castshotNetwork TV sucks. I don’t like a Hoover, more like a Tornado. Of course, it’s because of the (Wal-Mart) China-Mart principle. Doing less and making more profit. A viewing audience of 2 1/2 million is unheard of in a world of 360 million. Will TV last as long as Movie Pictures. A media that TV tried to destroy.  Networks appear to be wholesale destruction of its own industry. From really bad writing, acting and subject matter there seem to be  an effort to destroy the whole industry. TV today is what my parents called the work of the Devil. The Devil in this case an unskilled piece of work. Repeats are real big. I can move my lips to “Law and Order” like old song, I seen it so many times. “House” don’t get he started. I’ve over to Netflix. Had enough of Dish, Cable etc. It’s all the old crap. I’m not paying to watch the same old crap. The Networks want to be like cable channels, when they can get the rating. “Drop dead Diva” was a program I watched on Sunday. I know that it is a piece of crap. But it was light and as long as left reality behind everything was O.K.. The last episode was real stupid episode and my swan song from the whole series. Network wants to lose its audience. No problem I’m gone just like millions of other TV watchers.


imagesits really sad to see Paula Deen crying and carrying-on. Suddenly Corporate American is now a moral compass for America. Especially China Mart (Wal-Mart) a company that is greedy as the come. Cutting time and wages and healthcare  as quickly as they can. A truly un-American Company. Paula Deen was brought up in the South. She cut her teeth on the word “Nigger”. Like me that was just a word. All I can say was she was setup by the Food Network or someone. The question like “Do you still beat your wife.” Is quicksand if one is honest. The person is lost. 100% of us Americans have used the word. Wal-Mart is telling that all the Southern boys and girls they are creeps if they use the word. I think Wal-Mart has no right to tell your what is political correct. All these companies that baled on Paul Deen  are the  same companies who have bale on America by sending job overseas. Do you really think they care. We all Niggers to them. Whites somehow are excluded from using what Blacks use freely.