Mr. McGoo/McCain and World War III

June 26, 2008

Yes, when World War III comes and all the Republicans seem to think it is right around the corner, he’ll be ready.  Maybe it’s a glance at what they have in store for us guys and girls. There seems to be a straight line into full blown war. That’s what Mr. McCain McGoo seems to think.  It’s seems everyday the Gangster Government of the good ole US of A. lets a little more out of the bag. Yes, sir re, it’s a coming. A poll on Yahoo home page says that Mr. McGoo would able to ‘handle’ Iraq better than Barack Obama. I really guess we are terminally stupid.  John can’t even send someone an e-mail.  Why are we handling Iraq anyway. Why do we need someone to handle Iraq.  We now have a secret Government that maintains ‘We the people’ don’t need to know shit. A government that will continue with Mr. McGoo cause he will be at the mercy of people a lot smarter than he is. The Bush Legacy will continue down it’s road to hell.  Dreams of another terrorist attack is ever on the minds of the  Party of ‘Revelations’. I don’t think we need a bumbling, goofy, out of touch kind of guy to his slapstick through the Presidency for four years. The truth is we may not have four more years. NASA says if we don’t do something about global warming we are toast and that ain’t french toast with a side order of sausage.  The Bush Presidency has worked on us like global warming.  He has just about fried us all. The Press has decided to treat John McGoo’s Presidency as if he might have a chance. Of course, we don’t know if the White House is paying them off as it has in the past. It appears most of what we have seen in the last eight years has all been one big hunking lie anyway.  I remember when George’s ‘idiot speak’ was funny and filled the blogs around the world. Maybe Mr. McGoo can keep us doubling over in laughter. I figure if we elect him there won’t be much to laugh about.  WWIII don’t make me laugh!


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