Excuse me while I unscramble my head! Is life so difficult. Is life too hard to explain. Is life just a bowl of spaghetti.  Just something you wrap around a fork and swallow whole.  Not me, I cut my spaghetti into little pieces.  AIG, we need to shut the hell up and take the enema quietly.  Did anyone think for a minute that all those Big Boys up on Wall Street were not America’s Royalty. The Alpha Dogs of America who would and could do anything to get what they wanted.  They are the GQ Boys of the our times.  The Jimmy Dandies that we all dream about becoming.  We have been screwed and Royally, I might add.  Maybe by the American dream that went sadly wrong.  The AIG boys are no different from the those black dudes who were looting  TV’s and anything they could find during the LA riots of  of years gone by.  The only difference is they have white face, most of them any way. They are dressed in fine clothing and drive those fancy  automobiles from Japan.  I feel the same anger from the AIG  looters and I did the LA ones.   We have been taken. It’s like when you come home and you realized that someone has broken and taken your stuff. Your saving and your retirement gone. No fingerprints no nothing, it’s just gone. CSI can’t get a handle on this one.  The looters came and took them.  I don’t blame the AIG boys.  I blame ever Congressman and ever Senator who has been in bed with the guys for years even before I was born.  They are just as crooked as those  “Wise” guys of AIG. The only difference they were there to serve and protect us. They pledged on the Bible to do what they have not done.  Again, we look at the wrong place to put the blame.  The blame belongs on our elected officals who again failed us.  From the Iraqi war, Viet Nam War, Afghanistan, AIG, The Banks, affordable health insurance and the list goes on.  Instead, of doing the right thing they are quoting scriptures and kissing the asses of any crook that will slip them a dollar under the table. It’s really time to clean house.  Anyone who let all this happen needs to be out. They can’t blame it on 9/11.  This  is a 9/11 of their making.  The twin towers have fallen again. Banks and AIG. We will have to live in that rubble for a while.  Polosi, Reid, Boehner and all the creeps that set there and let this happen. Time to clean house for real this time. All the empty talking heads that talk their nonsense. boehner20cry

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