What the hell is wrong with little Billy boy. It has appeared to me for a long time that the Ex-President is having a little bitty problem with Hillary being in the spot light.  In the beginning of the campaign he seemed unable to adjust from being moved out of the spot light. I guess it’s tough being the center of his own universe for so long. Now he is unable to accept his roll as a Hillary supporter. Men often are unable to play second fiddle to their wives. They can be out  having a little tryst  with other women and when they get caught the wife stands beside him.  I think Bill is faking it. I think Bill would love to see Hillary lose this nomination.  It’s that ole legacy thingy.  That would take some light off him and he would have share history with Hillary. I think Hillary would make a better President than Bill. I think we have a bad case of passive/aggressive behavior from Billy Boy.  Hillary called and ask him no to mention anything about the sniper story. What does he do. He brings is up.  To make things worst he add more, some say are lies. That’s passive/aggressive behavior my friend.  The smartest action HIllary could take is fire Bill Clinton, send him home. If anyone else disobeyed her, she would fire them.  Why not him. The man is so full of himself that he can’t shut up. I wrote several months back that he was Hillary worst enemy. I think she needs to act like a President and fire his ass. He is just there to undermine her at every turn.  She already has the Press against her. She doesn’t need her husband making things worst.  All I have to say is fire his ass, Hillary.  His behavior sucks. You don’t need him. He will just bring you down.