I don’t really know where to start with the post.  I know I don’t like Mrs. Palin but and here is the but. I don’t like her being put in the position that she is in. I don’t like to see anyone abused. I think John McCain is a fool for even selecting her. I think she was quite naive to accept. I don’t think Hilary would approve of this kind of treatment of another human being.  I don’t think Mrs. Palin has the knowledge to handle such attacks on her. It appears that John McCain doesn’t know what to say and he expects her to keep up with his day to day flip/flopping. I would have expected her to at least watch the Presidential debate. That might just help her with some of her answers. I don’t really want to go through another month of this foolishness and that just what it is. I think Mrs. Palin should remove herself while someone can replace her and maybe fix some of the damage her selection has caused. I sound like a John McCain guy but I’m not. I don’t believe in inflicking harm on another human who is unable to handle. I don’t want to be a party to this kind animal cruelity.  It’s like shooting wolves from a Helicopter. Maybe Mrs. Palin will understand how they feel now.

Seems like time is running out

Seems like time is running out

My goodness I do have to laugh. Sorry, I should restrain myself. I do have a lot to lose but what the hell. My question is why did it stop at 777.  Why not  10,000. The reason would be of course the boys of Wall Street have no intentions of jumping out of buildings like they did way back when.  The smart one have postitioned themself for the big pay off. They are not fools. That’s our job. I have been warning everyone that this was coming. I got ready for it about six months ago. Got rid of all my debts and sold my big truck and big auto. You think that all the big boys of Wall Street didn’t know this was coming. Excuse, I didn’t just fall of the turnip truck. I think it’s George Bush parting gift for all the loyal boys who kissed his ass for the last eight years. The Streeter knew and they were like the ant and we were the grasshopper.  How many secret accounts are there ‘off shore’. Like America’s job market they have out sourced their own banks. There is probably half the 700 billion in off shore banks. One thing George Bush has always done was take care of his own and that ain’t us. That’s his elitist friends with from Kennybunk Port and the upper crust folks. I can only laugh we have been so used and abused by George Bush. Someone should write a book “You are a fool or a redneck if you still believe that George Bush is still a wonderful President”. The man is batting a thousand. I just so glad I am here to enjoy all the fun and games. Seven seems to be the magic number. Is that lucky or not.  I think we need a little speaking in tongues by Sarah. Never mind George Bush has been speaking in unknown tongues for years.

Thanks George Bush

September 29, 2008

My God we never get tired of playing the sucker for our own government that has made us the enemy. Being suckered by the wealthy and greedy has become America’s past time. We have lost our government to those who don’t give a damn about us or our needs. We are pitted against each other like Michael’s Vic’s Pit bull dogs. It’s like we are maggots fighting over what’s left of the our rotting Constitution. It’s really not so much about George Bush as pathetic as he is. It’s really more about us. We have the same mentality as those guys on Wall Street. Something for nothing boy’s who live in their mansions and drive those fine cars. It is now the American dream not to work hard and become rich, but be in a position to be able to screw over everyone and become rich. We want to keep that dream alive so perhaps we to will have our pockets full and everyone will be looking at us with such envy. Of course, this way of thinking as doomed us. It’s our chance to win the lottery. Now we are victims of those foolish dreams. We now have given over 700 billion dollars of our money to the wealthy. We will be making billionaires of some of Wall Street’s finest. When the government gets involved the rich get richer. Remember that 20 billion dollar bill that would help children of middle class with medical bills and insure a child would get proper medical care. It was vetoed by that wonderful George Bush. Now we give the crooks and liars $700 billion to play with. It’s like monopoly money to them. Oh that Ga-trillion dollar war “Over there” that is going to end in madness like Viet Nam. The Democrats and Republicans both parties have abandon us in the grab for the ‘free’ riches they steal from us daily. The politicians have dummied us down until we are like some hillbillies out in the backwoods somewhere. They have us focus on whether gay men and women should be able to marry. While we are all looking away they steal from us like some wino pickpocket. They tell us how evil Gays are while they steal from children and the old. From the crippled and injured Vets. From the retired and the destitute. They said we have no morals as they destroy this country. We have been through this before in the eighties when the Republicans convinced us that liberals are a bunch of lowlifes as they stole $400 billion from the American people. The old Republican ‘bait and switch’ it work on us every time. When we decided that Government knows more than we do then we are in trouble. We decided that one man can take over the country and destroy and it’s ok. We are in trouble. Our Government no longer works for us. They don’t even see us anymore. We are just an annoyance. Don’t you think it might be time for change. If George Bush showed us anything it is we don’t matter. We need to thank Barbara’s idiot son for showing us what we have all become. We are pathetic as he is.

Not so sure that George Bush is going to leave office without being forced. By that I mean Toxic George hasn’t completed his work for the neocon devils that now pretty much control these United States. Taking money from children and giving it to rich corporate giants because their greed has no boundaries at all is just a job ‘well done’ for  Resident Presidential Evil. When I said forced I mean physically removed by armed guards. Toxic George still has his eyes set on bombing Iran and I don’t think he will leave office without dropping a few little bombs on the other Satan in the Middle East.  Everything that Toxic Boy has touched as fallen down like so many Dominoes all lined up. We have all been Boy George’s toys like so many toy soldiers and plastic faceless figurines for his pleasure. I think we need to be ready for the grand finale. George’s last chance to destroy us and maybe the world. If when the dust finally settled maybe it will be time for us to get our revenge. I know we should be civilized but why. Hopefully Toxic George will be a victim of his own anarchy. Romanian Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife were shot before a firing squad that ending decades reign of terror in Romanian.  After looking at what has happened since 9/11 does anyone believe that George Bush had nothing to do with it.  There has been a systemic destruction of our country.  A Bible wrapped in a flag has been our destruction.  Like Dominoes we all fall down. Sweet dreams George, sweet dreams.