old time Religion

February 25, 2010


Missy Elliott taking the dirty roadNancy Elliott of  New Hampshire has graced us with her take on gay, man on man, sex.  My rule about other people’s sex is never imagine it or ever think about it. Take Missy Elliott, she looks somewhat unkept. I think that’s the word.  Her hair is all askew and a little over bleached.  She is somewhat fat so she probably has a strong aroma is various places.  So I’m thinking maybe she might not be getting too much sex as it is.  I guess I should stop now before my gag reflexes start.  I’m trying to walk this minefield that she walked head on into. I would like to remind Missy Elliott that before the introduction of feminine hygiene products, women were separated from the men in church and other public places because of will how do I say this, odor from  down under.   Women were placed in the back of the building. Now I’m not saying that Missy Elliott smells like a toilet but I have had the unfortunate luuck to have lived in several places overseas where hygiene was the best. Believe me, Houston we have a problem.  I guess what I’m saying is we are human being (animals).  Three days without hygiene well all smell like ‘shit’. People like Missy Elliott, only speak about these things to shock others.  Or maybe she has lived a life of missionary sex.  Maybe she doesn’t have her period.  But talking about people having sex is way too much uncouth and so Rush Limbaugh circa 1980.  If Missy Elliot would stay off the internet, maybe she wouldn’t have such sinful thoughts of two men having sweaty man on man hot sex.  But first she  should never ever think about someone else having sex.  I mean the sex act it’s self.  Where men stick it or where women put it or where men put this thing in there should always stay in the dark.  Besides lesbians don’t to the dirty deed so I think maybe they  should allow to be married.  I’ve always believe those who speak the loudest have the most to hide.

All the stars really look Fab!

What is wrong with you black boy?  My God all the Uncle Toming, you’ve been doing, is driving me crazy.  When is your black ass going to wake up and realize that these white boys ain’t interested in talking to no Nigger.  When are you going to learn the Republicans exist today because of racism.  It’s call the South strategy,  our President who was no crook (Richard Nixon) is the one that put it into play.  Until you’ve grown some George Bush balls you aren’t going to get anything done. It’s time Mr. President to lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.  If you want to be Mr. Niceguy become a preacher! How many Presidents are known for being really nice, I can think of only one, Jimmy Carter. I rest my case.

Sarah and Retarded Child

It’s now the ole “Im O.K. you’re O.K. world of politics.  Mrs.Palin more out of fear than love has given Rush Limbaugh the right to call her child retarded.  Knowing the dangers of  “Pissing Off” the King of the Republican Party she has pushed aside the love of a mother for her child to a tasteless piece of human garage.  I really hate even typing his name.  I guess it’s funny in a kind of a Chelsea Handler kind of way.   What if  he wants to call the child ugly or stupid or fat.  Will she smile like an idiot. What then.  Nothing.  I think Mrs. Palin has the spine of  jello or something like that.  What about her husband why doesn’t he say something.  Is he a man or just a game player?  Maybe that bridge to nowhere is standing before them again. I think there are going to be plenty of them before it’s all over.  I guess she thinks it better for Rush to wallow in his own dung, maybe another nail in his coffin.  In the world of Rush Limbaugh, a child like Trig is nothing but a retard.  You wonder why people carrying a child with down syndrone might think about abortion.  A word that in the world of Rush Limbaugh is “verboten” even for a retardo. We now live in a world where a person can say or do anything that comes into his or her head.  I’m sorry that Mrs. Palin has such little respect for own flesh and  blood.  Hope her child will never understand what she has done. That she treated  her child like a political object, that would be sad.  After her Tea Party speech it was followed by chants of  “Run Sarah Run! I think that is good advice.  Run Mrs. Palin run!

America, the Biggest Loser!

February 5, 2010

Are we not yet ready for our close-up Mister DeMille.  We’ve had all the actors and not so good actors. We have had Sarah Palin behind the curtain like the character in “Singin in the Rain”.  Who is doing the talking for Mrs. Palin, it’s not her for God sake.  We have turned into a nation of  fake realities and we are loving it.  The myth builder and the myth busters.  The only problem is we are a willing victim to really bad Government and that ain’t no lie.  It’s time to close down the “great white way” that now appears to have moved to Washington.  Will we all have to be living in shacks before we wake the hell up.  I’m not sure that we can, wake up, that is. Maybe we are the ones that sees it all come down like a ton of bricks.  I”m not talking about Democrats or Republicans, I’m talking about both parties.  They are the ones that run this nation.  Black or white Presidents will come and go but the life-blood that runs this nation is all those people we have elected.  They are the real crooks and liars that we have entrusted our very existence.  They all seem to have been chosen by God not by us. The problem with being chosen by God is which God, my God, your God or the God of the guy who just got millions from the insurance companies.   Do you think that the Democrats care about Barrack Obama?  You are a fool if you do.  They know that it really doesn’t have anything to do with anything.  He’s a Johnny-come-lately.  Soon in a matter of years he will be gone.   They aren’t interest in hanging with a ‘shooting star’.   We are entertained by Glenn Beck and all the boys who make millions performing for us.  Wait until our laughter  turns anger.  We have all become victim our own “seven deadly sins”.  Your politicians are  like pathetic characters in a bad Carol Burnett skit.  We really can’t afford the luxury of them any more.  DADT is being decided by a majority of men who hasn’t even served their country except for money.  I think we might be feeling like George Bush was feeling at the end of the reign.  I thought at one time that he was the leader of this mess but unfortunately he just had the bull by the horns.  He was one of those “Presidents” that are here today and gone tomorrow. Nothing would have been different if  Al Gore had won.   We see everyday  the men  in Washington who have been around for decades and some can’t even make a complele sentence. I almost quit blogging not be I don’t like it.  I just had it up to the top of my head in government double talking bull shit. I guess in retrospect we owe George Bush an apology. He may not have been the Asshole we thought that he was.  The Assholes are still in control of us all. God bless us all!