05amExcuse me for not upchucking over the Press or maybe on the Press.  We have been talking about this damn 3 am phone call endlessly.  I don’t give a shit about no stinking phone calls. It’s the conservative moles and conservative Press throwing shit at the fan. You know, to see what sticks. We got major problems in this country and the Press is wrestling like those guys on  Wrestle Mania with a frigging phone call. Another one of those attempts to get down a level that verges on stupidity. I guess we all know about George Bush’s 3 am call. It was really at 9:00am. I guess none of us are in doubt how he handled his call. No very damn good. I think Hillary or Barack can do a better job than he did.  Another turd the Kats and jammer boy and girls from the Right are throwing at the fan, it’s that damn ‘Hospital Lie’. I understand that all Hospitals are wonderful and unlike the ones in California O’bleness is not dumping patients out on the street. All hospitals are honest and truthful (might check your bill for your last hospital visit). If the damn hospital is so outraged why didn’t they have their lawyers call Hillary. Not too outraged. Or maybe they might have to commit perjury. I don’t know. But I believe that Hillary believed the story was true. I know all you Hillary bashers love to slam her with a vengeance. That’s ok. We know who you are and you aren’t Democrats. You are really no better than you claim she is. At least she isn’t hiding out cyberspace like a cockroach. Whoring out your blog. You are those squirrelly Republicans trying to work your magic. I not amused. If Hillary slandered the hospital with lies. They can sue.  Where is the lawsuit. I know the Republicans have nothing to do this even though O’bleness Memorial gets a ton of federal money.  George Bush just keeps on giving just like the cyber politcalfreaks in the blogging world. Truth and honor has long left their vocabulary.  Just remember anything they think Hillary, Barack or John McCain has done, George Bush as already done and a hundred times over. We all know that Hillary is fat, ugly, stupid, a liar, a crook, a fucking bitch, a pig, a woman, a spit-tail and you name it and thank you for reminding us that you have nothing.  You creeps that do your best to get Hillary. You are the ones who are afraid of the truth because you have nothing to give to this country except hate and division. You can stick your cellphone and your 3am call where the sun don’t shine.  You guys creep me out.  If you are reading this blog, the truth is at your fingertips. Don’t believe me. People who really know what they are talking about are right here. Get off of blogger circuit. There is real news and facts out there. Stop believing the crap that some of these blogger are pushing.