Nationalizing Oil companies. Is it time? They are so out of control someone needs to pull them in.  Every decade or so we go through this line of bullshit the oil companies put out.  After they get what they want. Then the price of oil goes down and we all forget about the price of gas until ten or so years later it happens again.  The government of the United States has refused to develop a energy plan because of the oil companies and their powerful lobbies in Washington. Our government has got us into this mess, again. Elected officials who will not govern but are just there for their own profit. It’s time we really clean out our government of ole farts who can’t even wipe their our asses.  Who are shepherded like sheep into doing what the powerful want done. If we really knew what a big mess Toxic George has made of the country we would impeach immediately. We have all been asleep and let our government run wild. Stealing from the American people as we sleep. The Rush Limbaughs of the world distracting us as best a paid liar can.  Maybe it’s time we nationalize the Oil Companies. They have the security of this nation in their hands. As they play and toy with us until they can rape us again.  Do they want all the money they can squeeze out of us. How much is enough.  It’s now a national security question.  Can we let companies hold this country hostage, during the time of war, until they get what they want?  They are bottom feeders, hittin us while we are at War. How un-American.  We invaded Iraq who was suppose to be threat to us. The Oil companies have been more of a threat than Iraq ever was. It’s treason where I come from to screw with the price of oil for profit during war times?  It’s time for George Bush to take over the oil industry that now threatens our very existence. They have no allegiance to anyone especially us Americans. It’s interesting that this comes at time when Toxic George has already destroyed everything he has touched. Maybe he can destroy the Oil industry he loves so much.  Evil Dick Cheney is crawling in the darkness somewhere. I’m sure he is working against America like he always has. Nationize oil not health care.

Hello, hello, anyone home. Barack, shut up. You are in quicksand with Jeremiah Wright. Stop now, you have said all you can and need to say. Shut up. Move on. You are talking reason and rationale he is talking religion and blind faith. The two will never meet.  What does religion have to do with law and order. Religion has no gravity to keep a person grounded. Jeremiah Wright is a man who seeks the glory from his position as a preacher. He is a showman. He is a entertainer. So stop defending yourself. Stop now. Jeremiah Wright is a clown and jester and a man of God.  He will pull you down quicker than Hilary or Bill ever could. So just stop this nonsense. Move On!  Why have you made him your problem. Why is it so important. To be brought down by a guy like him shows a real weakness.  If you want to be loved be a preacher. Shut up and move on! Yesterday.

George finally let the frigging cat out of the bag today. He wants ANWR now. That’s why your paying all high prices at the pump. He wants a magic wand or for us to start yesterday drilling In ANWR.  He doesn’t say what the letters stand for because he knows it will piss people off.  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that’s what he’s talking about. The minute he get his wishes then gas will drop like a turd in a punch bowl. He is squeezing the American people again. Like he always has. He is a weasel of the worst kind. He wants the oil companies to make more money. Most of which arn’t even American Companies anymore. They are offshore where they can get tax breaks. George needs this one last fix. He a druggie who needs his fix. Something else he can destroy.  Leave no stone unturned. He is unstoppable. Six or seven months ago they knew gasoline prices would be at this level. How do you know that, Mr President. I don’t know why I even say anything. The Democrats set on their hands as the Republicans kiss his smelly ass. Toxic George will not stop until he has completely destroy this country. So give the damn Arctic National Wildlife Refuge maybe he can kill, kill, kill there too. He as enormous appetite. It’s time to say UNCLE again. We again are the biggest losers. America loses again to Toxic George. Aren’t we just frigging pitiful?


I just ran across a rap or hip hop music by our good buddy on Law and Order ‘Fin’ Tutuola. The song is not about law or order. I’m not going to make any comments about the music or Ice T. You listen and make up your own mind.  Maybe it could add some insight to what happened this week in the judicial system in New York.  I found this on Youtube. You can find the complete video there. It does dirty up the water in the police shootings and the out come of the trail.

Two talking heads, one from fascist radio, Rush Limbaugh, and the from MSNBC, Keith Obermann, are losing it. The problem is no one seems to be listening to them.  Keith wants someone to beat the crap out of Hillary (Nice talk from a talking head jerk).  Rush is of course, is wanting riots in Denver cause Hillary won’t drop out.  Rush is getting senile and his old school talk shows gather little interest from anyone except the Nazi boys and girls who hang on his words like he is Hilter himself.  His stuff is so tired and worn that he has become a joke. He really has become a sad clown of an entertainer. I don’t even waste my time even answering is stupid assertions.  He has said it all a thousand times in a thousand different ways. It all comes out the same he is a fascist and he always will be. Holding up the Right as best he can. It’s getting harder and harder to do that so he has to up the ante or no one will listen.  Keith is new at it. He still thinks what he says is somehow sent from God above and through him.  He only redeeming asset has been that he hates George Bush.  That’s is just about it.  His ego has got the best of him.  “Like I’m so important, Dude.”  Get over yourself, Keith. You haven’t changed anything. You job is to report and inform not influence and control the news.  So get over yourself.  I think what bothers both of these guys is no one cares what they think. They thought they could somehow sway Americans to vote or choose the way they wanted them to.  Like that San Francisco treat Chris Matthews his ego is so frigging big. He thinks is so important in the scheme of things. Wrong oh Metrosexual guy.  Your just another ‘dime a dozen” talking head. Not a very good one at that. All these bad boys of radio and TV thought they would have Hillary gone by now. They thought wrong.  Fat boy Rush who a long time ago left the conservative movement to defend George Bush is just a has been just like Toxic George.  I used to love to watch Keith but now I am bored by his ego. I know it will explode all over the TV screen one day. Nice to see that sometimes we use our common sense. Nice to know we don’t need someone to make up our minds for us.

Looks like a bunch of guys who ain’t getting any. They look like nerds. The Republican Party the home of the new extremist. Be afraid be very afraid. What the hell do you think Rush Limbaugh has been double speaking about all this time.  A frigging tea party.

The Italian government is cranking it up.  13 arrest warrants for CIA boys who thought George Bush was really the king of the world.  These bad boys were just going out and kidnapping people off the street like some fucking terrorist. La Cosa Nostra La CIA. Now the Italian government like the rest of the world has figured out that ain’t the way to go. It is believed there will arrest in the 30’s or 40’s before it’s over with. How many innocent people have been kidnapped by the roving vigilantes of CIA Klu Klux Klan type of operation on the streets of Italy?  Herr Nazi in resident, George Bush, proved that common sense never wins out with a coward as the captain of the ship. I think it’s time for Europe to cut the cord with America. They have been proving they are more ‘home of the free’ than the ‘home of free’. Maybe we need to moved the statue of Liberty ‘over there’ until we deserve the name again. We have all become ‘bitter’ little people who scrape,bitch and moan and fight over the little stuff while Roma burns so to speak.  We are not governed by elected officials but by Cable News and jokers of the radio. We hear more from them than we do your elected officials. This story hasn’t hit Cable News network. Everyone is try to control the outcome of the Democratic Primary. They used to be a News organizations.