As we head for the voting Polls in November with our pockets empty and our gas tanks as well, will we be stupid enough to vote for John McCain.  By then we will have bombed Iran and Pakistan, Lebonan  or any other target Toxic George wants to hit. Will we still be stupid enough to vote for McCain. There is the illusion that all of us who were going to vote for Hillary are going to vote for McCain. That is totally the most absurd notion anyone could ever have. Hillary lost so it’s time to move on. Hillary is no longer an option, forget about it. So when the time comes to go to the Polls in November will we be stupid enough to vote for John McCain.  As Toxic George plans for the implosion of all things American comes to it’s final conclusion around election day,  will we be stupid enough to vote for John McCain. On that day in September 2001, nineteen men started into motion a chain of events that with the help of Toxic George has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. With the help of Toxic George, that horrible event keeps on paying dividends. As it keeps on adding up will we be stupid enough to vote for John McCain. Another one of those ‘Top Guns’ that shoot from the hip with no thoughts of what the hell he is doing. Do we need another President who thinks that we Americans are the enemy.  A man who in his paranoia thinks all Americans are enemies of ‘his’ state.  The twin tower now a symbol of Toxic George and the Republican Party’s legacy for America. It is a symbol of what they have done to America. Will we still be stupid enough to vote for John McCain come election day in November?


John McCain the man who hasn’t seen the sun since 1984 is lying again. ‘Victory in Iraq’ what the hell does that mean. Can anyone tell me. Does it mean that we get all the oil we want? Do it mean we have killed all of the Iraqi people so Iraq is ours. Does it mean that all of the Middle East has become Democratic. The truth is you can’t trust a Republican as far as you can throw him. I think that lard ass will drop like a rock.  Maybe we will someday have enough of all the rhetoric that John Cain ( the last reminiscence of the Bush legacy)  and all those losers on the right keep putting out.  In eight long years they made the word ‘liberal’ a label ‘soft and cuddly’ and also a label to be sought after and word ‘Republican’ a word that is so repugnant and evil that no one wants to be called one. The family value Party has turned out to be a Party of sex addicts and perverts in a religious sort of way, by you unterstand. It’s like that movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ when I see John McCain. I see dead people, politically dead people. I see John McCain and George Bush and what’s that VP’s guy’s name,oh yeah, Dick Cheney. The one I would most like to see as a politcially dead guy is Joe ‘Judas’ Liebermann. Of course, he will have to have his nose surgically removed from John McCains ass.  Talking about baggage. It’s that 6 degree of separation thingy. John McCain who hearts Toxic George and Toxic George hearts Joe Liebermann and Leibermann hearts John McCain I guess that makes them the ‘Three Stoogies’  and there we are. We all heart ‘The Three Stoogies’. Fuzzy (Toxic George’s) logic or something like that. Cindy out dumping all her oil and her international stocks so when she finally does give us her income tax return it will be all clean and purdy. Wonder how much Haliburton she owns??  I guess it is going to be Curious George and the Philsbury dough boy.  Let’s get this party going! By the way get some sun will you whity.

George finally let the frigging cat out of the bag today. He wants ANWR now. That’s why your paying all high prices at the pump. He wants a magic wand or for us to start yesterday drilling In ANWR.  He doesn’t say what the letters stand for because he knows it will piss people off.  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that’s what he’s talking about. The minute he get his wishes then gas will drop like a turd in a punch bowl. He is squeezing the American people again. Like he always has. He is a weasel of the worst kind. He wants the oil companies to make more money. Most of which arn’t even American Companies anymore. They are offshore where they can get tax breaks. George needs this one last fix. He a druggie who needs his fix. Something else he can destroy.  Leave no stone unturned. He is unstoppable. Six or seven months ago they knew gasoline prices would be at this level. How do you know that, Mr President. I don’t know why I even say anything. The Democrats set on their hands as the Republicans kiss his smelly ass. Toxic George will not stop until he has completely destroy this country. So give the damn Arctic National Wildlife Refuge maybe he can kill, kill, kill there too. He as enormous appetite. It’s time to say UNCLE again. We again are the biggest losers. America loses again to Toxic George. Aren’t we just frigging pitiful?

I remember Earth Day better than I used to.  You see on April 22, 2001 I woke up about 2:33am with this horrible pain in the middle of my back. Like someone had hit my with a baseball bat. I thought I slipped a disk. I had no idea I was in the middle of an almost fatal heart attack. I got up and moaned and screamed for a short while. I took a hot shower, God knows why.  Finally I went to the emergency at the local hospital. I was only there for about five minutes before I went into full cardiac arrest. They did the paddle thingy on me twice at the hospital and once on the helicopter going to Idaho Falls. I woke with this pain in my penis.  Almost as bad as the heart attack I had experienced earlier.  I realized the nurse was trying to catheterize me and not doing a very good job at it. Well that will made you remember Earth Day alone. Anyway, I survived and a year later had open heart surgery.  So that’s how I remember Earth Day every year. I realized after that it’s important to enjoy everyday, but it didn’t change me all that much. I mean I didn’t go looking for Jesus or go off and find a the Buddha God. I thought it might, but it didn’t.  I do believe that man is on a journey of self destruction that is unstoppable. There will again be a day that the earth reclaims what we took and plundered. The Earth is very patient, there is no time table for this or that. It’s been here forever with or without us. We can destroy all the old species of the world.  New one will evolve.  So we will celebrate another Earth Day. There will be millions more to come. Man just won’t be here to enjoy them.  Just enjoy, we will inherit the wind! Sometimes it’s easier to except what you can’t change. I guess we thougth that one man couldn’t make a difference, but we didn’t know Toxic George then.