Thanks a giving

November 28, 2009


There is a breed of conservative coming at us with full force.  It’s nothing new it’s like the devil himself and it as old as America.  A breed of conservatives that prospers in the worse of times and withdraw when their power is restored.   These conservatives are  like a cancer they feeds on greed and destroys reason and truth.  Little old school teachers become satan like in their zeal to deceive and defeat.  Elected officials lie with the ease of any corrupted politician. They are artists with scriptures.  Quoting them with the authority that God has not given them.  They condemn to death the weak and sick with a flippant quotes of absurdity. They send the jesters out to dance for their dinner as they dance for Corporations.  We have become a nation not of shoppers but of gluttons.   We have our homes full of junk and we fill our bodies with food that isn’t food.  We have all become addicted to everything and at the same time nothing.  We have become mindless in our search for something that satisfies our being.  I mention this because we America’s seek truth in lies.  We listen to people who lie to us and we love it.  We love being lied to because like the food we “fressen”  it is filled with fat and salt and emptiness that makes us feel full and whole even only for a minute.   We love our leaders to preach violence like they are writing a dime novel.  The problem with violence it’s never a lonely hunter.  All those countries in the middle east who are silent against violence will soon be engulfed in it.  It was Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan soon to be Iran and Israel and Palestine and who will be next. Those whom we elect that  advocate violence never know where it will lead or when it will stop . Conservatives who preach violence against Americans who don’t believe like they do are like all evil goosesteppers, they conscience is non-existant. They speak of revolution in their $2000 suits and expensive Italian shoes. “Wanting America back!” as they are treated like Kings.  Winning in America has been a mindless endeavor that we cherish.  In the end when the dust clears will all the lies and misinformation be worth it.   Or just another game of gluttony that we all love so well. In the end, good will win out, maybe not at first but in the end parts of it will shine through the trees and those who have sold their souls for a few devalued dollars will lose as they always do. Remember all those leaders around the world who lead badly got in the end what they deserved.

Virginia Foxx–The face of Madusa 

Does she really have razor blades in her Doc Martins?