I saying right now that is the way it’s going to be. Now you will find out if I know what I’m talking about. All the nay Sayers that have been doing all that can to pull Hillary down, well we will see if it has worked. Fred Thompson doesn’t think she should be President cause.  She is a women.  I heard Fred has big balls. All big dumb animals do, don’t they. The conservative press and the backers of George Bush and his kind of politics have been hammering like the goose steppers they are.  Rush has been screaming like a little grade school girl for weeks about Hillary.  All the assholes and lips of the talking head maggot talk radio have done the Mountain Dew.  The neocons have had they lie factory open day and night like a 7-11.  So all the conservative facist will soon see how much thier lies have reaped starting this week.  This is Saturday 12/29.07. See if Im right.

7l8kmca6jmmvacaoycfhkca9sv27fcawwc9ewcarh46y1ca4ppna0carfos0ica3wzvyycak0xeercanx4xy2caha5t67cajyd8pycasybgbycadbywa9cabyom9acaybqpcjca5cj24icasihzhpcatu244k.jpgI really don’t know where to start with this post.  George Bush and the American neocons are still working on totally destroying any stability in the Middle East.  I was so surprised that I was not the least bit surprised with the death of Benazir Bhutto.  If anyone had any illusions about how that would end was crazy to start.  She was living on borrowed time the minute she returned to George Bush’s Pakistan.  She was just there to show us how Pakistan was on the way to democracy.  How could President Pervez Musharraf win  against the country favorite daughter.  It was all for show.   Just one of those fake passion plays for us Americans to enjoy, where the savior is assassinated in front of the whole world. I refuse to believe anything that the Bush Administration or President Musharraf have to say. It’s not that I don’t want to hear and understand but my mind refuses to even entertain even the possiblitiy that we will hear a shred truth.  My mind has finally hit overload I guess.  My ears hear the words yet they are not transmitted to my brain. My body seems to be on total shut down.  We American seldom hear the truth anymore so we expect what we hear to be lies.  As George Bush and the people who are in charge of him are doing a fine job of destroying the world.  You think we need to be worrying about Iran when we have Pakistan who have Nuclear Weapons. I don’t have words to speak against George Bush they have all been use up over and over if not by me by everyone else in this country.  Just pile another body on the funeral Pire of George Bush’s Presidency. If we elect one Republican for any office in this country we have to be crazy. A man who took this country from its high to this depth is unimaginable.  Benazir Bhutto is now at peace. It’s us the living who have to live through the madness that the Middle East has become.

This is truly one of those bizarre events that happen every once in a while. A list of the most corrupted politicians. I guess it’s a way to close out the year with a bang.  The list is quiet interesting in the fact that George Bush is no where to be seen on it. I looked high and low. Where the hell is Dick Chaney. Where is Alberto Gonzales. Where is Karl Rove.  How to you spell corrupt G-e-o-r-g-e  B-u-s-h.  Where is that Trent Lott who is fixing to gooo doowwnnn. When I first saw the list I know that Bush’s naughty fingers were in the stew somewhere.  Baby Jesus is still laying in the manger in the front yard and the neo-cons are egging Hillary and the Democrats. Anyone in their right mind knows that whoever wrote this article was sniffing coke and I don’t mean coke the white stuff but Coca Cola in up the nose. Feel the burn, dude.  We will be entering the world of truths gone south from now on.  The Super Lie Factory is opened for business. They will become far and near to display their wares.  Excuse me Mitt Romney. I have to stop and ponder that error in judgement by our Judicial Watch.  Of course the Judicial Watch has been infiltrated by some of George’s maggots and have eaten any flesh and truth of that carcass.  I guess that this means that Hillary will be the next President of the U.S. of A.  The most corrupted man to ever become the leader of the free world was elected and frigging Hilary is the top of the list. Is it Madame President or what.  What about that Jeb Bush guy that help brother George Bush win the first election.  A little election fraud. Where is that little pea picker. I hear they are all planning to move to South America. Kind of like after the last World War, all the Nazis moving to Argentina. When the War trials come, we will see who are corrupted. All the neocons will be crying like babies. I bet that they are all learning a new language.  Yes, America the truth will be hard to find for the year, so use your computer and the Internet.  The truth is there just for the looking. Hand me that Coca Cola I need to feel the burn.

Judical Watch:

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Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.Through its educational endeavors, Judicial Watch advocates high standards of ethics and morality in our nation’s public life and seeks to ensure that political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people.Judicial Watch fulfills its educational mission through litigation, investigations and public outreach.They stood by and watch George Bush destroy the Constitution, nice watching you bad boys. I think you can draw your own conclusions. About what this is all about.  It’s another one of those Nazi type organizations that have us all singing songs of Patriotism and Justice. Goose stepping through our lives like they are some kind of toy soldiers.

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December 26, 2007

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The War in?

December 26, 2007

I am totally amazed.  Americans believe the war is doing better. I love my countrymen with their TV brains and the their TV thoughts about war and what is not war.  If a tree falls in the frigging woods and the press doesn’t report it, does the frigging tree in fact fall in the woods. If the war in Iraq is not report by anyone is there in fact a war.  Not a word today.  Not a frigging word. Has Bush taken over all the press or as CNN totally died of it’s own boredom.  I’m  jumping on CNN because it used to be the standard carrier for news and reporting. Now it’s just some pathetic Ken and Barbie freak show.  The only thing keeping anyone watching is Wolf Blitzer. Glen Beck is just another light weight talking head.  I wouldn’t be watching, but the gym has all the controls of the T.V’s. The news system as been so corrupted by the neocons (Republicans) it has become bizarre. The only network that is allow free reign is Fox.  Yeah, true or fiction you decide. 

Ariana HuffingtonAriana Huffington and her blog are not a fan of Hilllary Clinton.  Anyone one who was around and paying any attention when Billy Clinton was being impeached that Ariana was there every night on some News program bad mouthing Billy Clinton.  In her heavy Greek accent, before us Americans finally were able to understand what she was saying.  A lot of us thinking why is that foreign bitch putting in her two cents. Of course, then Ariana was a conservative and married to a very rich man or had divorced him by then and became a very rich not so conservative liberal.  I know that the paper media does not like Hillary and do their stuff to slam her every chance they can get but you expect that from a media that was been owned by conservatives forever.  I kind of have the idea with a blog you should say what you think.  What is the point of being subliminal or fake in your views.  I have yet to read any thing positive about Hillary from the Huffingtonpost.com which is alright.  The problem I have is deceit. Why bring habits of the Paper Media of lying and misinformation to a blog.  A blog should be freeing experience so a person can express his true ideas and feelings.  If Ariana hates Hillary Clinton and thinks that she will make a bad President then say so.  I just hate the constant negative statements. “What is Hillary covering up?” or as they would say from the New York Times blab blab blab.  Why bring the crap to blogs that we have to put up with all these years from print media.  I have been a loyal reader of Huffington post.com for over a year. I just hate it turning into a cyber rag that can’t speak the truth.  So Ariana get rid of the accent and get real.  Tell it like it is or I’m gone.  If you are so fearless then be honest. 

Man, I just love me some talk radio, dudes. Sometimes when I borrow my grandpa’s car. I hear this guy named Rush something or other. Man, he is so funny. I mean, I don’t know why all those old guys are so funny. I love it when he punks somebody. I think that Rush guy must be the king of guys you punks folks. I heard him punk Hilary and his dude name Huckleberry or something like that.  Some funny stuff.  I can’t say anything to my grandpa because he takes this guy serious. I mean that’s like taking Chris Rock serious. My ole man, said I shouldn’t make fun of this guy cause grandpa has been listening to him since my ole man was in college.  The Rush guy is kind of a God to those old folks. It’s kind of a fantasy world for them, like Star Wars or something.  They can act like the world can be changed by lies and dishonesty. They hold on to a world that never was and will never be, but guys like this Rush guy can make things sound real.  He is a guy who makes fantasies come true for those ole folks who dream alot.  It gives them someone to believe in and feel like that are a member of his club. They don’t have rings or badges or hats or T-shirts but hey. Nothing like a hot Cruxshadows  T.  Sometimes I like to change the radio station in my grandpa’s car but he gets pissed if I forget to change it back.  Seems like there is a whole bunch of the funny guy telling jokes and punking folks.  Me and the guys at school love to punk some of the girls, they are so easy. I don’t like getting punked. I know it’s a kids thing and I’ll grow out of it soon enough.  Maybe not, all these guys on my grandpa’s car radio are still punking folks. I guess some people never grow up. I guess it’s just old school stuff setting and listening some guy talking for hours about this and that. If I want to know what’s happening I can find out in two minutes on my computer. I don’t need some old school dude telling me what I think but sometimes it’s just fun listening to this Rush guy punking folks. It’s just so old school.