My goodness. Oh, excuse me, goodness had nothing to do with it. All you peoples that believe that religion and goodness are the same. Here is another lesson in Religion 101. Religion has nothing to do with goodness. All the death and killing going on around the world in the name of some God or Gods. Some set of beliefs cherry picked out of the Bible or Koran. So again as Jesse Jackson would say. “Religion has nothing to do with goodness.” Pat Robertson who has apparently lost his mind or something has sided with the ‘Mouse that Roared’ Rudy Giuliani. I will be so glad when he is out of the race so I won’t have to double check my spelling of his name every time. I don’t think Jesus is going to like this. I really can not in my wildest dreams believe that Pat Robertson is backing a pro abortion candidate. I’m just dumb struck. It proves that Pat Robertson and religions are for sale everyday of the week. They are like everything else in America they can be bought and sold like some cheap hooker. Married three times, excuse me. I’m trying to figure this all out. Pat Robertson needs to file bankruptcy now. The moral majority has gone crazy. Like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson has made a pack with the devil and you know what happened to Jerry, Rip. Maybe God will be kinder to Pat and Rudy than he was with Jerry. Is the Religious Right crumbling under it’s own hypocrisy or has George Bush used his evil touch to destroy organized Religion like everything else he has put his hands on.  The Republican Party has already fallen because of their loyalty to the Godless George Bush. Ruby will never be President maybe Pat Robertson is just giving Rudy the kiss of death.  A judas kiss to a man who could never win the true Religious Right or even people of goodness. I think that this is the death of Religion and Politics. They are after all strange bedfellows. Pat is telling us that all that stuff he was talking about was just a lot of double talking crap.  Pat is now death in the eyes of God.

satan-spawn.jpgWow! Looks just like hell in southern California. I mean really like hell.  Do you ever get the idea that we are like the Donner Party heading over the mountains into  paradise. A realization is a good thing. Even for the Religious this must have them on their knees, a praying. Maybe the doomsday stuff is really on it’s way. Hey, we are dancing with the one that brought us. You think God is maybe mad at all of us for being so stupid. I know I get the feeling that none of this stuff is going to end until George Bush is ousted from the White House.  I agree with all you Baptist and fundamentalist that God is angry with man and especially us Americans.  We have had it so good for so long and we haven’t appreciated it much. We kind of believe that God kind of owed it to his chosen ones, us Americans. No where in the Bible does a scripture say anything about the stupid inheriting anything not even the hot Santa Ana winds.  Ever since George cheated his way into the White House America has been under the wrath of Nature(God).  We have fought mightly against God’s will. We have losted. We wll lost again until we understand what He is trying to tell us.  It appears that those closest to God seem to be fighting the hardest against him.  They have given their ears to people that are destroying America and the world. I guess that’s not really a problem. There was a world before America and there will be one after we are all gone. I guess I am in stage four or five in the phrases of a nation dying-acceptance. I’m usually banging the bushes like a mad man. I guess I realized that isn’t doing any good. I have lived a long life and it’s been productive, if that matters.  In a mound of ashes or water logged body, what does productivity have to do with anything. I’ve been so tired of the liars and crooks and all the those religious folks who won’t even inherit the wind. Their foolishness will be their own demise. I feel the anti-Christ is among us and we are too busy dancing to his tune.  I guess we will dance until the music stops.  He is truly a man whom dreams are made of. He is a man of no mercy or loving. He is the Religious folk’s savior. So easily they are fooled. I don’t think God likes stupid people. If God is truly an Alpha Male type like all the fundamentalist believe, surely he will show no mercy to them because they offer it to no one else. They will be a recipliant of  a loveless God that they created. Is the answer just over the next mountain top, I think it might be, Mr. Donner.