Well, I have a little problem that has surfaced the other day.  It’s called shingles. I had no idea what the f..k was going on until I went to the doc.  He said was twice bless with Small Pox.  Oh 2011, what a sweet start.  Well talke later.  The picture is not of me but it’s similar to the location on my infection.

Crazy isn’t born overnight it’s a slow nourishing process.

Please, just shut up!

Again Mrs. Palin has proven to us all how really smart we are to see her for what she is a long time ago (2008).  Another misuse of a phrase has proven her to be as stupid as most of us Americans know her to be.” Blood libel” was way out of the reach of her mental ability.  Like her it is something medieval or in her case Neanderthal.  It’s part of America’s dumbing down.  I would think that maybe she might be looking for the phrase “blood atonement” that was used by the Mormons to kill without guilt.  It’s killing someone who has sinned to atone for their sins.  A catch 22 type of justice.  The Church or the leaders decided who sinned.  However using any term to describe the terrorist attack in Arizona other than what it was is ridiculous.  The outright absurdity of the “Maggot mouths” of the Right to blame anyone but their own self-righteousness and their lack of morals is ridiculous.  To talk more trash about the terrorist massacre in Arizona in unbelievable.  They are like jabbering idiots. We Americas listen to justify thoughts that not Holy or honest.  The line is blurred and we skip over it as freely as a child playing hopscotch. We prefer to play of verbal fisticuffs to good government.  Government is not held to any standard.  It is just anarchy as we battle each other in a game of king of the hill.  We spend more time talking about sports than we do about our government that is filled with greed and corruption.  As long as we dance the dance of fools we will have what we have today.  Instead of talking about solving problems we’re talking about doing each other in code words. Where is Mr. McCain in all this?

Now is the time, Mr. Beck

1980’s classic mouth, has disavowed that any of his hate mongering had anything to do with the terrorist attack  in Arizona.  We know it did.  He can lie.  He is good at that.   His jig is what the crazies in Arizona love to dance too.  Everyone understands cause and effect.  If  a tree falls ins the forest does only the sane people hear it.    The killer in Arizona is Rush Limbaugh target audience.  Rush’s anti-American bullshit targets impudent men. Men who believe what Rush Limbaugh has been pushing since the 1980s.  You could take a broadcast for the early years and it would sound just like it does today.  We love repeats in America. We love to hear over and over how rotten everyone is except you and me.  The call to arms has been relentless from Rush(Magic Negro)Limbaugh, Glen(Nazi) Beck, Sarah (cross hairs) Palin, Michelle (whites of their eyes)Bachmann and paid talking heads from the Right. The destruction of America is what the Right wants.  If Rush Limbaugh believes in his own self-importance how could he not believe that his words don’t have effect on people . He knows better.  Mr. Limbaugh has become the true leader of the Right.  A surrogate king of the Republic.   Republican  Senators and Congressmen have gone begging for Mr. Limbaugh’s forgiveness for negative statements they have made about him. Like subservient lambs.  Mr. Limbaugh is paid to be what he is.   He knows how to push the buttons of the disenfranchised.  In America with the government we now have it isn’t hard to become just that.  Maybe next time something like this happens and it will, maybe all those crazy ass talking heads should be forced to mob up the blood of the dead and the dying.  Guns don’t kill people just people like Rush Limbaugh’s words that create bone deep hatred of  fellow Americans don’t kill. You can’t create enough hate in a person without using words. Mr. Limbaugh is classic Terrorism 101. Create hatred.  Unfortunately this may the tip of the iceberg. Once it starts no telling where the blood splatter stops.  The man in Arizona killed everyone but his intended target. Buyer beware.

I think that’s it a pretty much done deal about the next President. I think we all agree that it will be a Democrat.  Yelp, I think that we have all decided in our heart of hearts that we can no longer take this kind of abuse from a group of people who are so intent on destroying our government.  Is there any doubting who the assassins were in the 1960’s. Not one of those murdered was a Conservative. The only problem was when they killed Kennedy that put on hold their plan to gain back the power they were losing. I know that conspiracy theories abide like so many stars in the skies. If you look at what is going on today does anyone really think that the conservative establishment didn’t have something to do with the decade of assassins.  Only an idiot would not be able to put all the pieces together. I’m not talking about George Bush. I’m talking about those who have George Bush’s soul. That’s what I talking about. The reason I bring this up again is the neocon or facist Conservatives are again in that place where they are about to lose power again. They know that Huckabee is a hayseed and he can’t win the election. When they start to lose power the neocons start pulling out their guns. This is almost the same situation of the sixties. A war that America didn’t want.  An almost certain loss of power.  The question is who will they send out to kill whom. That is the question.  That’s why I fear for Obama and Hillary both.  Did you think with all those mercenaries that George Bush has under his thumb that would be a problem. When people stop listening to the liars on fascist talk radio and start thinking for themselves the neocons are dead in the water.  They can thrive only with lies and misinformation. I think as crazy as Karl Rove is, he has no stomach for what is about to happen.  The Treason boys like Rush and O’reilly who everyday spew their lies. Now with Imus back from the purgatory. He has joined in like a rabid spunk. Lifting is tail and spewing his stink for all to smell. Yes, there seems to be a feeling in the air, like that of the sixties.  When the neocon get squeezed they will show us of what they are made.  I hope that the blood splatter of the sixties will not be revisited by those who are like the Al Queda, ready to take their place among the assassins. The American Press as deserted us and the American way of life they have sided with the Coup e tat. They are co-conspirators with those who want to destroy America. The Americans who really hate America like the Rush Limbaughs.  When I say those who hate America, I’m talking about those who have a warped view of America. They think that America has gone the wrong way. They want a new government that’s is not about patriots and brave soldiers but of a new fascist government that controls our very being. The problem is those are the fools that the new order will get rid of first.  America is probably in the most peril we have seen since the Civil  War. The sick feeling in the pit of your stomach is real and it will be there for awhile.  George Bush will invade or at least bomb Iran. Does any doubt that. It’s part of the Plan and the Plan will be followed to the tee.  The federal government to scambling around trying to the save the Stock Market from crashing.  This is not just magic. Let’s just hope the assassins don’t come again.

I wrote this in December 2007, notice I said the stock market was about to crash.  The thing about Assassins its all written down.  It’s about bad government.


Well, the pot stirring has finally paid off for the Republicans.  Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann (white of their eyes, quote).  It’s finally paying off.  The anti-American government is in full force and will not stop until our cities look like Berlin after WWII.  Their plan for the total destruction of our Democracy is starting to work.  Yes, all those wonderful words of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have found a target.  A happy psycho who would do what we all knew the Right was planning this for us.   See how fast they’ll run.  See how fast they deny having anything to do with what has happened. How quickly will they deny the killer was a hero of the Right.   How they were just using their freedom of the press to incite people to murder the innocent.  The Republicans will not accept failure.  When they are losing they are like wild animals.  Killing is not above them.  Is it time for their killing spree to start a new?  Will it be white women this time no black men?  Once it starts the blood will flow.  The Republicans are relentless until they are back in power.  American’s terrorist, born in the USA.  The Patriot American out killing on a Saturday morning. How long before they go for the masses.  Malls, airports etc.  The Republican have tasted blood.  It’s “minuteman” blood lust.  They are like sharks in the water. They are the true enemies of America.  Another loner who listened to the talking heads of talk radio and Fox News. Spewing their anti-America garbage.  He will be like the usual suspects.  He will fit the profile of all the other surrogate killers. A man who would be a hero.  He will be the hero of the silent Right. The silent cheers of the un-hero.  Anarchy is not another word for freedom!!!

John Boehner is a drunk!

January 8, 2011

  • I hate to  think  that our government is run by a bunch of drunks but it is.  For one the House Majority leader John Boehner is a classic drunk.  Almost every picture I’ve seen of him he looks hungover.  His eyes are bloodshot and he looks like it just got up.  I have drunkdar like some people have gaydar.  I was born into a family of alcoholics.  I can spot one from across a football field and that’s at a night game with heavy snow.  What really caught my attention is his inappropriate emotional response to situtions.   Drunks seem to have a adnormal response to normal situations.  Crying on 60 minutes is an example of out of control emotions.  A man who is a few heart beats from leading this country needs to be of sound mind.  The problems with Mr. Boehner’s crying is he is probably drunk.  He was probably drunk when he was talking on 60 minutes.  The is another answer to Mr. Boehner crying is he is a sociopath. I prefer to think him as a drunk.  That fact he has no empathy for others.  That’s he thinks crying is somehow showing empathy to others.   However it seems to come a   inappropriate times  that kind of confirms his inablity to get it right.  I am still going with he’s a drunk. Those tears are 80%  proof gin or vodka tears.  It probably a DC secret that Mr. Boehner is a wino in a suit.
  • Characteristics of people with antisocial personality disorder may include:[2]

    • Apparent lack of remorse[3] or empathy for others
    • Persistent lying or stealing
    • Cruelty to animals[4]
    • Poor behavioral controls — expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper
    • A history of childhood conduct disorder
    • Recurring difficulties with the law
    • Promiscuity
    • Tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others
    • Aggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights
    • Inability to tolerate boredom
    • Poor or abusive relationships
    • After reading this it pretty much describes our government today.  We can only hope that he is as incompetent as Nancy Pelosi.  Hopefully he can stay away from the stuff before he starts sounding like George Bush.