truth it bugs the hell out of them. If anyone has any illusion about Fox News then they better wake the hell up.  Fox News has been doing their call to arms  for a while.  They won’t stop until the President of the United is lying the Rotunda.  Fox News is the enemy of the state.   It is the same tactics the anti-aborsionist have been using for years.  It worked on President Kennedy.  You don’t have to pay someone to do the deed you just insight people day after day until the brain is about to explode with lies and half-truths and misleading stories.  Then a star is born.  The bravest and the finest of America’s weirdos and crackpots start coming out of the woodwork.  A perfect storm planned by a foreign press corp.  A man like Rupert Murdoch knows how to manipulate the masses.  He hasn’t become a billionaire by not knowing how to yank our chains.  How many Blackwater organization with swastikas on their sleeves watch Glenn Beck  and all the fascist  personalities acting out their acts of fake cries of Tyranny .  Fox News has been the leader in all the anti-government movements about our President and our country.  From George Bush unable to do anything wrong to Barrack Obama can’t do anything right.   Fox has actually be the instigator in promoting the brither, the dead panels and anything to destroy our country.  Fox News is a clear and present danger to all of us.  Fox News hates NPR because it has principles that Fox News has no respect for.  Like the principles of America that Rupert Murdock also has no respect  for.  Juan William is Uncle Tom to Fox News.  He is Fox News’ black boy.   All them white ain’t going like Fox News hiring a black dude.  What the hell. He can be fired as easily as he got hired.  Fox has  worked with the rich from all over the world to destroy America.  A muslim is part ower of  News Corp.  Fox News is planning another 911 for America.  I hope we as Americans can stop him.  His plans for America are fool-proof.  Tried and tested to guarantee success.  Let Murdoch send out his surrogates just like a good musllim might do. Why else would he be so un-American.

Politicans dreams for AmericaI have the feeling am holding in some of the air that I breath.  Like waiting for something to happen that will cause me to empty my chest of all the impurities that we have all had to endure.  With George Bush and crisis mode. Day after day his bumbling.  If he had enough sense to double talk he would have.  Things that us peasants don’t understand. The emptying of Guantanamo a promise denied by the President. It was his promise and taking blame has little to do with anything. My lungs are still full.  DADT a promise yet unfulfilled.  Promises that weren’t made under duress.  A congress that knows that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Knowing that the Republicans  processed to say ‘ no’ to everything except money for the Banks and Wall Street.  They attempted a total free fall to make our government fail.  Their incompetence is the only thing that saved us.  The Republicans  saying they were against healthcare while secretly working with the democrats  to write a bill that would help insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.  Everyday we were assaulted by the Tea Party bunch like they were Blackwater paid assassins.  Telling how they love and care more for America than anyone of us could ever think about.  They carried on their assaults to town meetings and verbally assaulted all who attended.  Yes, the Tea Party members are the bravest Americans that money can buy ask Ross Perot.   My body still breathing from the upper part of my lungs.  As I sat thinking when is someone going to arrest Glen Beck for treason and threaten the President.  If it wasn’t for the left, Mr. Beck would be gone already.  He really is the darling of the left. They love him because they have nothing to give.  When are we going to throw Rupert Murdoch out of the country and send him back to hell where he belongs.  When are we going to give the 80’s rock classic Rush Limbaugh his walking papers.  We have all heard his top ten tunes over and over.  When as Americans will we no longer treat our government and our future like it is something of game.  The red against the blue.  When will we grow up and be adults. When will be more concerned about the future of our children instead of the future of some lying politician.  I fear that we in a hopeless circle of failure that will lead to a new world order that benefits the rich and powerful. It always does.  Just down the road are  towns of cardboard and garbage as far as the eye can see. It won’t just be people of color. Whites will be dually represented. If any white person believes any different he must realize that Europe for centuries  had its white slaves that worked for nothing and lived at the mercy of the rich.  They were called peasants.  It won’t be just them coloreds.   I fear my waiting to exhale may take a long time maybe until the day I take my last breath.  I am amazed at the masses that so willingly give away all that they have achieved. I have a feeling we are  all waiting to  exhale.  Maybe it won’t be so bad our home will be made in China.