c1vwocaguqjsbcas0umqpcai1dhsscamrqydqcahlclb7cay2m0xscaygme9uca663byzcaeu9aqqcah376jvcanqlfpmca78hn7aca1encddcax4zdxlca3lzga2cacp1cnpcauosqphcawztgx7caux163t.jpgThe Press–Who has work diligently to prop up the Bush Administration for the last eight years. Who are now on a mission to destroy Hilary Clinton. Knowing  that her candidacy is the only thing keeping the Republicans from staying in the White House. Now we are suppose to believe them when they tell us that Barack Obama is the next savior.  Maybe a little deja vu. I thought George Bush was the next savior.  Wieners for everyone.  Kind of get the feeling they are trying to shove him down our throats, in a non sexual kind of way.

“So Democratic audiences are often surprised when I tell them that I don’t consider George Bush a bad man, and that I assume he and members of his adminstration are trying to do what they think is best for the country. …. I say this not because I am seduced by proximity to power. I see my invitations to the White House for what they are- …. It is to say that after all the trappings of office — the titles, the staff, the security details — are stripped away, I find the President and those who surround him pretty much like everybody else, possessed of the same mix of virtues and vices, insecurities and long-buried injuries, as the rest of us.” 

Mr. Obama is still kissing up to the Republicans. Maybe he should be a Republican.  To call George Bush an everyday Joe after all that he has done is outrageous to say the least. I guess that you could say that about a mass murderer too. People often do. “I can’t believe it, it was such a nice guy.” This is something that we should not tolerate from a candidate.  Saying such things about a man who deserves no consideration what so ever. If we elect someone who really believes this then his is another loose cannon in the white house.  If he believes that George Bush was just doing his job, when he sent our boys and girls to die in Iraq.  A war that was a lie from the word ‘go’.  If Mr. Obama believes that Mr. Bush was just doing his job as he was destroying the Constitution when we don’t need Mr. Obama anywhere the White House. If Mr. Obama thinks for a minute that he is part of the Elitists that are running this country, he is wrong.  When Mr. Obama poo poos the things that the Bush Adminsration has done as just doing what they thought was best, bull shit.  Even a Republican candidate wouldn’t say such nonsense. 

John Edwards was never seen.  He was the man that never was as far as the election goes.  Like the war in Iraq the Mass Media refuse to report or cover Mr. Edwards.  At one time they gave his sick wife a smidgen of coverage.  Maybe if John was a little less interested in his hair and a little more interested other things. It may have worked out for him.  Maybe Ann Coulter, The Slime Princess, calling him a fag or metro-sexual might have done some harm but I think John Edwards problem goes back to the last election with him and the Evil VP when they were debating.  He didn’t fight back against Cheney’s dismissing him like he was a school boy. Hardly even admitting that he even existed.  Mr. Edwards didn’t even fight back just a little. I think that’s when he lost this election. Maybe now he will have time for his family and his ill wife.  Maybe sometimes losing is really winning. I think we understand that the Press has it own agenda for who they want to win this election. It was never John Edwards as it will never be Hilary Clinton.  The Press ignored John Edwards from the beginning.  A man who couldn’t get a word in edge wise. Unlike Rudy who couldn’t shut up, John couldn’t get our attention.  I think John did the right thing by get out of the way.  Oh, excuse, he was never in the way, no one ever saw him. I think that Obama will be the next to go on the Democratic side. Maybe the love fest that the Press has going will last until election. I personally doubt it.  I think the ‘beasty boy’ on the Republican side is gone. Like a shooting star of ‘Jesus’ politics Mike Huckabee is shooting  across the evening sky. His mistake was he pious not religious. There is a difference. If you start quoting scripture you are pious, but if you just mention where you go to church you are religious.  Hopefully he has put to rest all this fake religious crap we have had to endure for the last eight years.  When the ‘King of the Fakers’, George Bush is gone hopefully so will this fake political religious stuff.  John may have been the more honest of the candidates but in America that is of no value, winning is. We live in a world where religion counts but lying doesn’t matter.  If anyone is truly like John Kennedy it is John Edwards.

Oh no not again. I thought the decade of fakers was over. I mean with George Bush and his fake ranch in Texas. The fake cowboy mystic. All that fake macho crap that got us into a war.  George Bush making his trips to Waco for photo ops.  Hauling branches of downed trees around. I still laugh about that every time I see one of those pictures.. I don’t think America can stand another fake President. In case you are wondering what I’m talking about. Well, Barack Obama. He has turned into John Kennedy overnight. He had nothing so he takes on the personality of a hero of America’s past.  He is now a white ex-President. I think that is racist or something. Why didn’t he take on the personality of Martin Luther King. Is Barack such a blank slate that he can transform himself into someone different. I thought that Mitt Romney was a chameleon but this is a new development. Of course, Barack is not a John Kennedy. That’s ridiculous. If I were black I would be insulted. Are there no black hero to past himself off as. We have also been taken in by an illusionist. Eight years of fakes. Does anyone think we need four or eight more years of that. I can see pictures of Barack up at Martha Vineyard boating and fishing. The transformation would be complete. I think a name change is in order. Barack is a black man who does not speak of his blackness.  As if blacks are not his people.  John Kennedy set into motion events that would change the black world forever. I don’t hear any of that from Barack. Is it a subliminal message or something.  Does Barack have no clothes that he has to wear John Kenneys.  He has yet to show us of what he is made. I knew John Kennedy and he is no John Kennedy.

I wasn’t going to write a post today but I decided I would any way. I’m not sure what I’ll be writing about. I think it will be about this obsession with Barack Obama. I’m not so sure that he is the next JFK or Bobby Kennedy or the next anyone.  I mean his life experience is different from both of the Kennedys so his chances of being like them is probably pretty remote.  I’m wondering if all the hype is just a lot of hot air. I know he has been walking on air but with all the Press kissing his garments I have yet to hear of him walking on water, yet. I have mixed feeling about Mr. Barack Obama.  When the Press who supported George Bush through hell and high water is now extolling Obama like he is our next savior.  (George Bush being the last Savior.)  I’m a little confused. My fear is that the Press is pulling a double-cross.  Supporting him, thinking that he could never be elected, to have a weak candidate to run against any loser candidate on the Republican side.  The old fashion ‘angst’ shows up when the Press has yet to expose one weak spot in Mr. Obama’s personal or political life. I know he has to have some and I have a feeling that after he has the Democratic nomination we will be getting them by the bucket loads.  I guess it’s paranoia  from years of crooked government and  liars of all shapes and sizes.  Of all the people who don’t want Hilary elected, I can think of lots of big businesses like healthcare, insurance companies and the Press.  As soon as they have (the Press) decided  who they want to win, we will be the last to know.  The ‘free Press’ is bought and paid for, anyone doubt that?  I really want to support Obama but I have a feeling. You know like he is too good to be true. I know if Hilary was elected she could start governing the next day.  She would be able to take control quickly.  I’m afraid Mr. Obama would be like the Robert Redford character in ‘The Candidate’.  Winning but unable to govern. Like Jimmy Carter. Of course, if Jimmy Carter had invaded Iran and had all the hostages killed he would be a living hero today. I set around waiting for the other shoe to drop or maybe just a shoe period.  Maybe there isn’t another shoe. If there was surely Hilary would be using it against him.  Well, I don’t know. I see that Obama won the South Carolina primary but there is no way in hell he will win South Carolina in the general election. I think there are a lot of pipe dreams out there. When I see that Barack Obama is for real then I will jump on the bandwagon. I want to know some stuff that makes him human not all this stuff that makes him a God. I want people to quit comparing him to dead heroes and tell us what he can do for America. I don’t think we need anymore hope.  Had plenty of that over the last eight years. Not change for change’s sake. We need a man of honor who will restore honor to America.

I was driving home today and I was listen to Glen Beck doing is rendition of slash and burn on Talk-Liar-Radio. He was cutting up John McCain into little bitty pieces, figuratively speaking of course. I have heard him speak with cruelty and arrogance lots of times before.  It’s like his daily bread. That’s how he makes it’s his money. That is what he is paid to do. I was thinking. It’s not really the Al Queda we have to worry about,  it’s the middle aged and older guys who are selling America and America’s true values down the tubes.  Must of them are old Geezers fat and balding.  They try to make us believe that Hilary or Barack or John McCain are our enemy. They are trying to tell us what we should think and how we should feel.   Eight frigging years I have yet to hear Glen Beck say a bad thing about George Bush.  Every time Rush Lairbaugh starts to try to say something bad about George Bush he begins to sputter and stumble and fart like some idiot with Turrets.  I saw his stats on how many people listen to him daily. It’s only around a million. That would be the population of Idaho who listen to him. That ain’t a drop in the bucket. That means that 350 million plus are not listening to him. I know that there are all kinds of fascist talking heads all round America. I know that all of them are on the same page. They are marionettes with someone else pulling the strings.  You could drive across country and hear the same lies from state to state from different talking heads.  They are America’s number one enemy like Al Capote was or all those gangsters of America’s past. They are a little more sinister than those guys because they rip and tear at the very fabric of America  everyday. They divide us like the Al Queda can’t. They are racist and they play on America’s underbelly of our hates and fears.   They know our real weaknesses unlike Al Queda. They know how to rip a scab off a sore and leave us bleeding. They marginalize all who don’t agree with them. Their serpent like tongues dance as the spew their venom. They know what the Al Queda doesn’t know. They know how to steal away the goodness of America and leave us squabbling over minutia.  They always seem to the side that seems to be against America’s best interest.  They have disrespected the honorable and praised those with no honor, those not deserving of anyone respect.  They are truly the enemies of America. They point fingers at others and they are the guilty ones. They are the despicable ones.  They are America’s roadside bombers  and suicide killers whose only goal is to destroy an America that is whole and one.  Everyday they whittle away at the truth. Everyday they chew up a little bit of what we believe in and spit it back in our faces.  Yes, America our enemy is already here and he isn’t the Al Queda. He is just an everyday Joe, I mean, Rush, doing what he is paid to do.

bill-hillary-clinton.jpgYou would think that Hilary and Obama were married, I mean to each other. They quarrel so good.  It’s almost like a scene for that movie “War of the Roses”.  They seemed to be locked into a battle that might just end in a grand fatality for both.  It might be that Barack has started obsessing about the Clintons.  Don’t even think about it, Mr. Obama.  If he starts focusing on Bill and Hilary when he has lost the election. I kind of had a feeling that he had rather lose the election rather than let Hilary win.  Almost a battle royal to the end.  I guess that’s the way it is, no man likes to lose to a women. I hope that Barack’s ego isn’t as fragile as it appears. Hilary is there until the end, win or lose.  Billy boy will be right by her side.  So get over it.  Hilary, is today’s politician.  We have been so use to all the wienies cowing down to George Bush.  All the guys on the Hill afraid to speak.  Hilary should know better than to get into a fight to the political death with Barack or it is the plan.   The Clintons are seasoned fighters so it might just be that Ultimate Fighters thingy going on.  The Press finally saw John Edwards, at last. He has been the red headed step child in this whole affair. I guess the ultimate revenge for eight years of fascist Republicans is the dynamic duo of Hilary and Bill sleeping in the White House again, after all we’ve had George and Billy Cheney sleeping there for eight miserable years.  The thought of that makes every fascist in America cringe.