10,000 Maniacs or Republican RadioHeads!

March 8, 2009

Satan's Noise Machine

Satan's Noise Machine

If I had an organization or club or a serious political Party movement I don’t think I would want  “loose Cannons” shooting off their mouth day after day.  I know that we hear everyday from people who don’t have enough sense to be speaking about anything.  People who apparently live somewhere where none of us live. People who live is some fantasy world. I think Ronald Reagen is the one who took us all to gagaland.  He had his own little world of make believe. The whole cowboy bullshit and that Ranch at Santa Barbara.  The era of ‘the truth is what I say it is’. Reagen was a showman and somewhat of an actor.  Even with his little fantasy world Reagen had his feet completely planted on the ground. There was no wild and crazy talk from him. There was no crazy talk or obnoxious crazy talk. I really think the first goof ball to join the Republicans was Ross Peroit.  A rich man who didn’t really want to be President so he jumps ship in the end talking  of green men on his front lawn.  With all kinds of bullshit in between. The emerging conservative talk radio was becoming of age.  It was backed by big business and big government.  In the beginning, it was a good idea. But as time passed the wonderful idea would morph into something else. The barking mad dogs on the right took over. Like the old time religious programs of radio. It took a life of it’s own. There nothing was too absurd to say.  Nothing too outlandish or bazaar to say or speak. Now thirty years later it has become a monster in it’s own right. It’s like a spoiled kid that grow up to be a serial killer. It now overshadows the Republican Party. Making policy and guiding the Party by it’s own new found power.  A vacuum that was formed with a Party giving up it’s power to a Dictator for eight years. Now The Little Dictator is gone and all that is left is the Maniacs of talk radio to guide the Party through the worst crisis in almost a century.  Little men of the Republican Party are devoid of leadership. There is no George Bush policies to rubber stamp. There are no men of principle. No men to take up the mantle of the Republican Party. The old guard of years gone by come knocking at today’s door. Old solutions don’t work to correct a minor problem in the economy because like the streets of New Orleans there appears to be nothing standing. The foundation of our country is ‘a dead man walking’. The Party of the Right has virtually dropped a A bomb on your country. We are all standing in the rubble of George Bush’s once great America. The Republicans Party is being run by entertainers and idiots who speak their own truths. Live in their own world.  As long as the Party decides to be run by radio heads they are doomed to a long slow death. Maybe  that’s what they need.  The Party of RadioHeads. Sounds good, here.  The talking radio heads have nothing to lose. That appears to be the job that is not in jeopardy.  They are full of hot air and they ain’t afraid to blow it up our asses.  Let them keep on talking until there is nothing left of the Republican Party but a death elephant carcass. I don’t hear them anymore just the ringing sound in my ears.


One Response to “10,000 Maniacs or Republican RadioHeads!”

  1. Gary2, what happened with this mess?

    There are many excellent progressive blogs out there, and the one thing they have in common is that the writers string their thoughts together in complete sentences. This post reads like a page out of Rorschach’s journal for goodness, sake!

    What does Perot have to do with anything? Ross Perot (not Peroit) ran for President as the Reform Party candidate, not as a Republican. And he ran in 1992, years after the Fairness Doctrine was rescinded.

    Despite your asynchronous ramblings, I was able to deduce that you do not really dig Conservative Radio that much. There are alternatives. You can listen to National Public Radio in most areas, and I would be writing conservatively if I noted that NPR is a bit left of center. Or tune in to the myriad of local progressive radio stations that are out there. Try a Podcast or two.

    By the way, radio is a business (except for NPR!) and the reason Limbaugh is on the radio everywhere is because his radio show is profitable, for him and the stations that run it. Perhaps if a progressive network could find a way to consistently make a profit. . .

    I for one cannot stand talk radio of any political stripe. I jack my iPod into the dash and listen to Metallica, Iron Maiden, and the Dead Boys whenever I drive somewhere, so maybe you should do the same if el Rushbo has got you so addled you find yourself unable to even organize a few words into a passable sentence.

    Of course, maybe you are already are jamming everywhere you go already, hence the ringing in the ears. . .

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