Age of anti-Wisdom

June 20, 2012

With a wink, a smile, a few crocodile tears. Oh heck, a cult, a non christian religion, a Party who believes that defeating Obama is their only goal, they can no longer govern.  Red Cape (the color of his skin) of Obama is all they can see. Their mantra has been no global warming, the earth’s only two thousands years old. They ask you think but they cannot. They are age of anti-wisdon. What comes out of their mouths are absurdities and ridiculous Bush like sayings.They don’t see what fools they are but we do.The Jesters of anti-Wisdom.

Reagan Celebrity Dude

Reagan Celebrity Dude

If John McCain is all excited about pinning a name on Barack Obama then he better watch out. You do remember Ronald Reagan celebrity extraordinaire who became El Presidente of the whole wide world and the United States too. Maybe Celebrity is maybe not the right word. Cause most of the them there celebrities usually end up being elected.  I think some other nonsense is in order. John remember stupid is as stupid does. 



Sick It!  {: )

ny-skyline-night-1.jpgI know that Rudy had prostrate cancer, at least that’s what he’s been saying. I thought it was just an excuse to drop out of the election against Hilary. I’m thinking that he might be taking artificial hormones. Too many ‘man’ hormones at that. It maybe proof that male hormones also make you stupid. Rudy must have a bad case of testosterone poisoning. He is truly a politcian gone wild. In the true sense, I see no different between him and Brittany Spears. He career is a mess. The press is following him around for no real reason. He has abandoned his kids. I don’t know if he is wearing panties but my guess is no. The man is so full of himself he thinks he’s George Bush.  Rudy must be a manic depressive kind of guy. I hope this is his manic. It’s like he is fixing to explode any minute. Does someone need to call 911. No not 9/11. He calls that all the time. Rudy(Chicken Little) is so wanting to become the next Prez but it ain’t going to happen. One day soon he is going to blow like Mount St. Helena and watch out boys and girls there will be splatter. Any man who believe his own crap in politics is a loose cannon to start with. I’m afraid for Rudy, cause America is going go have to take a break from the radical right this next election. All the Rush Limbaughs and all the O’Reillys and all the Annie Coulters can’t put the Party back together again. I know you guys will be back but America need a break from all the death and all the destruction. A break from lies upon lies, disaster after disaster, one incompetent jerk after another incompetent jerk.  We need a pied Piper to drive all the rodents out of Washington D.C. All we need is a little rest from a Presidency gone terrible wrong. A government taken over by the Radical Religious who live by the rules of a made up God.

Sometimes it’s just luck!

October 27, 2007

My generations is probably the luckiest ever. I mean it.  We were the product of WWII. The children of a lot of young men home from the war. All horny and stuff ready to rebuild the world.  Ready to grow a new batch of children for the wars to come. Then bam, polio. I was in the first grade when it hit. I went to the circus on a weekend with  a young friend and her dad. I never saw her again. She died of polio a couple of weeks later. Her name was Patricia Christian. A picture of Jesus hanged the the class room until we went off to junior high school with the names of all of our classmates. Little did we know that it would not be the last epidemic that we would see. We stayed in school  until the congress of the United States had a war just waiting for all us fresh warrior meat. We saw the death of a President murder by his own. Then his brother murdered too.  Political  leaders falling like ducks in a shooting gallery. None of the assassins were linked to the government, of course. Then the Pandemic started that wiped out millions around the world.  It was a epidemic that’s cure is being  hampered by religious and Conservatives alike even today. Seems like death has been stalking us all along the way. Then a new batch of Americans sent of to fight another war for oil.  A government again deciding to kill its young for profit. That’s not the worst, the government is now being destroyed by a corrupted political system.  So I guess you could say we a have seen the worst and the best of people. It has been an exciting time to be alive. The most exciting is still in progress. The destruction of our planet. You couldn’t ask to be alive at a more exciting time.  Watching as the planet slowly begins to unravel. I have just regret that all those kids that were born so late.  The kids that are in grade school who will be around to see the gate of hell open wide. We really need to love our kids now. They will have to experience the end and suffer what we have wrought. I’m glad I have a new digital Camera. I live all high in the mountains. Away from the hordes of people that will have to go bye bye.  Needing to buy a little extra food. You know build up a good supply. Those guns that George Bush said we could own will really come in handy. Yes, it’s an exciting time to be alive. Come on George, bring it on. You are the best. Sometimes it pays to be a conservative, huh.

satan-spawn.jpgWow! Looks just like hell in southern California. I mean really like hell.  Do you ever get the idea that we are like the Donner Party heading over the mountains into  paradise. A realization is a good thing. Even for the Religious this must have them on their knees, a praying. Maybe the doomsday stuff is really on it’s way. Hey, we are dancing with the one that brought us. You think God is maybe mad at all of us for being so stupid. I know I get the feeling that none of this stuff is going to end until George Bush is ousted from the White House.  I agree with all you Baptist and fundamentalist that God is angry with man and especially us Americans.  We have had it so good for so long and we haven’t appreciated it much. We kind of believe that God kind of owed it to his chosen ones, us Americans. No where in the Bible does a scripture say anything about the stupid inheriting anything not even the hot Santa Ana winds.  Ever since George cheated his way into the White House America has been under the wrath of Nature(God).  We have fought mightly against God’s will. We have losted. We wll lost again until we understand what He is trying to tell us.  It appears that those closest to God seem to be fighting the hardest against him.  They have given their ears to people that are destroying America and the world. I guess that’s not really a problem. There was a world before America and there will be one after we are all gone. I guess I am in stage four or five in the phrases of a nation dying-acceptance. I’m usually banging the bushes like a mad man. I guess I realized that isn’t doing any good. I have lived a long life and it’s been productive, if that matters.  In a mound of ashes or water logged body, what does productivity have to do with anything. I’ve been so tired of the liars and crooks and all the those religious folks who won’t even inherit the wind. Their foolishness will be their own demise. I feel the anti-Christ is among us and we are too busy dancing to his tune.  I guess we will dance until the music stops.  He is truly a man whom dreams are made of. He is a man of no mercy or loving. He is the Religious folk’s savior. So easily they are fooled. I don’t think God likes stupid people. If God is truly an Alpha Male type like all the fundamentalist believe, surely he will show no mercy to them because they offer it to no one else. They will be a recipliant of  a loveless God that they created. Is the answer just over the next mountain top, I think it might be, Mr. Donner.