Crying John Boehner another of Toxic George’s Butt boy. I guess that makes him a sodomite.

Nukes and Spooks

May 31, 2008

You might want to read some of this stuff. Why is the Mass Media so upset about the truth. Why is their incompetence so apparent.  Could they not see beyond their noses to see they are almost committing treason.  At the time the Iraqis were not our enemy but the Bush Administration and the Mass Media were.

We can no longer depend for the traditional News sources as we have in the past. They are bankrupt as our Banking system. Captain Luis Montalvan proves that bravery is not a sometimes thing.

One by one the Press and the TV News Media are stepping up and saying yes they betrayed the trust of the America people for Toxic George Bush.  They lied or twisted the News to put the Republicans in a good light.  Hopefully this will be the death blow to the Print Media who has proven many times they are not worthy of our trust. They are probably not doing this because they want to. I think it might have to do with the once WH News Secretary’s new book. Another fine day for America at the funny farm. You might have thought that the CNN was incompetent or something but no they were just lying. I don’t really mind the lies as much as not reporting worthy News Stories. The truth usually comes out in the long run. I think we Americans have seen the assault on all our institutions that should be on the verge of collapse from Banking to the fourth estate to the Constitution.  The ‘Rush Limbaugh factor’ was help turn the News Media on it’s ear.  That factor being what does the truth have to do with anything. Ratings mean more than that damn truth thingy.  Glamour News is the order of the day.  I remember the glory days of CNN as a reporter reported from Baghdad in Desert Storm. OH, MY GOD! How the mighty have been crushed by the hand of Toxic George.  Now CNN is a silly-assed SNL parody of itself. A joke like the rest of those Talking-Head metrosexual guys and the Barbie Girls of ‘Newsless News’ Networks. I quit watching them several years back.  When a National cable News network reports more about Britany Spears than they do the War we know we are in deep shit.  The death of Anna Nicole Smith got almost as much coverage as 911. Concidering she was just one person maybe more. If there is no honor in our institutions were is no honor anywhere in business.  Business emulates what the government does and gets away with. If you have read my blog often you know I have been screaming about this very thing for over a year. Surprise. If it barks like a duck and waddles like a dog it must the the lying Press. We might also look into the anti-Hillary conspiracy by the Press and Mass TV Media.  Doesn’t sound so far fetched now does it.  That damn truth thing is a double edged sword. It will get you coming and going.

Little George singing his heart out for little ole us!




Does Joe Liebermann believe that his own people deserved this. (pic above)

I was wondering what the hell is going on with the three Gentile-men from Washington.  Joe Lieberman has started blaming the Jews for what happened to them in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Holy shit that takes all the blame off all the Nazis and Hitler. Wow, duh. Excuse me for a minute while my brain tries to understand this logic. So why the hell have the Jews been chasing all the war criminals of WWII all over the world. We might be seeing some sort of Jewish meltdown.  If Joe the Jew boy was black he would be blaming all the black folk for what has happened to them. All that slavery stuff the fault of all the blacks not doing what they were told to do. I’m kind of surprised the Jewish community is setting on their hands like all of us other races of many colors. I guess it’s a national past time right now setting our your hands. All of us have been doing it for eight years now. I guess Joe Lieberman (lover boy, translated) thinks we are all getting what we deserve. I have a tendency to believe he might be right. The great American actor John Wayne once said that we had to kill all the American Indians because they won’t share. I guess that’s what Toxic Cowboy George must have thought.  We have to kill all the Iraqis cause they won’t share their oil. I guess Joe Lieberman believes that the Iraqis are getting what they deserve. Judas Joe Liebermann has turned against is own race and I might add the Human race.  I started to say Jesus but never mind. There is no one that he will not speak against except Toxic George Bush and America’s favorite prisoner of war John McCain ( I think he has ridden that horse long enough).  Lindsey Graham, what do you do with a girl named  Lindsey Marie?  Once ask if he was gay he said no that he was a loner. John F. Kennedy described himself as a loner. I don’t think a person who is really a loner would ever get into politics. Don’t seem reasonable to me. You are around people all the time. That’s what politics are all about. I really don’t care if Lindsey Graham is gay other than the fact he is against gays. I don’t think he is a self hating gay. Whatever the hell that means. He is just a opportunist. We all learn a long time ago that confirmed bachelor means gay. My ole man was a loner but he always had women around him. Lindsey needs to blow that smoke up some other guys ass cause I ain’t buying it. I think he has been walking the tightrope of gayness for way too long. I bet he is really really tired of role playing. Takes a lot of energy. As Joe Lieberman would say he deserves what he gets just like the Jews. It’s kind of funny that the two men who are buddying up to John McCain were members of a part of European society that the Nazis wanted to destroy: The Jews and the Gays. Then there is John McCain, sunrise, sunset. The man is too old to be in charge of the World’s most powerful country. He is smart as Bush.  A man that McCain admires with all his heart. Too bad that Bush and McCain are so old school. They live is a world that has passed them by. A world where the conservative mold doesn’t seem to fit anymore. Maybe the sound we are hearing from Graham and Lieberman is the dirge of the old school conservative Party. Three misfits who somehow found themselves with only 6% separation. How would you describe their relationship? “They know what they’re not–not queer, not gay–but have no idea what they are.” 

I think this Memorial Day is more about celebrating the murdering of over 4,000 plus Americans and the wounding of a hell of lot more by George Bush, the President of the United States.  Yes today is a day we really should be proud of the men and women who have died so we could pay $5.00 for a gallon of gas.  Men and Women who have given their all for us. It rained today here, in Idaho, a fitting tribute to the war.  We are of George Bush and we are as guilty as he is. He is our leader.  A murderer, that makes us murderers too.  A once proud nation now just another run of the mill fascist state. We have all had our eyes wide opened all the time the war was going on. We are not innocent. We are members of state they murdered 4,000 of our own by sending them into hell for oil.  The frigging joke is on us. And the jesters aren’t through with us yet.  All of George Bush’s accomplices: The Press, the broadcast and cable News have like the rest of us have abandoned our men and women.  Those faded yellow or red ribbons that once graced our autos are long gone or faded so much we don’t even see them anymore. Kind of like the War, it’s there but we don’t see it. Thanks to the conspiracy of those who we once had a sacred trust and the President they have silenced even the fact there is a war.  All the pretty talking heads of the one-eyed devil are like some sinister cyborgs that spew out nothing but minuta and absurdities. Little chatty Kathy’s with the string that goes all the way to the President. They sound the same. The clowns of the old school conservative talk radio regurgitates their green slimy mantras like Linda Blaire in scenes from the ‘Exorcist’. Only prolonging the killing.  We have set one day aside to clear our conscience, yeah, one day, that cheap at half the price. God bless our President. May his time in hell be long and painful.