Waiting for Hillary–The Crucifixion

June 17, 2008

The Press and Mass media are a lonely place nowadays. Hillary is gone. The Crucifixion is complete. Like the Crucifixion of Jesus they are all waiting for Hillary to reappear. Well, the third day is well passed and I don’t see her. The Blogger Press has this huge hole in the virtual political noise machine. It seems the Press and bloggersphere don’t get their jollies bashing McCain or Obama. Bashing Hillary like bashing any woman has emotional rewards that bashing men doesn’t. The Press and the bloggers aren’t quiet ready to leave Hillary or Bill behind. I read where Bill Clinton has stolen a cookie recipe from some Cookbook. They have no ones ass to chew on. Hillary and Bill are old News. Again Hillary and Bill are old News. Like the Crucifixion of Jesus the Press is suspect of a recursion. They must be ready at a moments notice that the Medusa will raise her head. That is the least they can do for the fascist Toxic George Bush. He has treated them quiet well over the years.  The election is about to go into phase II any minute now.  The Republicans are looking for another Cross to add to the one they just got. I guess their God of Gods does work in mysterious ways. America the land of a sucker born every minute. The Press and the new world of bloggers have to wake up to the truth. A job well done. We are so going to get what we deserve.


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