Sometimes I read a post that is several weeks or months old and I think, “huh, did I write that.” Some stuff I write is a little overpowering but hey I’m writing what I think. I don’t want to sweet talk anyone. I’m not a sweet talker. This blog has really gone a different way than I had first expected. I was going to just show my life as it is, with pictures and the whole smear.  Best laid plans of mice and men. I have filled 24% of my blog so when it’s full I’m gone. If the war ends first I’m gone. Sometimes it’s too much for a dyslexic kind of guy like myself.  I hate the war and I dislike people who start wars.  I was in a war. I hated it. So if I seem a little too much at times. That’s the way it is. I’ve been called some names on my comments.  If I can dish it out, I can take it. Happy blogging.


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  1. Found your assessment of my political leanings interesting although inaccurate. Thought you might want to look at my personal website rather than News With Views (which I write for occassionally).

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