Joe Wilson us get America back!

Joe Wilson, help us get America back!


I love me some Joe Wilson. He is what has made us what we are today.  If not him people like him. I harken to the days of Strom Thurman, a true American who like black people especially black women. Yes, I want the old America back where you could have a black mistress and peace separationism. Yes all us trashy white trailer trash love us some old America. Yes, we do. The other day I saw Joe stand up against health care eventhough his state has the worst record for the health of it’s citizens. I guess that means Joe has a big pair of lowhangers. He is truly a Republican with class. I’m just thinking maybe there is some record of the old America that we can all go back and see what the old America is all about. The first ground breakers in shouting out I mean beside Sarah Palin and Joe Wilson.  Our forefathers, who really understood what speaking your mind was all about. In the dusty files of youtube I found what very will be the Rosetta Stone of Old America.  Listen up, old America.  God bless old America!

Now I know what you guys are talking about. I love old America, thanks Joe for helping us get it back. Makes Joe “You lie!” sound like a low level fart!

]I think that every member of Congress and the Senate should be drug tested. They have to be on drugs or why would anyone in their right mind let Glenn Beck become the new leader of the Republican Party. Everyday he kisses the TV screen his big white lips and makes love to the camera like a French whore. Finally has tilted that fat cow Rush Limbaugh over on his side and he will never get up. It is a dream come true for everyone’s favorite metro sexual Mormon Glenn Beck. He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t getting respect from the far Right. As he has descended in the world of lunacy the Right has crown him their Czar. Rush Limbaugh his no longer the Czar of the lying talking heads of Right. If you have noticed that Glenn Beck is mentioned first now a days and the fat man is kind of also ran in the world bullshit talking heads. It’s like that movie “Animal House” one idiot tries to out do the others. I don’t know what going on.  I removed my antennal from my car and scramble my auto tune so I can’t possibly listen to those idiots. Now all I hear is Glenn Beck did this and did that, shit man is there no mercy. I can’t keep from listening to surrogates for elected Policicana who are ball less. I think that Glenn Beck should be given a badge or a pin or something. Maybe an honorary political certificate that gives him the right to speak for all the cowards who can’t speak for themselves.  Yellow dog Republicans, yeah that’s it. My God, I thought it was George Bush, it was all those idiots that surrounded him.

seatbelt sign All of us who were alive during the Clinton era, we know what the Republicans are about.   One thing they are genius in doing is anarchy.  They are like your neighbor next door who never shut her frigging face.  A constant barrage of noise that shuts the mind down after a while.  They are like those kids in a restaurant the waitress thought you would love being seated next to.  They verbal skills are almost non existant but that doesn’t stop them. They are mindless noise makers, and as children they think you are interested in what they are saying or doing.  They, the Republicans, are like those guys with those damn boon boxes they think you want to hear their shit. The anti-Obama folks have become a cottage industry. They will be there for the next seven years an endless parade of issues and issues that will be there for our pleasure. They are idiot savants. They have only one talent and that is making the President of the United States a bad guy. The are so gifted they are thought to be genius in the field of endeavor.  The sadness is to watch them. Like some child with ADD, they are here and then they are there. Again they are like children playing the mud they are the ones that get dirty as those they think care about them don’t. They love their Jesus or at least a Jesus that most of us don’t recognized. They may seem harmless but they are dangerous and sometimes deadly. They will kill with no conscience like any mindless fanatic.  So all you peaceful folk who think this will be over in a day or two, you are mightily mistaken. So fasten those seatbelts it going to be a bumpy ride.


September 15, 2009

You Lie

You Lie

If you look at all the signs at the “big March on America”, they are all about Obama, not about the Banks that just robbed us of billions and billions of dollars or the Insurance Companies that rob us everyday of our money. Or maybe about all the money that was stolen from us by contractors in Iraq.  Maybe about corporate heads that make millions upon millions until it is obscene.  No way Jose, thank you Jesus, it’s about Obama, that frigging black man who is our President. The man who stole America from whinny  lily white cry babies freaks like those holding up signs. Those folks use that code words which really means they are racist who believe a black man should never be President of this country that God gave white folks.  All  fancy foot work that the Republicans did before and during the election elected Barrack Obama. With the help, of Rush Limbaugh the Republicans elected the first black America. With their miscalculation and arrogance mixed in with stupidity they blindly pressed forward and helped Barrack win.  When you are listening to those who have no honor , the problem maybe that he was unlike George Bush Obama speaks the truth.   Like if all those folks out there a marching were just looking for the truth. Like they would know the truth if it bite them on their double wide asses.  It is incredibly ironic that anyone in that bunch would call anyone a liar.  The Party of the people is now the Party of liars and nar-do-wells. They are like old Soviet Union.  They are in a cold war with America. The Republican Party as separated itself and has becomes a entity into it’s self.  They make the old Soviet Union look like peace niks compared to the vicious lies that tell about their own country.   They are now in a cold war with America and other times they might just be called the run of the mill trader.  Who might have just be taken off and shot and that would be the end of that.  They have turned against America and against things that are America.  Their hatred drives them to fight against each and every one of us. They hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They are America political thugs. They call us names so we can’t call the what they really are. If America doesn’t care for the truth anymore then there is not place to draw a line in the sand.

Mormon Church and 9/12 at DC.

September 12, 2009

Mormon Church pays for


thousand to fly and


attend D.C. March. 


Helped in planning the event.

A New American run by Mormons!

The Insurance Companies are in control of your health. They would let this country fall into anarchy rather than to give up a nickel worth of profit.  We are in a not so new period in America, where the country is run by major corporations. Screw that Constitution thing.  The Big Brother of our future will not be the American Government but all the mega corporations that can buy your Senator or Representative for little or nothing. They can control who is in power and who isn’t. This whole health care debate is not really about healthcare but about if big corporations can control the people they have paid to be elected. You can see  big banks and fiancial Corporations couldn’t be bothered by the federal government telling them what to do.  NewsCorp, a propaganda news network for the Right, day after day, misrepresents and lies daily about the government.  A big Corporation taking on political roles to shape and change our government and the way people think. The real danger is not the American Government but those who chose to pervert it into a cash cow for their own benefit.  CEO of corportations making $30 to $60 million dollars.  Your damn right they want to control who is elected.  The Health Insurance folks pour more money degrade the American process of self government.  Paying people to hold pictures of the President of the United Stated of America protraying him as Hitler or whatever comes to their mind.  As the Iragi War raged on we couldn’t get five people to get out on the streets to protest the dying of our young men and women, but for money they will crawl out of the wood work. When major Corporations feel fear they strike back hard and without mercy. I’m on Medicare and Medicaid if those idiots want to see their family members dying with lack of insurance so be it.  They are the real death panels that everyone is talking about. They are sacrificing their families on the alter a major Corporation.   Death is always a good cure for an illness. So be it America, it’s your party and you can cry if you want to.