How many of you guys believe that it’s the Democrats trying to get Hillary? How many believe that it’s not all those Republican slimmer doing their Swift Boating? The problem is the Democrats are doing all they can to help these slime balls do their work. Barack Obama doesn’t want Hillary out.  So who is it who doesn’t want the political system to come to it’s rightful end.  Who is it that thinks Hillary should fold like a house of cards. Get her Barbie Dolls and got home. What is wrong with letting the system work like the system is suppose to.  I don’t care if it’s all the folks who used to kiss Bill and Hillary ass just to be near them or those who believe she is everyones mother in law reincarnate. So she is a bitch so a lot of people think.  What the hell does that have to do with anything. The woman is smart and if you don’t believe that you are as stupid as John McCain.  I believe most of the Hillary hate talk is from the right.  Even people who don’t support her don’t speak ill of her. Maybe she will land on her feet and they again will have to cower to her like they have always done. The ones who really promote Hillary hate talk are the conservatives and the old school maggots heads of talk radio.  She is the one who can almost immedately start to reserse Toxic George Bush plan for America. I hear there is all the phone calls to Hillary asking her to drop out.  You are tell me the American people will call on something like this and not pick up the phone because 4,000 men and women have died in Iraq.  Your telling me people will call about this but are to damn lazy to protest the deaths of 80,000 Iraqis.  Don’t tell me we could have all these people on the street protesting against George Bush but no they are saving it for Hillary. Man give me a frigging break. If that is really the case we frigging deserve anything we get.  So all you folks who believe it’s the Democrats pulling all this crap you are just as stupid as George Bush wants you to be.  This is so magical that it’s Rovian in it’s concept.  There are a lot of big fat elephants dress up like donkeys.  This will truly go down in the history books as one the most outrageously successful campaigns to destroy any one candidate. It’s not they hate Hillary as much as they fear her. All those anti-Bush boys and girls we mistook as Democrats are really conservatives who want nothing more than more of the same like Toxic George has given.  So we all need to get our heads straight on this one.  If these people can only talk about bad Hilary, they are probably Toxic George’s buddy’s.  The great deception will continue.  If we let them just might pull it off.

Way out here in the wild wild west, I heard a rumor that George Bush is fixing to reinstate the military draft. My doctor said there is a letter circurculating that the draft is forcoming. That doctors are in short supply and they would be the first to go.  So your wondering why George Bush as shown no mercy on our troops ‘over there’.  It’s another one of this plans to completely take over the Middle East. He going to come back with the soldiers are overworked and they need relief. He is on their side. He wants to help them by drafting other young men.  The war whore is at it again. The flax cowboy from Kennebunkport is standing is ground with other poeple lives.  So all you hot shot Republicans with kids old enough to be blown apart for America better get ready. The times they are a changing. We are returning those dear old days of yesteryear. Toxic George has go plans for us. Yes, sir, ree, booby. Hey Mister Tamberine Man play a song for me. It time again. George has got to crank it up, if the plans to stay in office

I don’t understand why those who don’t like a candidate don’t just say they hate the guy.  Be it Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, or maybe even John McCain.  We get all these really sophisticated logic filled diatribes that go on endlessly. Word after word, sentence after sentence of total bullshit. I hate the MF because I don’t like black people. I hate MF because she is a women. I hate the MF cause his is old enough to be Father Time. I know  we have learned over the years that we are supposed to have a really good reason to vote for someone. I don’t think so. I like to think that all that civilized chitt-chatt is so much man-ure.  All those hours that all the cable channels have to fill. So much noise that fill our lives with so much unadulterated non-sense.  Lets cut to the chase. The frigging Republicans hate Obama or Hilary or even John McCain. They want someone like George Bush with his Nazi like approach to life in these here United States.  The only problem is they have let their greed and their pathetic rump with Religion expose themselves as to what they really are.   Even though it was really issues of fear and confusion that won us  over.   They were one of us and they came after us like we were the enemy. They tricked us with their lies and their own self-hatred. It could have been a great moment for them and their Party but they had no character. Even their claims of Religious communication with God turned out to be a fraud.  They became just another abomination out of Leviticus. They became jackals trying to distroy us and our government. They have turned us into a third world country. Yet they still have their supporters. That tells you plenty about us and what we have become.  Barack Hussein Obama probably has more character than about 90% of the conservatives who tried to govern us over last miserable 7 years.  But the mad dogs of sold school talk radio with their 1980’s bullshit that still sells like ole time religion.  The old school fire and brimstone boys who are there to instill fear in our hearts like we are some kids. The cable networks with all those hours to fill, all that time like some black hole of the universe. The printed media, slowly dying. Their time and power is slowly disappearing into their own stone age.  We Americans are holding on to something that has left us. We are hanging on to the past like it will save us.  A new America is coming but we have to step out of last centuries. He have to let go of those things that keep from becoming great. If we think God has chosen us. That he gave us America. We really need to start acting like we really deserve that gift. I see no greatness. I just see petty little men who even in God’s eyes are not worthy of the power that he have bestowed on them.  Hilary deserves the respect of  a candidate for the Presidency.  Like Obama could be the first black man to become President, Hilary could be the first women. I don’t know, she doesn’t have the ‘man’ factor. It appears that she is universally is despised men as well as women. Probably more despised because she is a women. You see we hold black men and white women in the same light.  We will hang on to the past until we can afford to any longer.

rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-420060-991.jpgIn an attempt to revive what is left of his tattered legacy. George Bush has decided to let the press have an exclusive on a picture of him working out on the ranch.  His guys believes he will again get all the women to join his fake harum of  women supporters like the surge he had on the Destroyer on the day we won his war. Oh, excuse me we didn’t win the war.  After all that is all those emptied headed women think about. Ask Laura.  Dallas is desperate have a reason to build that ole Bush Library. This could do it. I hope that isn’t a pig in a poke! 

I think that’s is really a Rolling Stones cover call Sticky Fingers. don’t get me to lying

granny_from_miami.jpgAriana Huffington has promised to pay all the expenses of Lena Bernstein a ninety-seven year old lady who lives in Miami and fly her to any where in the USA where  Hilary Clinton is located.  You see Lena is the oldest know American who hasn’t insulted Hilary to her face.  Mrs. Bernstein,  a widow was quoted yesterday as saying, “I feel that my life will be so unsatisfying and totally useless even though I have eight children and twenty three grandchildren, I can only hope to in some way insult Hilary because it is, after all,  a national sport all Americans can participate in.  Again Mrs. Bernstein smile at the camera when asked if she would call her a bitch, spit in her face, or most of America’s favorite, kicking her when she is down.  Because of the fact that the old lady is in a wheelchair, kicking is probably ruled out. In parting, Mr. Bernstein said she loved to travel and the blood sport of politics was oh so much fun.  After all no one hates to miss a chance to call Hilary a bitch and a little moisture couldn’t hurt Hilary’s dried and caked skin. Ariana said she loved traveling with old wrinkled women it makes her look so much younger. At least, that is believed to be what Ariana said, but shit, who knows with that damn Greek accent.

No one was hurt in making this post, it’s all in skewed fun, no one living or dead, esp. Ariana were actually in said post. and there is no Lena Bernstein.


A Senate candidate has legally changed his name to Pro-Life and will appear on the ballot that way this year, state election officials say.

As Marvin Pro-Life Richardson, the organic strawberry farmer from Letha, 30 miles northwest of Boise, was denied the use of his middle name when he ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2006 because the state’s policy bars the use of slogans on the ballot.

Again the Pro life issue has became a sick little joke by Marvin Pro-Life Richardson a fellow Idahoan with a nice skewed sense of humor.  I just want him to know that I am also Pro-life.  When I see a child dying in the hospital waiting for bone marrow transplant but his family doesn’t have the money.  I am $200,000 worth of Pro-life cause that’s what it would have cost to save his life.  It’s happened in the great state of Idaho time and time again.  I am so Pro-Life when the Newspaper shows a picture of a young man who just got blown up in Iraq and will be buried tomorrow.  I am so Pro-Life when people died because they can’t afford medicine to stay alive. That big bus that Montel rides around in with boxes of meds for the sick and dying is America’s new soup kitchen.   A little token from the big drug companies. I am so Pro-life when I see all those black people in Africadying of AIDS when we could keep them alive with our medication.  I am so Pro-Life when someone like Matthew Sheppard is beaten  and tied to a fence to die because of who he is.  I am so Pro-Life when 19 men board a plane on Sept 11. and changed us forever. I am so Pro life when I see what we are doing to the children of Iraq.  I am so Pro-life when I read about a man throwing his three children off a bridge to their deaths.  I am so Pro-life when I realize how many unborn could have been saved if all those who love life didn’t decided to play politics.  How many more will be lost by people like Marvin Richardson who are just play politics as usual.  Yes, it’s just a sick little mind game that all those sick little puppies from the right like to play come election day.