Every three or four years someone comes up with something outrageous to do with one of the Catholic Church icons.  Either Mary or Jesus or a Pope, someone or something.  However I think this one was the most delicious one of all.No Mary made out of dong or a crucifix in a jar of.. well never mind.  This time nothing too pretentious, just chocolate.  Another thing is Jesus has a penis, a chocolate penis. I never thought about it before but I guess I always knew that Jesus had a penis. That in its self is a problem. If you were sculpturing a statue of Jesus how huhhuh big or small would someone make it. As small as David’s or larger yet not too huhhuh large? Just large enough that people would notice but no more, right? People are more upset about the size of thus before spoken object and it greatness than the chocolate factor.  When you are working chocolate the object appears larger than it actually is . When I eat chocolate, my eyes is always bigger than my stomach.  I think there is a message about the color of Jesus. Everyone knows that Jesus would be a more white chocolate not black and shiny chocolate. I think while we are looking at the big black penis someone is trying to pass Jesus as black. Don’t fall for that trick. Probably someone from the left. You know how the left always wanted Jesus to be black. Anyway enough of that, I really don’t care about naked Jesus’and much as I do the reaction of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the largest Church in the USA. If they had kept their mouth shut the large majority of us wouldn’t be none the wiser. You ask how can the Church be silent on such an important matter. Well lets see.  What about the War in Iraq?Torture in Gitmo? Holding of men and women without lawyers for years? How about the homeless? Medical care for the poor? New Orleans is a big Catholic city, why haven’t you spoken up? Not even going to mention that Priest thingy. I am quite sure that the Catholic Church is more than a sucker for some artist that probably none of us will ever hear from again. I’m almost sure that in some country in this world you can buy a chocolate Jesus to eat.  On a hot day Chocolate Jesus’ melts in the noon day sun, but I would hope the Catholic Church will still be doing more important things like saving souls.

I wonder how I would feel if I walked into a room full of men that were maned and injuried because of my actions. I see missing legs and arms and hands. Not to mention disfigured and hurting. How would I feel knowing that I am now responsible for their healing but I have failed them.  Men like these men unable to get out of bed and lying in their own waste.  How would I feel looking at these brave men who were prepared to give all for their country.  Many of the men will never be able to put their lives back together. How would I feel knowing that probably all their bravery and sacrifice will be for nothing.  Today George Bush walked into Walter Reed in the middle of men of bravery and true patriotism and said that the system failed them.  No George Bush the system didn’t fail them. You fail them as you have fail us all. You knew about Pat Tillman , that he was killed by friendly fire and you use his corpse for political proposes, just like the men at Walter Reed. Men whod8o6mf0g0.jpg you don’t have the right to be in their presence. Men who are way above you. These are real men who gave where you didn’t. Now you’re not brave enough to stand behind them. Don’t worry Mr. President we know how you are. We have learned not to expect much from you and fearless buddies. We know all we will get are: “I don’t remember.” “The system failed.” “That was mishandled, badly.” Yes, Mr. President for us we don’t expect much but for our men and women in uniform we expect a hell of lot more than your giving.

john-mccain.jpgk-rove.jpgI can’t tell if John McCain has been swift-boated or that he is just plain out hasn’t got a clue. Someone went to a lot of trouble to do all those maps and charts for him. You know he didn’t do them himself.  Swift boated, I say that because Dan Rather had the same thing happen to him and didn’t know it until CBS and him departed ways.  You see John has been taking pot shots at Mr. Cheney and then kissing his ass afterwards.  You don’t screw with Mr Cheney. He will get you, bro.  I know that John McCain should have better sense than to think anyone could walk around Bagdad like he are walking down street of New York City and feel safe. I think he was swift-boated. There was too much information and maps etc. Someone deliberately ‘got him’. The information sounded like it came from the White House. John had to believe that the information was accurate. That almost verifies that it come form the White House. It was all precise and all. The John is spouting out all the lies like a boob. I bet Karl Rove was laughing so hard he was pissing himself. Karl is such a kidder.  You know that Karl is the swift-boat king since the boys from Texas are kind of out of business. The problem with John McCain is he is an outsider and thinks he is one of the boys. He should be. He spent all that time as a prisoner of war and all. Maybe that’s his problem. He is a man who fought for his country. A real patriot not one of the George Bush made-up heros. The effeminate boys of the White House don’t know what to do with a real person.  It dawned on me looking at all the White House boys that they are a bunch of creeps. The limbo boys of  evil deeds. How low can they go. Getting back to John McCain. He needs to get all the maps and charts. Put them under his arms and go home. He is done. Over. A man who doesn’t know how HIV is transmitted. Help. I bet he doesn’t know how much a gallon of milk cost. John me thinks you have been swift-boated or are you just glad to see us. Thanks Karl another job well done.

gay3a.jpgI don’t know how many people remember the story from the Bible about the two women who claimed the same baby. King Solomon suggest that he use his sword and divide the baby in half so each could have half. Of course the real mother said no and offer the child to the other women. Of course King Solomon quickly learned who the real mother was. We are at that point right now in the Iraqi War.  Are the American troops in Iraq George’s men and women or will he be willing to let his troops go under the sword rather than give up his stance on Iraq?  Symbolically will he leave the troops in harms way or let them come home. This will be a sign of greatness on his part if he said “I will not leave our troops in danger and  rather than do that I will agree to bring them home”.  The war in Iraq has always been George’s baby with the first lie down to the last lie. I don’t think George Bush has an ounce of greatness in him or will he do the right thing. His answer will be “go ahead cut them in half”. That’s when we have to decide what we must do. We have choices to remove or to let our men and women die by the hand of a sword.

Solomon issued his verdict: “Bring me a sword. Divide the living child in two, and give half to one, and half to the other” (1 Kings 3:24—25). The two mothers’ reactions were worlds apart. The first mother pleaded with the king: “O my lord, give her the living child, and by no means kill him!” But the second mother’s words were chilling: “Let him be neither mine nor yours, but divide him” (verse 26).

kaid.jpgI know that Bush has his hands full but he has said nothing about the Iranian capture of the British soldiers.  His mouth is wide shut and not a peep. I believe he is commander in chief  isn’t over the British soldiers, also. Not a word. Strange, huh. Is the fat lady about to sing again.  Tony Blair is allowed to speak. strange. I thought Tony was a silent partner in this whole war being the British should be out the door in less than a month. They were on their way out, will this change things. I received an e-mail for a friend that was forwarded about how the republicans are trying to frigthen people by talking a nuclear war with Iran. It’s going to the ‘Mother of all Wars’. The lie factory is working overtime and that ain’t to lie. Don’t know what Psycho Bush has up his sleeve.  I’m going to add a previous post from my other blog. I not sure what a cornered Bush would do. What will happen when people refuse to believe his lies.

 I have a feeling in my gut. That the fat lady is about to sing again. A feeling that must be similar to the faithful that followed Jim Jones to Guyana. When the fearless leader was cornered he had another plan. “I think it’s time for a little treat for all you faithful.” One more little treat from our fearless leader for the faithful. Care for a little refreshment? Kool-Aid tastes so good, like death in the cool winter air. I think the faithful are ready, sir. What do you think Mr. President.

167384069_91f49cc5a5_m.jpg1) Catholic Church. 2)Southern Baptist Convention.  3)United Methodist Church. 4) Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints (Mormons). 5) Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. 6) Church of God in Christ. 7) Presbyterian Church (USA).  8) National Baptist Convention of America. 9)Assemblies of God. 10)Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod). These are the Top Ten Waring Religious Tribes of America. None have spoken out against the invasion of Iraq, against torture of men and women, the bad treatment of our injured soldiers, and have not once spoke out against George Bush. They are not silent about gays in the military, gay marriage, adoption by gays.  Obviously the only sin in America is being gay. Do they not have any moral guidence or do they agree about the war?

We look at George Bush and we say what a bad guy he is. I’m not disagreeing with anyone about that. It’s all true or enough is true to turn a man’s stomach or start the normal gag reflex.  Something in America has changed. We now dump sick hospital patients in the street like they are human trash. We do that and we think its o.k.. We let young boys and girls die because it’s too expensive to treat them. We let your soldiers lay in their own piss because it’s to expensive to hire enough help or it doesn’t fit in the budget. We tell some one on American Idol that he looks like a creature out of the Australian jungle in front of millions of people.  We dismiss young girls from a sorority because she is not pretty enough, smart enough but not pretty enough. We fire qualified men and women from their jobs so we can hire two others cheaper who will do less work.  We have let our educational system become third rate and we talk about it every year like we are going to do something.  We treat Al Gore like a hypocrite because he wants all of us to work together that we might save the planet. He has a pool and a big house. So how many poor people do you think will have a chance to make a difference like he is trying.  We pass laws against gay adoption eventhough we don’t want to adopt any of the unadoptable kids that gay men and women would take and love. We prefer they live in misery and hopelessness. Our attitude about Katrina is those people deserve what they got because they are stupid. We bitch about illegal aliens and how bad they are for the economy but we hire them and pay the little compared to the everyone else. Karl Rove said he would want is kid to have to do that kind of work. We have a lopesided media that only tells one side of the any issue and the truth is no longer a priority. So when we start looking at George Bush and Dick Cheney we are seeing part of us in them.  Have we become our own worst nightmare. Maybe we have  all become a little different than the America we used to know. Maybe it was an America that never was. It was a world of black and white.