Vice President is one of those career politicians who has seen the pit falls of all the men who went before him.  The EX-Vp is a person who knows all the answers. I don’t know if that’s because he is an old guy surrounded by people he believes not to be as bright as himself or what.  As I see the Republican Party as it is today, I do understand where he might just have gotten that idea. People on both sides of the isles that appear to be so unqualified for their jobs it in it’s self is frightening.  I can imagine how panic set in when people in the Bush Adminisrtation didn’t feel that gut wrenching fear as he did. As his eyes were glued to the TV as the  two towers fell.  EX-Vp Cheney knew he had failed on one of the most important test he would ever be faced with as a politician.  All the Wyoming and Texas bullshit couldn’t be stacked up enough to cover George Bush’s and his failure to protect American people. A man who now believes he has more insight than you or me or anyone as a matter of fact. We are all a bunch of clowns and jesters in his world of his all knowing. His insight goes deeper than anyone else. He is wiser and more astute yet in the end he was a victim of what he thought of everyone else. He was incompetent and George Bush couldn’t with all the power of the United States of America protect it’s people. Even after being warned the arrogance wouldn’t let them even entertain the idea that 9/11 could ever happen. What EX-Vp Cheney has his secret formula that will keep us all safe locked in his head. Like the Rosetta stone it is almost impossible to decode and unlock or be understood by mere mortals. Obama, according to Cheney, just doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know how each piece fits and if you change anything it all falls down and we are exposed forever to the evils of the world. It’a like when you fly and you have the magical little things that will keep you safe like a rabbit’s foot or you keep your fingers crossed as your plane flies across the Atlantic. You know that will make you safe. But in the end it’s a good pilot or good plane maintenance and all the things you don’t see will keep you safe. Cheney is crossing his fingers or holding on to things that don’t matter because it makes him feel safe. The problem is one doesn’t have anything to do with the other.  Does Cheney have that gut feeling.  That gut full of fear and guilt that guides him to keep of trucking. Maybe he is a man that knows too much!

President Clinton after being elected in 1992 pushed through the worst bill in the world for gays. It was one of those bills that was supposed to help the gays and the gay community. As the years have gone by it has been a sword the anti-gay military has used to empty the military of anyone suspected of being gay.  Billy Clinton (Mr. Blowjob) was wanting the gays off his back so he did what all straight men do. He screwed them.  Letting everyone know that he loves his blowjob by women like Paula Jones and Monica.  The regulation was so in tune with all the straight folks that it was voted into law. So you know damn well, it was a keeper for the people who didn’t want gays in the military.  Again after this election,  17 years later, I said 17 years later. The Democrats and President Obama kissed up to the Gay Community and promised to treat them with respect and all that stuff. But again the election is over and the what, who, and where, gays. What you talking about Willis.  It appears that the final solution for “the gays’ is Billy Clinton’s DADT.  President Obama who got overwhelming support from gays is silent.  Sad thing about DADT it was presented by the most sexually corrupted President we Americans have had for a long while. President Obama who is black, I think he is black.  A man who has missed all those prejudices that other blacks have received.  I know that all those little bitty dreams of gays don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Maybe gays will be forced to wear pink triangles like in the old days of Germany.  We have the final solution already.  Again the gay have learned, don’t expect anything from any politician. When it comes to the gays they are all lying.

The FBI pulled out of interrogations because they said what the CIA was doing was illegal.  So they let the CIA  goes on about their merry business. Mrs. Pelosi who I am not real fond of has a point. If the CIA came into a briefing and said   “We are watering boarding and it’s illegal and unconstitutional and we shouldn’t be doing it. I think Mrs. Pelosi might remember that. That is exactly what happen in 2004, in a memo from the CIA that outraged Vice President Cheney.  Someone might asked Mrs. Pelosi if the CIA had mention that 98 person who died while in the hands of the CIA or their surrogates. Did the CIA happen to mention all the black sites all over the world.  Did they happen to mention that. Mr. Panetta made some vague statements sounding soomewhat like Karl Rove.  About CIA  not being in the habit of lying to Congress.  I’ll give you this link but always beware of what you are watching and reading always use a grain of salt. That’s my suggestion. Always have different sources before making a judgement.

We have just had a nano second in time that will become part of a moment in time.  That tells us what we were.  It is a benchmark in your lives.  One of Donald’s girls doing what exactly.  A time capsule of America.

Health Care.  All the money boys have had their first meeting.  Guess what. The writing is on the wall.  Unless insurance Company and Hospitals and all those who have their fingers in the honey pot get their share it ain’t going to happen.  The most important players are big business that want health care costs off their back.  So basically our future health care is in the hands of people who don’t want to pay anymore and those who want to keep getting money from the health care system that is sliding into chaos. It’s America’s new Iraq. There are dead bodies of people who fell through the health care system everywhere.  People dropped on the side of the road by hospitals to reduce their cost.  The uninsured who have been butchered to save cost.  Amputate instead of fix because it saves money.  Heart patients sent home without proper medication or anyway of get any. There are probably more “death by hospital” than by all the Iraqi casualties. “Do not Resuscitate” has been a savior is help reducing unnecessary cost. They are collateral damage of a horrendous America’s health care system. Again the powers that be will sweep a viable health care out of the reach of Americans. We are slowly turning into a third country. The smart thing to do is ship all patients to another country maybe India or China for health care. Out source American health care. Like everything else until there are no jobs in America to worry about. “I just heard a quote that some people would like to keep the insurance they have. Nice thought. Do really think that any company will be offering insurance if they can dump that cost. Bottom line is we ain’t going to have a good health care system.  Money runs this country. I used to hear stories about Russia and how corrupt it is. I think America might have just passed them up. So all you folks that think the President Obama is going to change any thing in this corrupted land get real.  The only way is to vote everyone of them out of office. Starting with Pelosi and Reid and all those lying bastards that steal from us everyday. Not just our money but our country.  I don’t think the Democrats are any smarter than the Republicans.  I think it’s time to really clean house if we ever expect to get our country back. The sad thing is we thought it was only the conservatives but it’s beginning to look like the whole lot of them are worthless.