Miracles take two week longer

December 30, 2011

I’m back again. I can finally can use both hands on the computer. One thing I learned since May 12, is patience. Looking at the world when half body is free loading off the other, gives you different view-point. Getting all those muscles to moving again is quite a job. The mind is effected a little, hard to talk late in the day. My friend in Texas found out she had ovarian cancer so I’m lucky for just having a stroke. My friend says I was lucky to have such light stroke. He didn’t see the frist two hours of therapy everyday plus one hour in the afternoon then two hours three times a week. Light indeed. Speech has been helped by Rosetta Stone endless hours pronouncing German over and over. I didn’t want to use English, that would be too easy. They need to make edition for stroke survivors [ in english].  I’m proud of making it this far. When your life changes, you fight or be silent. Obama has done the right thing. He has done what all blacks do when fighting a mob of white folks. Rush Limbaugh summed it up, what a lot of white folks believe about  blacks “I hope they fail.” That’s been the prime goal of the Republicans since the election, not governing us people. The white elephant in the room has always been the race card. Not so much the card as race itself. We white folks have been saying  to blacks “we hope you fail” and have been doing everything possible to make it happen. Now the boys and girls of the party. Making small talk among themselves. Making out Obama does’t exist.  Thinking all along ‘that boy shouldn’t be in white house.”  Then you have the other end, all the folks who thought one man could change things all alone. All of us acting we were doing all we could. We thought it was George Bush, of course, he was just bobble toy from the Right.