John McCain is not America’s Maverick. In the Republican Party I would chose maybe Larry Craig. I mean it takes a real Maverick to have sex in an airport restroom. Now that’s being unconventional and a true Maverick to have sex with a stranger in such a small area. Now there is David Vitter, he is a Maverick in the true meaning of the word. I mean having sex in a giant diaper and loving it (not like at McDonalds).  Now that’s with a lady of the evening. I was going to say prostitute but I think the Maverick guy was the prostitute after all. Then the Maverick has the baby balls to back  pro-family legislation.  Another guy that beats John McCain is Joe Lieberman. An insane Maverick who said that his people, the Jews, were butchered, starved, gassed, burned in ovens because they deserved it. Holy Pinto, Kimo saibee, there we are with that balls thing again. Maybe the truest Maverick is Linsday Graham, a homosexual, man who has been passing for straight for all these years. Hiding his true nature and like Joe Lieberman would love to send all of his people to the gas ovens.  Matter of fact the true ‘mother of all Mavericks” is Toxic George Bush. Do we really want another Maverick in the White horse house, I don’t think so. Matter of fact all the boys from Texas have been Mavericks. Even turd blossum was a fantastic Maverick.  We have had a administration of Mavericks that have destroy this once great nation in the name of Cowboy Maverickery.  If there was a true Maverick it wouldn’t be John McCain. John McCain is a hero and has the bravery of a Maverick. Excuse me.  Let’s talk about 911 frist when we will talk about heroes and bravery.  All those Mavericks are just a bunch of horse’s asses. If that’s what the Press means by Maverick, yes Johnny Maverick McCain will be there on the 3:10 to Yuma train, or maybe at High Noon with guns a blazing.  John has been handled all his life by his wives and by friends and people like Toxic George Bush. He has been in the shadow of other people and for one damn thing he isn’t is a true American Maverick like maybe John Kennedy.  We couldn’t make a real man out of Liberace and you can’t make one out of John McCain.  You can’t make a horse out of a horse’s ass.

The Press still thinks we are a bunch of idiots. Proof below.

I live in Idaho where they hate fags. I mean they used to hate fags. I mean they don’t hate fags as much as they thought they hated fags. I means fags are not so bad. I mean Larry Craig, fag in residence in Boise, is still here. I’m so surprised that he is, I mean he is an outed homosexual. What’s going on in the state with ‘Big Love’. I guess that all that talk about being anti-homo was just that talk. My goodness, who would have thought it. I mean as long as money is envolved anything goes.  Idaho is a farmer state,  Larry needs to be there cause all of the big bucks are going to giant Agra-corporations and not to the ‘little’ farmer in which it was intended. You think Larry might of helped out the big boys for a little under the stall action as apposed to under the table. So Larry needs to be there to save the small farmer again. So everyone is looking the other way. So when all these folks start talking about gay marriage and gay this and gay that. They have been compromised. The truth is out.  Their verbal crap sinks like a thingy in a punch bowel.  The true is that gay talk is just one of those talking points that  political parties use to keep the members in line.  Idaho is one of the poorest conservative state there is. This is done by trickery, you equate religious with Conservative thoughts and then screw the masses with low wages, bad schools, bad government and bad health care.  The rich get richer and the poor.. you know the rest.  The state is home of a couple of billionaires. If they are still alive.  I don’t know if the fag thing with Larry Craig is going to put a crack in the formula to screw over the people  of Idaho or just a momentary lapse of moral indignation that this state loves so well. I don’t guess it matters that they have a Queen for a Senator in the state of Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail, and Yellowstone.  Maybe just some more of those fake Republican emotions that were never there. Just something to get the voters to keep a state under the control of the  people with money.  A state where the good ole boys take turns being Governor. A state where the power men in government motto is: “Give them all the religion they want, we just want the money”.

The use of the word ‘fag’ is to make a point nothing else. official