Newt Gingrich is the type of “gurl” that loves starting wars but you’ll never see him with a gun in his hand. Never fighting against those “axis of Evil” .  War is usually started by cowards and is fought by the young and the brave.   He is the ying to the worlds yang.  Ying is the more feminine side of ying and yang.  He is one of those very bright young men.  Who has book learned everything he knows. He is a has-been and will never be again.   His star has shot across the heavens  never to be seen again.  He wants us to bomb North Korea and Iran.  Maybe tomorrow.  George Bush  is his God. George Bush the one who screw up everything he touched.  Trillion dollar wars.  That’s welfare for the military Complex.  Newt is such a nerd punk!  That’s a hybrid: a nerd that thinks he has balls. Yes, we need more Republicans up there or in my case down there in DC.  Get us another war agoing.  Good idea Newt.  I can’t  believe he is suffering from Alzheimer’s at his age.   Political Alzheimer’s that’s a sickness effecting the Republicans and the Murdock”s Tea Party boys and girls.  I remember when the Axis of Evil was George Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.  Hard to imagine three  men that haven’t done more to damage America.  By the way that Axis of Evil goes back to WWII.  Newt can’t even help the pathetic Republicans come up something better and more threatening.  I guess all the nouns and adjectives are all gone.  Maybe something in French.  We need to stop following all the losers into losing wars.  We followed the French in Viet Nam and the USSR  into Afghanistan.  I guess maybe someday we will follow the Russians into the worse economy in the world.  Remember it took a Republican President to destroy USSR’s economy but it took a Republican President, Senate and the House to take down America’s economy.  Newt needs to size up on those panty hose he’s wearing.  Tired of that old fairy and his big mouth.

*fairy not so much his sexual preference but like a fairy setting on a rock under a bridge, oh that’s a troll.  never mind.


The new Islamic front in the West is Fox News. Every time someone takes focus on them they point at a black man or black women.  It’s like shooting ducks.  To bad that Fox News was born 60 years too late.  The rrr I’m talking about is racism. I can’t believe they are getting away with this. I can’t believe they target any black person moving.  If there is no story they make one up. I’m now no sure their story about Black Panthers is not make-up. Staged like they did the Acorn story hiring independ film crews to go filming black people doing stuff.  Hiring some actors. Make some news! Fox New’s credibility is so bad it’s a joke. You ask why Obama doesn’t react. I think he is smarter than that. Who is the fool in the situation, I mean the firing of Mrs. Sherrod.  If President Obama had responded the press would have jump in saying he was playing favors. He only does that for black folks. I don’t think Fox News will ever be come an American institution. I don’t think it will be around that long. I think it really needs to have girly shows and crap that Murdoch does well.  Obama, his is not taking the bait from the left or the right.  So all these people who are “so disappointed”.  Those who want gays to marry.  Those who want Bush and Cheney to go to jail , gays in the military and  all the other hot button issues can’t understand why Obama doesn’t do more verbal sparing.  The odds are against him from the left and the right.   Don’t you think.  You can’t twist words you don’t hear. You can’t change the meaning of a sentence that doesn’t exist. You can only lament the silence.  Remember the Professor that Obama defended, oh you don’t?  Sure you do.  Even though the Professor was in the right the freedom loving fascists wanted Obama to be the bad guy. 

Here is the Video of that nice little story when President Obama tried to protect a black person and fellow American.

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Media Summit

Islm-Fox News who put the F in News is trying to get  a good old fashion race war going.  All the people in Ameirca who have tried that have in the long run failed.  I live in Mormon Country so I know what Islm-Fox’s talking points are. The thing about cults is  they usally will believe anything.  Today it’s those terrible dark-skinned black boys who hate white people and ain’t afraid to say so.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.  I thought you could speak your mind in America or is that now just Fox’s News.  I fought for this country so those black men could stand up and say  anything they want. Now Fox News has decide that they can’t.   Again Fox is the News maker. It doesn’t cover the News it creates it.  Now we American’s loves us some wars. So I’m thinking let it rip.  Fox is mad that the real Press isn’t reporting the story with the vengeance that they are.  Who put the N in Nigger, Fox News that’s who.  I’m sick of this political propaganda machines spitting out such anti-American trash. They are the media branch of the Republican Party. How come Tea Party people can say anything they want they can carry guns to public meeting.   That’s a white man’s trick not good if they are black.  The word for this election cycle will be Nigger.  Why don’t they just come out and say it.  Like it was 1954.  Islam would love to for us to get a race war agoing.  That was the great dream of our world-famous mass murder Charlie Manson.  Like Islm-Fox News he thought he could start a race war with visions of burning cities with a kind of Armageddon. You know the shit with those damn four horses.   He murdered and wrote racial lies in their blood.  Will your lies be in blood, Mr Murdoch.  Rupert Murdoch should be tar balled and sent out of town on a rail.  The anti-American creep is playing with American lives.  That never bothered him before.  If he thinks for one minute that he’s going to start anything but a bunch of crap he is mistaken.  Americans are quiet able to multitask their fears. Remember we are a Christian nation we were taught a long time ago how to manage our fears.   Mr. Murdoch we see where you are coming from and we know where you will finally end up. You and your Muslim buddies are up to no good and we know it. Where we come from we don’t need some foreign asshole to tell what to think or what to say.  I know us white folks are a little whinny and feel insecure but I think we can handle a few black dudes talking shit.  After all we burned down half of Phily chasing the black Panthers  in the 1960’s. You wouldn’t know about that Mr. Murdoch you aren’t from here are you?

Angie Harmon, she ain’t racist, she pretty

<span>Angie Harmon is a lover of all things Republican.  After just little over a year in office with all the problems President Obama inherited by the big white elephant in the room, George Bush, Angie Harmon didn’t think he was doing a  very good job.  She loves Sarah Palin because she is a strong women who knows what she wants. That’s  something to admire.  Like in America there is a shortage of that type of woman.  I guess she isn’t racist she’s a “Tar ball Republican”.  On “The View” her black friends assured the world that Angie has black friends and is no way a racist. Of course on the same show they clear Mel Gibson of any wrong doing.  He was not a anti-semitic or a racist or drunk. He was next to the Pope. I guess there are somethings that are worst than being racist.  When we had a President like George Bush who ran the country into the ground for eight years and little missy Harmon couldn’t see that he was doing a bad job. Then she isn’t racist she was blind as a bat. One might think she was a tad racist when her Republican buddies have been talking the “Magic Negro” and monkey jokes and watermelon patches.  That Michelle Obama looks like a Gorilla.  Miss Harmon might not set in the racist pew if she doesn’t want to be seen as racist.  How many times has she chosen to speak against the racist in her beloved Party.  Never I guess. I have’nt seen her chatting it up with anyone except the gurls on “The View”.  That was to  promote her new cable TV program where she plays a tough women who has no lesbian tendencies.  A woman’s woman who Sarah Palin would  be proud of.  A shy gurl who likes a man but doesn’t want him to know  it.  Little gurly stuff but strong.  Do I care if Angie Harmon is racist, no I don’t.  Just like I don’t that Mel Gibson is racist. I can see why Angie Harmon likes Sarah Palin they both made it on their looks. The way of the Republican world. </span>

Bad Government 101 John Boehner

JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer “WASHINGTON – House Republican leader John Boehner bought BP and other oil company stock last year while other lawmakers were a little more fortunate, getting rid of BP stock before the oil spill caused the environmental disaster in the Gulf.Annual financial disclosure reports released Wednesday revealed that Boehner last December sold a retirement plan in the company he once ran in Ohio, taking in between $1,000,001 and $5 million. The next day he purchased dozens of blue chip stocks, including stocks in BP, Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhilips and Occidental each valued between $15,001 and $50,000.

 Ohio’s favorite drunk and obviously Ohio favorite crook keeps on ticking like an ole Timex watch.  We all need to thank Ohio for giving us a real anti-average-Joe Six Pack kind of guy and making America what it is today.  Remember though as President said about what Republicans have left behind after moving all the jobs overseas (off shore) is our guns and Bibles.  Lets kept talking about queers and muslims, talking heads, lets talk about the national debt and lets talk about all those rising GOP new guys. Lets talk about Mr. Steel and Sarah Palin and all those things that don’t amount to a bucket of snot.  In the end we are so screwed.  Those provocateurs (assholes that stir up crap ie Glenn Beck) turn our heads when they should be turning our stomachs.  John Boehner is a crook from Ohio.  A state that has seen it’s share of really bad times.  My God it was once the backbone of American industry.  So we know that John Boehner is crook.  I imagine that Ohio has know it for a long time. So when the soup line form and you guys see your reflection in empty store front windows. That’s who you blame.  Again bad government  101. The thing is you knew better.  Now you don’t matter. He’s a frigging drunk! Damn, man! You trust your children’s future to a drunk?

Again we see our conservative friends talking against muslims while dancing the ancient dance of gold coins.  Our Republican friends want us all to think they against all things muslim but it’s just that old boogie man chant.  BP (British Petroleum), that’s before they change their name, helped  in the release of a man who murdered 270 over Lockerbie Scotland. They bartered for oil rights over the lives of dead Americas. Like bartering for oil for those who died in the World Trade Center destruction.  If you want to maybe get a muslim murder’s name right on jeopardy it’s  Abdelbaset Ali Megrahi.  BP who apparently owns the whole frigging world and does as it pleases signed a $700 million deal with Libya shortly after the man was released.  BP said they had lobbied for the murder’s release.  Now let’s do some algebra.  If all Republicans love BP they must love what BP just did.  They believe that BP shouldn’t have to pay for clean up in the gulf.  They believe the already strapped America economy should shoulder the bill.   The U.S. holds, who knows how many, men in jail in Gitmo who have done nothing but at the wrong place at the wrong time.  This man help murder Americans before it was fashionable.  Republicans love to hate muslims when they make speeches but in reality, “where’s the money”. Now that the supreme Court just said it’s  O.K to spend any amount of money on a candidate. How much muslim money will be pouring.  How much American blood money will be sent over to buy the elections.  Could you expect anything different from the Republicans they are such money whores.  They’ve been licking BP ass forever.  Now that Fox News is owned by a muslim what’s next.  How long will it be before they start raising our national monuments and putting up Minarets.  If you think that Scotland made their decision to release Al Megrahi without advice and consent of the US government you are full of it. Six degree of separation or two degree, it doesn’t matter we all on Sarah Palin’s road to nowhere.  The new GOP, the Islm-Republicans.