June 2, 2007

white boy–Glen BeckI was listening to Glenn Beck on talk-liar-radio coming back from the gym. I guess it was Glenn Beck. There were some other guys talking and carrying on like girls at a pyjama party.  Glenn was talking about Fred Thompson’s wife. “Man she is really hot. I mean hot.” He was going on about how hot Fred Thompson’s wife then all of a sudden Hilary is apart of the conversation.  “There ain’t enough horse, to not make Hilary look like a horse.”  Does Glenn Beck not know that Freddie, (the guys that reads lines for L&O) if elected he will the ugliest white leader in the free world.  This is typical for Glen Beck. The white boys from the right have nothing, nada. Glenn is a little boy who needs to grow up. Over the years, I learned that guys who always talk about women and don’t shut up  about them, usually ain’t getting any.  He can’t talk about the issues because if the did he would lose.  I’d like to see Hilary Clinton and Glenn Beck locked in a room together to talk politics. He would pee his pants. She would have him for lunch as would any one of the guys from the left. Obama would have him crying like a baby.  CNN slow slide into obviation is because of people like him and Nancy Grace. All mouth not substance. I listened to Laura Ingram on the way over to the gym.  The listeners were pounding George Bush.  It’s seems that all the people from the Right are a little upset about George. Too bad it is for the wrong reasons. Too bad it wasn’t earlier. I love the people from the Right. Nothing brings them together faster than people of color. Now the Party is going to have to pay the price of their own stupidity. I had to laugh, one of the callers was correcting someone English, six plus years with George’s speak English and now we are worried about someone English. There was a little Al Gore bashing, also. Laura kept replaying a tape where Mr. Gore used more than one syllable words and they would all laugh like some kind of George speak freaks. They weren’t use to a person being able to express his views and thoughts. I kind of  enjoy listening to people who can talk intelligently. I know its strange, but we are going to have to get use to it.


  1. glennbeckbulletin Says:

    Get more of the facts about Beck at The Glenn Beck Review, It covers his deceit and his hypocrisy and shows how unqualified he is to address any complicated issue.

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