I guess we Americans should now understand why Hillary is doing so badly. Not because she lies, for God sake, if lying was the sin we are making it out to be George Bush would be a Gitmo and water boarded 24/7.  It’s not because she cried, because men cry all the time take John Boehner he is the court’s cryer. He cries at a Kotex commercial. It’s not that Hillary is not a good politician, she has been around awhile and can handle herself quiet well. The real problem is Hillary is out of the box. She is a women. A cunt as John McCain called his beloved wife. I didn’t know ‘cunt’ was a term of endearment. The names we call women are more to the core, more personal.  With men it’s business and the words are less damaging and less ruthless.  For women, it’s different. there are no door bared. Don’t forget Imus’ ‘nappy headed hoes’. No place we won’t go to degrade a women. Even women join in America’s pastime, degrading women.  I don’t think I ever heard anyone call David Vitter a fucking whore even though is truly a man whore. I don’t think I heard anyone say much about Gov. Spitzer except that he might be addicted to sex.  I did hear he like to wear fish net stockings, that would make him a whore, I believe.  We understand now, I guess, that women don’t respect each other here in the land of the free.  A member of the Time Magazine staff  used the word ‘pussy’ to in a quote to describing Barack Obama governing abilities.  That is also not a word of endearment. It a word use to degrade a man by calling him a women or at least part of a women.  Air American’s Randi Rhodes called Hillary a fucking bitch, so that make Rhodes a fucking bitch just by being a women.  Everyday in the headlines we read about terrible things men do to women.  You name it, anything goes.  The Great State of Texas just rescued 400 women from a David Karash type compound. What the hell is going on with that. I’m not even going to the world of black rap and hip hop and how it degrades women. I guess America is ready for a black President, bro. Not to worry, it’s not just a black thing. I guess the way we are treating Hillary is the way we treat all our women.  Paris Hilton, Britany Spears, Anna Nicole Smith that’s what we Americans like. That’s where women belong not in politics. They don’t have the balls for it, so to speak.  We are a nation of stout hearted men who love their sports and their beer and pussy anywhere they can find it.  Women are just for sex. Just remember to keep them in their place with a little verbal abuse. It’s nice to be a man.  Bitches just love us.